Monday, August 15, 2016

T Stands for Byblos

My friend Sally and I both like this Lebanese restaurant called Byblos.  It's not exactly "in the neighborhood,"

but it's within a mile or so of my house "as the crow flies." 

Their food is reasonably priced,

and they have fantastic daily specials.

I appreciate that they are one of the few restaurants in town that cater to vegetarians.

Regardless what I have to eat there, it always begins and ends with water and lemon.

Now it's your turn to share your drink related post.  By now you probably know the rules.  Simply link your drink related post below and Bleubeard, the T gang, and I will be by to visit.  The more unique the drink related post, the more fun it is to visit.  I'm sure your post will be far more unique than mine!

16 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

I love Lebanese food, so can understand you going to that restaurant. Sally looks really happy again, the food must taste good! Have a happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

pearshapedcrafting said...

This food does look so delicious - I shall be looking out for a Lebanese restaurant now!! The menu has lots of things I would love! Hugs, Chrisx

My name is Erika. said...

Sally is almost smiling again. That is great to see. Your meal looks delicious too. We don't have any Lebanese restaurants around me, but I went to one on occasion when I was growing up in Massachusetts. Delicious food. The closest I get now is Greek food-which is really yummy too. I do want you to know that last week I had to go get some Mexican food after seeing your post. It gave me the craving...Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

Pamela Gerard said...

YUMMY. I had Greek food last night and that was good too -- and a lot more $$$$ in SF. Thanks for inviting me to tea last week. Some lovely folks stopped by my blog.

Let's Art Journal said...

Mmm, the food at Byblos looks so delicious! I love Lebanese food especially the falafals or shish kebab. It reminds me of the wonderful food we had for my birthday celebrations this year, thank you! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

Meggymay said...

Your food does look so delicious. A super variety it seems for vegetarians, I think it would have to be one of our main southern cities in the UK to find one of these restaurants. I'm a northerner with only about 60 miles till we would be in the Scottish Borders.
Happy T day
Yvonne xx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

All looks so so delicious! I would love to eat there as well!
Happy T-Day Elizabeth!
oxo Susi

Halle said...

I love hummus...esp fresh made. I think I'd really love to try a Lebanese restaurant.
Happy T day!

Dianne said...

Food sounds delicious, and you are right about reasonable prices! Hope you are doing well...Sally looks cheerful again. Happy Tuesday!

Sami said...

I don't remember ever eating at a Lebanese restaurant.
The prices really are great, nothing compared to the overpriced Australian restaurants (or at least Perth ones)!!

Carol said...

OHHHHH I love Lebanese food and it looks like you have found a great restaurant! We used to have one that we went too and loved it... the prices were great too but the went out of business a couple of years ago :(

~*~Patty S said...

Your vegie lunch looks and sounds perfect to me E.
A nice treat.
Happy T Day oxo

Divers and Sundry said...

I'd love to try that restaurant! The food looks so good :) I think it's interesting to try foods I didn't grow up eating :)

Rita said...

It's nice to have some meatless choices. I don't think I've ever eaten Lebanese.
Have a great week, Elizabeth! :)

Corrine at said...

Hummas is my friend so I would love that place. Looks good too. xox

Jeanie said...

This is making me excited for lunch today at a Middle Eastern restaurant!

Thanks for stopping by the Gypsy while I was gone. I'm trying hard to catch up on you!