Monday, April 4, 2016

Did someone mention stamping?

Many of you were here yesterday when I attempted to use an abstract stamp made from polystyrene.

I decided to go a different route today.  I have a ton of old wood that can't be used for anything.  I considered sanding the pieces after I cut the one longer board, then decided I didn't want to sand, paint, and decorate them, but use them for stamps.

So I grabbed some PVA white glue (because I know those who live in countries other than the US don't get Elmer's)

and glued these adorable little wooden people sent to me recently by my friend Linda who is also the guest artist at Art Journal Journey and Try it on Tuesday for their latest challenges.

I allowed the glue to dry,

then grabbed some metallic copper pigment ink.  I applied ink to the little people

and stamped.

You might notice I used the same sheet of 12" X 12" heavy paper I stamped on yesterday.

Although I'm not a very good stamper, I really like the randomness of these "stamps."

I am hoping to make a few ATCs from these, so hope I left enough room between the images.

For Day 4 of 22 leading up to bEARTHday, I cut one piece of scrap wood into four pieces using my miter saw, then added some adorable wooden "little people" gifted me by Linda.  Total cost of this project was the glue and the time I spent waiting for the glue to dry.

Thank you for joining me on this voyage.  I really appreciate your visits.  I would like to add that Day 5's post is T Stands For Tuesday.  It will be at it's normal time, which is 4 pm Monday afternoon my time.

11 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Love your fun stamps, great idea to use them like that. I have to avoid wood block stamps as they take up too much room in my very small space. Keep up the good work! Hugs, Valerie

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a brilliant idea! Your ATCs will look great! Hugs, Chrisx

My name is Erika. said...

Nice. I'm impressed you have a miter saw. I want to get more saw and tool competent. I love the little people you chose to stamp with too. They look great on your background. Have a great start to your week. :)

Jeanie said...

Great idea, Elizabeth! I like the figures, too!

~*~Patty S said...

Your little people stamp worked out beautifully for your chunky wooden stamp.
I have some carved Indian woodblock stamps that I mostly look at because I find it hard to actually get them to stamp.
I think it would probably help if I used a foam pad under the paper I'm trying to stamp on. Still need to give that a try sometime.

Krisha said...

Clever idea Elizabeth, and they work really well for being wooden pieces.
These will make great ATCs, love the background you have already started.........I stayed OFF the PC yesterday, so I must go back and see how you created it....*grin*

Sandra Cox said...

You are so creative! Who would have thought about making their own stamps.
Love 'em.

Jo Murray said...

That's a super idea Elizabeth, You've inspired me.

Meggymay said...

Another fabulous idea, this block stamp will be so useful I'm sure.
Yvonne xx

Linda Kunsman said...

genius to use those wood figures as a stamp Elizabeth-how very clever!!
I never would have thought of it. Your new stamp came out wonderfully. I don't tend to use stamps on wood any longer -but only for lack of space as I own too many as it is. When I first ventured into UM stamps my hubby kindly made blocks for me and now I don't use the blocks at all. Great informative post, and thanks so much for the mentions:)

Dianne said...

This stamp turned out really cute! helps that the die cuts are flat and level! fun stuff...