Sunday, May 29, 2016

Out my window and my never ending calendar

As the Memorial Day weekend continues, I want to share one more "Journey," which my dear friend Erika, aka BioArtGal, this month's host at Art Journal Journey,  chose as the theme.

For this journal page, I tried to create a bit of humor amid the devastation of my basement.

My back yard could float a boat about now.

Materials used include a used file folder for my substrate, an image from a European travel magazine, a micron ink pen, three flower stickers, and a gifted butterfly.

I began this month working on Valerie's birds for our six person swap, then transitioned to flowers, which was a big part of Chris's garden theme.  About mid-month, I realized I needed to show a bit of patriotism, too.  So the decorations this month, all stickers except the tea cup stamp, were as scattered as my thoughts and projects.  I needed to get this on my blog or it could be next week before I would have a chance to post it.  Obviously, I have not decided on my T post yet.

June's page is ready to fill in once I have completed May.   As usual, I will decorate the calendar as I better know what inspires me art wise.

I greatly appreciate your visit and continued support of my art.  And although I am no longer linking my calendar pages anywhere, I hope you will join me in the final days and hours of Art Journal Journey.

9 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely journal page, looks like Holland, must have swum over to you with all that rain. Sorry you have to deal with so much mess just now. Have fun filling your calendar pages again, and have a good day. I was woken up very early by an enormous thunderclap which almost made me fall out of bed! Hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

So sorry to hear about the float in your yard -- finger crossed for you that all calms down soon ♥♥♥
A lovely page --- reminds me of Amsterdam and great that your calender page is prepaired so well and ready to go... time flies!
A good new week to you Elizabeth!
oxo Susi

~*~Patty S said...

Having your lovely Dutch looking canal in your backyard is yikes!
Sure hope your weather takes a turn and you all get some relief.
A friend in TX is trying hard to keep her head above water too.
Wishing you a peaceful Monday E oxo

My name is Erika. said...

Oh no. All that rain and flooding is NOT fun. Wish I could bring a bilge pump and help you out. ): Flooding is not a good thing. What are you going to do? Or just wait for it to drain? Did it destroy much? You mentioned in your last comment about stepping ankle deep in water and I was wondering and figured you must have got that horrible rain. Here in NH fireworks are legal all year- live free or die as they say. We hardly buy them though- they are pricey, but the hubby had thought it might have been a fun New Years activity in our not so exciting night home. You may use my bus if you would like. No problems sharing it as I know you won't be out making millions of dollars for it. If you did at least you could share. Anyhow, I think your canal photo page is perfect and I'm glad you were able to use it and join in. Take care. Has the weather improved? Hugs-Erika

Pamela Gerard said...

Still raining? I feel for you. Beautiful page.....

kaybee said...

Beautiful image, but so sorry to hear about your floods, hope you are getting on top of it and that it has stopped raining. Wish I could join you in helping bail you out!

Dianne said...

Love your colorful collage! sorry to hear about the lake in your back yard...and did I understand correctly that the basement has water in it too?! oh man...bummer! oh yeah, I see on the calendar now--on the 26th. ugh. be careful dear. please do NOT over do it!! well, probably too late... knowing you, it is all tidied up by now! hugs...and wishes for sunshine! ☺

Jeanie said...

This is beautiful but not the fact that it is your basement! (Or your basement is as wet as this is!). I love Holland so this has a wonderful spot in my heart. I hope not too many things were damaged in your flood.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the flooding, it's such a headache to clean it all up, ugh. Hope by now you are drier and not musty down there. xox