Friday, April 8, 2016

Repurposed dried flowers (AKA, baby light my fire)

It won't be long until I begin collecting a few fresh flowers from my flower bed garden to dry.  But the book I keep the dried flowers in is full, so I need to use some of them before I can dry more.  So instead of a recycled post, today I have chosen to repurpose, revamp, and reinterpret some dried flowers.

Unlike most of my tutorials, I started with a concept, rather than a well formed plan.  Therefore, the supply list when I first started consisted of a container of wax paper.  I'm not sure if this product can be found around the world, but its wonderful gossamer material makes it perfect for what I have decided to create. 

I have an aversion to craft knives.  They scare me.  So anytime I can cut something using my guillotine cutter, I'll do it.  However, in order to cut the wax paper to the correct size, I had to remove the roll from the box.  I marked each cut at 4 inches

I cut four strips of wax paper the width of the roll at 4 inch intervals.

Then I cut each strip 8 inches long.  They are now 4" X 8".   If your decide to make this you may choose any size, but be sure each strip is twice as long as it is wide.

You can (and may) now put your wax paper away because you won't need it anymore.

Now that your strips are cut to size, audition your dried flowers

to see which ones work best in the space available.

Choose four different flowers, leaves, or arrangements, then fold the wax paper in half.

While your iron is heating to wool (NO STEAM), bring out your parchment paper or your craft mat.  Be sure whatever you use will cover both sides of the assemblies.

After cutting a sufficient amount of parchment paper, you can return it to your craft storage area.

Now it's time to iron your squares.  Keep moving your iron because you don't want steam hole impressions showing on your finished work.   Feel free to check often to see if the wax paper is sticking onto itself around the edges.

Turn the pieces to the opposite side and iron that side, too.  Be sure to cover your iron when you do.

Once you are sure the wax paper is sticking well to itself, you are ready for the next step.  Isn't this lovely with the light shining through?

If your guillotine cutter (or craft knife) cuts better than mine, you may skip this step.  However, I didn't cut a single one of these to the exact proper size, so I had to improvise. 

Once all four of your squares have been sewn, grab some colorful washi tape and place it the length of one side such that there is a small amount of space between two of the panels when the washi tape is in place.  You need that tiny bit of space  

in order to create a 90 degree bend.

Continue adding tape and bending until the four sided box is complete.

Place a tea light (preferably battery powered) inside the box

and enjoy it from every angle, while others admire your creativity.

This is Day 8 of 22 leading up to bEARTHday, and although not technically recycled, I repurposed some flowers in wax paper and created a lovely light I can take to my back patio and enjoy in the evening.

Thanks for your visit and lovely comments.  I certainly appreciate them.

13 thoughtful remarks:

Helen said...

that's really beautiful Elizabeth!

peggy gatto said...

lovely work!!! I love pressed flowers and use them a lot. Thanks for the info on how you use them!!!

Valerie-Jael said...

This is a wonderful idea, it looks so pretty. Must try this when I have some flowers from my balcony. Thanks for sharing and have a great day, hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Just beautiful Elizabeth! It looks great! Thank you for sharing the whole process with us!

My name is Erika. said...

I remember ironing leaves in wax paper but I never made little candle shades. How pretty, and what a fun way to reuse and revamp. Your dried flowers came out really nicely also. Did you just put them into books to dry flat or do anything else to them? Happy weekend!

Jeanie said...

Very, very cool, Elizabeth! This is incredibly pretty! And on a related tutorial note, my silk scarves arrived the other day and I have my sharpies so will be revisiting your sharpie post and see what happens!

And no another note, thanks, as always, for coming by Marmelade Gypsy! It's spring -- time for pretty things, being creative and boatloads of fun!

Nan G said...

Love your tea light cover, E! The Girls especially T are wondering where Bleubeard and Squiggles have been? And send furry snuggles and nose kisses to them. Hugs the Girls and me

Divers and Sundry said...

I used wax paper with dried leaves and flowers before but have never made anything like this. Sweet!

Meggymay said...

Love how you used the pressed flowers, it is an awesome project. I can imagine how the light flickers and shows the flowers.
Yvonne xx

Anonymous said...

Great project. A lovely luminaria. Your dried flowers looks so happy in their waxy sleeves. Xox

Dianne said...

dear E...this is breathtaking!! love your assortment of dried flowers and what you created with the stitching too! ♥

Halle said...

I'm in love with this! So cool. I need to go check my pressing book to see if I have anything interesting left in it.

Cazzy said...

I love these!