Monday, June 13, 2016

T Stands For a HEADs UP

Today  I want to give you a heads up that our THIRD T Stands For Tuesday anniversary will be here before we know it.  Last year I was late getting everyone informed, but I hope I've given you ample time this year.  Our third anniversary lands on Tuesday, July 19.

Let me begin with a photo from the post I shared last year announcing what I propose again this year.

I suggest we exchange ATCs or altered trading cards again.  Some of you already know what an ATC is, but others might not.  They are always traded, NEVER sold.

The size is in inches (") and is 2 1/2" by 3 1/2" or 2.5" X 3.5".  They are the same size as other trading cards, such as baseball or sci-fi cards.  You can even use a standard size playing card and cover it.  I realize these don't convert well from standard to metric, but this is how ATCs were originally made and are still made that way today.

I make my own backs using my word processing program.  Granted, I use WordPerfect, so I can't help those of you who use Word or some other program.  However be aware I live in America, and as such, my paper size, which is 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches is probably different from yours if you don't live in the States.  The size of the ATC will always be the same, though.  I can get eight backs per page.  Of course, if you make a lot of ATCs, you may own a stamp that does the same thing.

Here is a close-up of the ATC I showed in my cup.  I started with a failed Gelli experiment for a background.  I glued it to the ATC back.  When dry, I cut a piece of oriental vellum a bit smaller and sewed it to the background.  I should have sewed the background and vellum together before I glued them in place, but that's why last year I called this one "Prototype."  I stamped and fussy cut the tea pot, then glued it in place.  Finally, I added the letter stickers that are made out of plastic.

You will need to add your name, your blog address (or e-mail if you prefer), and the date somewhere on the ATC.  You may add the title, if you choose, which is optional.  Most people add these to the back of the card.

I propose IF you decide to exchange an ATC, that you add an asterisk (*) after your name on the day of the anniversary.

Once you have decided to play and have added your asterisk after your name, the next person on the list who also adds an asterisk, is the person you send your ATC to.  If you are the FIRST person whose name has an asterisk behind it, the LAST person on the list who has an asterisk behind their name will be the person who sends to you.  The circle will then be complete.

Don't feel obligated, especially if you have concerns about the high cost of postage.  Even though I always send extra goodies with my ATC whenever I join the WOYWW anniversary swap (from which I shamelessly stole borrowed this idea), I still only used one one-ounce postage stamp.  However, please don't add an asterisk IF you are worried you will get someone from another country and can't afford to send the ATC.  No one will think any less of you.  Be aware, you may play whether it will be your first week of play or 156th.

For that week ONLY, there will be NO Mr. Linky.  Instead, I will use InLinkz, where I will set it up so you can remove your name in case you forgot to add your asterisk and want to replace the link.   I can't seem to remove your name through Mr. Linky.  So you will be responsible for deciding if you wish to play, and how you upload your link.

Please let me know if this sounds like something you want to do again this year. 

Remember, any form of ATC is permitted just like any DRINK related post is permitted during T Stands For Tuesday.  You might choose to paint, draw, doodle, sew, or create a collage on your ATC.  It really doesn't matter as long as the size is correct.

Since some of you are new to T Stands For Tuesday, one of the questions I am often asked is why I post at 4:00 p.m. U.S. central time on Monday.  The answer is simple.  It's that pesky International Date Line and 24 hour clock.  In the real scheme of things, I'm actually on the back side of time zones.  Most of the people who link to T Stands For Tuesday are in time zones where Tuesday arrives much earlier.

I've talked enough.  Please let me know if you want to make an ATC for the anniversary swap in your comments.  If there's enough interest we'll exchange ATCs on July 19.  It's also time to link below and Bleubeard and I, along with the regular T gang will be by to visit. Please link your direct post, not your blog in general.

19 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

This sounds like a fun idea! Have a happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

~*~Patty S said...

It does sound like fun E...another year flown by again already (almost!)
Happy T Day

Lisca said...

I like the idea. Until the 19th of July gives me lots of time. I have exhausted all my ATCs doing the WOYWW exchange. But I really enjoyed doing it, so my name has an asterix (left over from the WOYWW). And I'd better get my skates on and do some more ATCs!
Happy T-Day and have a good week,

Di said...
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Linda Kunsman said...

It was such a fun thing last year(my first here) so of course I made a note on my calendar:) Happy T day!!

My name is Erika. said...

Oh I think the ATC is a great idea. Count me in.

Carol said...

Would love to do the swap!!! So much fun :) ♥

froebelsternchen said...

Time flies... third anniversary? wow... I will make a mark in my calendar for sure! Thank you for sharing that fun event each single week dear Elizabeth! Super idea to do the swap again, but I hope you don't mind missing me.. I don't make much ATCs ( I try to do a card deck next year each week - maybe - but want to bind it into a journal for myself - call me selfish) .... and I am always busy enough with the challenges and last but not least the mail costs are high - I did too much swaps in the past and had to stop because it was quite expensive for me.

Happy T-Day Elizabeth!
oxo Susi

Dianne said...

the atc swap does sound like fun, but I am at my limit for commitments so will have to sit this one out. I will be having my son's family in July and it will be here very soon! Love your atc by the way-it turned out great! happy T day! ♥

johanna said...

wow, almost three years!
i won´t be in the swap, but wish fun to everybody playing!
have a great week, elizabeth!

Cindy McMath said...

Wow Elizabeth - I have enjoyed your T for Tuesday posts over the years but never played (not sure why - too much other stuff going on I guess), but hey I haven't traded ATCs in ages so you never know, I might just show up! LOVE your Asian card!

Meggymay said...

As a newbie to T stands for Tuesday, I just wonder where I have been these last 3 years to visit here. This seems like a grand idea, but not sure as yet if I would be able to join in , I used to trade ATC's years ago, but our postage stopped that, cost as well as many many packages going missing.
Your ATC today looks great.
Happy Tuesday
Yvonne xx

Darla said...

Can't believe we've been gathering for tea for so long. I look forward to it every Tuesday. I like your ATC with the teapot. An exchange sounds like fun but I just can't commit at this time. I'll look forward to seeing what everyone makes though.

Halle said...

That sounds like fun...I haven't made an ATC for ages!

pearshapedcrafting said...

A swap sound like a good idea but can I decide nearer the time please - I have something to prepare for (being mysterious I know!) Hugs, Chrisx

Jeanie said...

Heading out to the ocean and mountains shortly but wanted to thank you for the wonderful comment and your history with Vegas. Yes, I think we are in much agreement -- and it certainly did seem better "back then." My friend used to live there and she said when you live there, you rarely go to the strip, and it's like living anywhere. I suppose. I'll take Michigan!

Happy week!

Sandra Cox said...

Looking forward to seeing all the ATCs.
Have a good one, Elizabeth. said...

WOW! Three years. Congrats to you and all the other tea and beverage lovers. What a fun project.

Anonymous said...

Sweet ATC. Haven't made one in years, Have fun swapping. xox