Sunday, July 10, 2016

ICADs for week 6

I was worried I might not be back online in time to show these, especially after I had all the trouble about the time the last batch came out.  Here are the latest entries for July 4-10, or Days 34 through 40.

"Happy Birthday USA"  (July 4, 2016)  I received a birthday postcard advertisement in the mail and decided to create an image transfer that I paired with vintage sheet music.  The background began with some of my handmade shimmering mists.

"An apple a day."   (July 5, 2016)    I began by stamping my apple stamp on the IC, then added the clear label that came from a bakery product years ago.  I'm finding things I've forgotten I have and scraps are the best for these ICs.

"Oz." (July 6,2016)   I had these Oz related images and paired them with various scraps to create one of my single staple entries.

"Dragon and Chief." (July 7, 2016)  More scraps from found papers I paired with a paint chip sample and a piece of leftover shimmering mist.

"Crowned."  July 8, 2016  I didn't realize it at the time, but I could have used the Chief instead of the woman for this page.  A woman's image from a magazine, a painted then punched crown, and a scrap of shimmering mists were paired with part of an index page all glued to an IC I misted.

"Goddess No.8."  (July 9, 2016)  These were all mostly scraps, including an old label that has been hanging around since 2009.  I did like that I used a postage stamp which I must have unconsciously chosen when I saw the series my friend Cindy at Pink Bird Studio recently created.

"Pink." (July 10, 2016)  This is another of my one staple entries and a way to use up all those pink leftovers.

Yesterday was long (July 9).  My basement flooded again on the 8th, and this was the worst ever.  It moved furniture and shelves, including items that had been on the shelves.  It even toppled one shelving unit.  I worked in my basement from early morning (minus time I spent visiting a few friends on the internet) until my friend Scott showed up. 

I had already bagged many bags of wet and possibly moldy books and had them at the curb when he showed up to help.  By this time I was already tired and very discouraged.  I really wanted to sit and cry rather than put on a brave face.  I hated that I threw away a French dictionary, a French book of art, and three books on Marie Antoinette.  Even though they were all hard cover books, they could not be saved because they were soaked with dirty wet water.  There were other books, too, many of them on statistics or advanced mathematics.  There were books on American history and ones on chemistry.  There were even several on architecture.  Those I didn't care about as much. 

Today I'll be working in the basement again.  This time to clean the walls and shelving units before I return dry items to the shelves.  I'll be taking frequent breaks, though, so I hope to visit as many friends as possible before the end of the day.

Thanks again for visiting.  If I haven't been by to see you yet, I will definitely be by tonight.  Again, thanks for your wonderful support of both my art and my flooded basement.

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Valerie-Jael said...

Sorry that the flood destroyed some of your treasured books, and has given you so much work. I really hope that this will be the last time that the river finds its way into your basement. Living near rivers always brings problems with it, as we well know here, too. BIG hugs, Valerie

Linda Kunsman said...

I don't know how you manage to get through the flooded basement time after time. So sorry you lost some precious books and have so much work to do again. Your ICADs are wonderful and I especially love the first one. Hope to "see" you for Tuesday.

Meggymay said...

Oh Elizabeth it must be dreadful for you to have to bag and bin your precious books. You are a brave lady to get through the flooding of your basement, keep positive and hope that this could be the last time it happens. I loved your ICADS all so different and detailed.
Yvonne xx

My name is Erika. said...

Oh Elizabeth. Sorry to hear about this latest flood. It sounds like so much work, again! I wish I was closer so I could help you clean. What a nasty chore. There must be some way to keep water out or to at least keep you from losing some of these things that are hard to throw out. I do LOVE your index cards very much. I hope you get a little rest and the work isn't too overwhelming. Hugs-Erika

Carol said...

Oh Elizabeth you have certainly had a dreadful week :'( Hoping you are able to get things restore quickly and that it doesn't happen again!

kaybee said...

So sorry to hear you have been flooded again. It is heart-breaking to have to throw out so many books. I do hope there are no more floods on the horizon.

Divers and Sundry said...

I've never lived in a house with a basement. We looked at one once, and when I said something about the water the realtor said that basements always flood :( I hope yours gets dry and _stays_ dry!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh Elizabeth! I am really sorry to hear you have been flooded again. Big HUGS!!!!

wonderful ICADS!


Rita said...

Oh no! Basement flooding is awful! I would have felt like just sitting down and crying, too. I hope you have fans and a dehumidifier. At least you were able to get some art done.

~*~Patty S said...

Oh my dear E!
I am SO very sorry about you having to deal with more flooding and the damage and losing some precious books too.
Wish I could give you a "real" hug and lend some support.
Crying is a good way to release tension...I never look at it as a sign of weakness at all.
You have used your scraps brilliantly and you're so right about how much they come in handy for smaller surfaces like ICADs
I am always a fan of using postage stamps to add a design element or help complete a story.
What a fine collection of cards you are creating.
Hope you're getting some well deserved rest.
(((Hugs))) oxo

Jeanie said...

Oh yikes, I just hate flooding. There really is little one can do but toss away books which get moldy and smell badly and never really dry -- but a French dictionary? Oh, that would hurt! Biggest cyber hugs across the states to you -- and yes, cry. Releases toxins and just feels cathartic, too.

Your ICADs are so nice and very different. I like seeing the styles you are creating!

Helen said...

oh my, not again! I am so sorry to read about your latest basement flood. Glad your friend Scot was able to come and help you with the clear up. The icads are great though.

voodoo vixen said...

Oh no! Again? I am so very sorry, that truly sucks and I know how hard you worked last time to sort everything out and now it must start all over again. So sorry about your precious books, such a waste. Big hugs to you, so glad your friend Scott is there to offer his back and moral support.

Halle said...

That's just awful. I can't believe it happened again. We have a sump pump and it runs a lot!

Dianne said...

oh my goodness girl! you have had more than your share of heartache with your basement! I do hope you figure out a low cost way to manage it...we have resorted to putting most things in our basement up on palettes...but our 'floods' are usually due to the sump pump going out, and the water doesn't get that deep.

I do LOVE this batch of ICADS! great idea to put scraps together with one staple!! I think this is my favorite week so far...♥

hang in there...hope you get to enjoy what's left of your summer without flooding!

Dianne said...

Post Script:
I didn't share your lovely swap pages today...will plan to do that next week!
I will try to schedule that post, as the grandchildren will be visiting next week!

Cindy McMath said...

So sorry to hear about your flooding troubles Elizabeth - your resilience amazes me! Now to your cards - love the stitching as always - an apple a day is really fun. Love that you 'unconsciously' chose to use a postage stamp because of my cards - that made me grin. But my favorites are the two one-staple collages. Great composition - I've done them before and they are not as easy as they look! Last but not least I wanted to mention my bicycle card that you commented on. Because I didnt' post my technique I think you probably think I just sketched that baby out. Well...not quite. It was on a sheet of black and white gift wrap. I cut it out and slapped it over the map. It looked really lame. So I painted over it, but the paint wasn't quite as translucent as I thought it would be so it basically covered it up, leaving a 'ghost' behind. I teased it back to the foreground with my trusty gel pen. So in fact that was probably one of the easiest cards I've made this year! :)

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh I love how you are making these fantastic ICADs! I felt so sad though when I got to the end of your post - I know how I would have felt and I definitely would have cried! I feel for you dear Elizabeth, and wish I had seen this post sooner than on T Day when I did a little catch up!! So glad that Scott could help you! Hugs, Chrisx