Thursday, November 12, 2015

Buzios, Brazil in my 7 Continents Altered Book

This is Day 13, of AEDM and I'm taking you on my 7 Continents imaginary journey to Buzios, Brazil.

For those of you visiting through AEDM, you may not be familiar with my 7 Continents altered book (AB) I've been working on since late 2004.  It may never be finished, but I keep plugging away.  Right now we are in Brazil in South America.

I wasn't sure if this image would scan properly because the gifted flower is very dimensional.  I didn't create any detail shots here, since you can see the focal image I've had since 2005, the gifted flower, and the city I wrote by hand using a white gelly pen on heavy black cardstock.

Side 2 provides the information about this town that grew from a fishing village to a city for the rich and famous.

Originally settled by the local Indians, BĂșzios was invaded in the early 1500s by French smugglers who harvested Brazilwood for France and in return, exchanged the wood for African slaves.    Although the Portuguese claim to have discovered and settled it, the French were able to hide their activities because of the various nooks and crannies created by the landscape and beaches.

By 1575, the Portuguese were tired of the smuggling and killed most of the Indians and expelled the French.   Some of the Indians escaped and formed an alliance with the French who once again smuggled the Brazilwood, which was quite valuable.  It wasn't until 1615 that the Portuguese finally rid BĂșzios of the French.
Some of you will remember the gold trade and Gold Trail I mentioned when we visited Paraty.   That gold attracted many ships to BĂșzios, too.  This increase in ships also brought attention to the whale hunting that was taking place in and around the waters of BĂșzios.  When smuggling, slave-trading, and whale-hunting were outlawed in 1850, BĂșzios returned to doing what it did best: fishing.

Although fishing is still an important part of BĂșzios' economy today, tourism is essential.

Thanks to Brigitte Bardot, who, along with her boyfriend who was originally from Brazil, visited BĂșzios to get away from the crowds and paparazzi who hounded her in Rio, BĂșzios became the destination for the rich and famous all over the world, not just Rio's high society.  I'm sure this isn't the last time we visit BĂșzios, either.

One final look at Side 1, where I carried the focal image to

Side 2.  Materials I used to make these pages include one of my gelli printed used file folders, images from various travel magazines and brochures, a gifted flower, gold ribbon, black cardstock, white gelly pen, along with information found on various internet sites, then printed and cut out using my favorite decorative scissors, Fiskars deckle edge.

Thank you for visiting.  Today is Day 13 and I'm really enjoying seeing what everyone is making for AEDM each day.

As an AEDM aside, Gill, who apparently doesn't have a blog, asked what the tool was I used to punch holes in my book covers.  It's a crop-a-dile and is wonderful for anyone who has a grip problem.

I also can't get C. Willison's web site (Images by CW)  to load, so can't leave a comment.  If anyone knows how (or if it works for you), please let me know, because it just buffers on my old computer.

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Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely pages, and the beautiful flower is a great embellishment, love the netting, too. My cropadile is also one of my treasured possessions. Buzos looks a beautiful place to be. I had problems getting onto that page, too, I clicked twice on the first 'journals' link, and then it worked. Have a lovely day Elisabeth, hugs, Valerie

Viktoria Berg said...

Great post! Reminded me of some long forgotten Disney film I used to love as a child, where the parrot José Carioca featured.

Jennifer McLean said...

these look really terrific, you've done such expressive layouts. You should see my photo albums, so darn boring. I wish mine looked anything even 10% like this cool journal idea. Keep plugging on, someday when it's finished it'll be breathtaking. Sorry I missed you the other day, sometimes time gets away from me, *sigh*. ;o)

Rebeca Trevino said...

Ahh, Elizabeth . . . how I've missed keeping up with you and my other bloggy~art friends.

and i am so glad to see that the "adventure continues"
i've always enjoyed the virtual travel i get to do with you.
we get to see and learn about so many wonderful places.

This one was especially fun!

PS: i have been neglecting my blog since august . . . not sure why that is, but i'm back at least for now . . .
i have not stopped making art though, just haven't posted much. i am so far behind.
hope you are well.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

These pages are gorgeous Elzabeth! Great layouts !
I wish you a very happy weekend my freind!

By Neymes said...

You do not want to exchange Christmas card with me? Valéria.

Stacie said...

Very well done!

Krisha said...

Thank you for the viral vacation this morning. Your pages look great and the amount of information is outstanding.
I always learn a lot from your 12 Continents AB.

Dianne said...

The wonderful images of this place and your warm yellow-gold backgrounds make me want to leave for a visit right now!! ♥

Meggymay said...

Fantastic pages . I have enjoyed my visit and all the super information. The sea looks a perfect shade of blue.
Yvonne xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Once again Elizabeth you took me somewhere I am unlikely to visit! You are an excellent tour guide - giving me all the information I need and stopping off at the best views! I love the colours you have used! Have a great weekend! Chrisx

NatureFootstep said...

a nice way to remember your trip. Love what you made here :)

My name is Erika. said...

It looks so warm and summer like here. I want that right now. Our wind is loud and cold and it feels kind of like January-minus the snow on the ground. Although we did have snow flakes today. Love seeing where you take us in this cool journal.