Monday, May 2, 2016

Celebrating T at Legends

If you are looking for the Second on the 2nd, post, it is the one directly below this one.

I took these photos several weeks ago, but saved them until Patty returned.  It was at that time I walked to the Little Free Library in my neighborhood.

There are actually THREE in my neighborhood, so this is the first one I've visited.  I brought a book, but didn't take one.  However, if the government finds out about these libraries, there may be fines and punishments involved.  Want to know more?  Here's a great article.  BTW, if you read it, I am a libertarian, but not a "squishy" or radical libertarian.

Also, a few weeks ago, I treated my friend Sally to a late birthday bash.  Her birthday came and went while she was very sick.  In fact, she was so sick, I took her to several and various doctor appointments.  She has a doctor for EVERYTHING, and I think they were all called on, and none still know what's wrong with her.

But back to the birthday bash.

It took three photos, but I actually got her to smile.

It was Mediterranean Day, and I was enjoying a wonderful veggie fare, including cheese broccoli soup.  I also had coffee with cream and pie.  Pie is something I would eat any and every day of the week.  I'd take it in a heartbeat over cake.

I was on my second bowl of that yummy soup when Sally decided to open her gift.  Many saw it when I was the guest designer at Try it on Tuesday.

After lunch, I took a few shots of the restaurant.  We outlasted the lunch crowd and it showed.

These are the windows you see

as you enter the restaurant.

The hostess saw me taking photos and suggested I get a picture of this new guy.  He goes well with the other chefs that sit on various buffet stations.

Now it's your turn to share your drink related post.  In case you don't know the rules, please link any post below that involves some form of drink.   That drink could be made from art, sketched, digital, hybrid, or traditional.  It can be a time when you were out and about, or a drink you had at home.  It could be in the form of a book you read, a postcard you received, scrapbook page you created, or a movie you watched.   It doesn't matter as long as you can, in some way, tie it back to a drink.  After linking your post below, Bleubeard, the T gang, and I will be by to visit and enjoy whatever you choose to share.  And remember, as Bleubeard would say, your photos may be taken any time, not just on Tuesday.

21 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Glad you had a fun day out with Sally, the food looks great. You have good taste, I prefer pies to cake, too! We have those free book places here, but how awful to want to fine people, crazy. Great photos of the restaurant, too. Have a happy T day, hugs, Valerie

~*~Patty S said...

What a nice colorful lil library!
AND what a crazy article...
People People People I tell you...there are times when it really does seem like common sense is lost forever.
Thanks for sharing E!
Hope that smile on Sally's face means she is doing a lot better now.
Your Mediterranean feast sure looks delicious to me and pie sounds perfect too.
Happy T Day and Happy May oxo

Ariel said...

I have heard so much about these tiny libraries and it's such a shame that the authorities can fine you for such a wonderful service. Belated birthday wishes to Sally Hope she recovers soon from whatever is bothering her.
Elizabeth, can you please give me your address:-)

Carol said...

Love the little library... we have one at our little country grocery store in town. It's a small Mom & Pop store and I love shopping there.
It looks like Sally is feeling better... hope they get things all figured out so she gets completely well and stays that way!

Ariel said...

I have heard so much about these tiny libraries and it's such a shame that the authorities can fine you for such a wonderful service. Belated birthday wishes to Sally Hope she recovers soon from whatever is bothering her.
Elizabeth, can you please give me your address:-)

johanna said...

how nice to see how you got Sally to smile! i read the article about the Little free libraries and These overregulations upset me, yes, where is the common sense??! These Little houses are such a good way for communication.
enjoy your t-day, anyway!

Meggymay said...

Hello on T day
Looks like you had a lovely day out with Sally, super photos to remember the day out. The local library book boxes is a fantastic idea. Many of our libraries are closing through lack of money, I belong to a reading group and we are always talking about ways to get books to the people.
Yvonne xx

My name is Erika. said...

OK, I can't believe that there are such small minded people who would complain about a little free book box. That is crazy. Obviously, they don't read. I wish we had those boxes around here but I have never seen one. And yummy lunch. I'm with you- pie is better than cake. Of all those things I made last week I think the lemon tart-the simplest-is my favorite. I'm glad you caught Sally smiling. I haven't seen that many photos of her but this is the first I have seen her smile, and sometimes she doesn't look all that happy-but I figured she just doesn't like being photographed. Anyhow, happy T day. Hugs-Erika

AiyanaKalyna said...

I am so sorry Sally is sick. Sending her get well wishes. It looks like she had a happy birthday. I am glad you got her to smile. She is very pretty when she smiles. :) That is so sweet the restaurant let you take pictures. That is so insane about the tiny libraries. In my area the city encourages them and even helps with building them. Our library is also supportive of tiny libraries. I am glad to live in an area where books are loved. I do have my blog up. I will definitely have my first blog post this weekend.

Jeanie said...

What a great looking restaurant! Looks like a wonderful time. And I love the little libraries. I don't have one in my yard but I've thought about doing one. I often will put a book in someone else's!

Halle said...

Thanks for the reminder on the little free library...I'll make sure to bring the books to the rec ctr this morning when I work out. They have one right outside the door.
My day is way too full to even think about participating this week. And I realized when I hit your blog that I also missed Second on the 2nd!! Geez...I'm going to have to put pop up reminders on my calendar to nag me.
I'll take care of what you asked me to do as well. :)

~*~Patty S said...

Thank you for your visit to my T post today E.
You mentioned about the ferris wheel in Paris surprising you.
Initially they put it up for the Christmas holiday but then when they got in the running for the olympics down the road they decided to leave it up.
There is a different nationality face on each bucket with their colorful flag on their faces.
I bet there were some nice views from the top but I am not a ferris wheel kind of girl anymore since an incident when I was young.
Happy T Day again :-)

jinxxxygirl said...


I'am so sorry i've been absent from T for so long....!! But we are again in a state of everything torn apart and scattered here and there.... It seems there must be a little craziness before the finish... uuughhh... But the office/computerroom is just about finished except for the trim around the windows but now hubby is unpacking his boxes and its just a mess in there... He promises to work on it TODAY! lol Happy Belated Birthday Sally!!! See you soon for T Elizabeth. Hugs! deb

Linda Kunsman said...

The little libraries is just such a wonderful idea and concept-as Patty says people I just don't understand sometimes! Poor sally. i do hope she gets a diagnosis soon so it can be treated. happy belated birthday to her! Love the new addition to the restaurant:) Will try to get a post done and enter but if not I still wanted to visit. happy T day!

Krisha said...

I have seen a few of those "little" libraries in new areas of homes. I think it is such a marvelous idea.....since I do like to read.
Hope Sally is starting to feel better...geesh!, why are things so hard to diagnosis these days? Please give her my belated birthday wishes.

Happy T-day

Anonymous said...

what a lovley little green library and I love that old house

pearshapedcrafting said...

Good to see that Sally is feeling better! Hope she finds out what the problem is! Lunch looks good too! Legends looks like an interesting place! Having now read that article I can't believe that anyone would NOT think that this a brilliant idea - hey ho!! Dashing off now but will be back for visits later! Hugs Chrisx

Bridget Larsen said...

I love the idea of the little library, I wish we had some here. It would be wonderful, if we ever buy ahouse I will build one in front of it and hope it doesnt get vandalized. You got to some cool places for meals. i always forget to take photos when we go out hahaha

Bridget Larsen said...

wow there's 5 little libraries in my state and a whole heap more in Australia. I've been living under a rock LOL

Dianne said...

Hope Sally is doing much better, and that little free libraries continue! Sorry I didn't make it for the tea party today. I've been trying to post photos on the swap blog, but can't seem to get more than one photo at a time to post. So several short posts show Norma's pages. She emailed to say she got them, and seemed pleased. Hope you have a good week! P.s. we did get a new computer, just need to get it set up and learn the new STUFF!

Sandra Cox said...

What a lovely celebration for your friend!