Thursday, October 1, 2015

September complete and October ready in my never ending calendar

I can hardly believe we are beginning the final three months of 2015.  I often call this the "silly season," because it gets crazy about this time of year with everything happening at an accelerated pace.

I've said before that I decorate the pages at the end of the month, when I know better what was relevant.  If you read the minutia, you will see there are lots of days I spent helping my friend Sally, where we took many things to the Goodwill (thrift store) and sent some stuff to the trash, mainly because things were water damaged from sitting in her garage for many years.

I went for a bit of humor when I found all these stickers of dancing bunnies.  They reminded me of how many of the same or similar items I bagged for the thrift store, like more shoes than I could possibly count, more blouses than one needs in a lifetime, and for the women's shelter, more unused beauty products and toothbrushes than any one person should ever have purchased in the first place.  I cut copier/printer paper in the shape of what I hoped would resemble trash bags, then added the red ink pen to denote ties on the bags.  In the middle of all this was the Starbucks signature logo, which stood for the day I took off to prepare for our annual Safe Communities event, where Starbucks donated the coffee.

I can only hope there is something equally memorable, albeit less strenuous, that appears on my October page in the form of art.

Thanks for looking because this is the only place you will find my never ending calendar this year.  I haven't decided if I will continue next year, because my calendars are so much less "arty" than others who participate in this monthly event.

9 thoughtful remarks:

Silvia said...

WOW, September sure looks busy! Lets hope you get a bit of breathing space in October

Valerie-Jael said...

Love how you recorded the 'trash days' with Sally. I wonder why she hoarded so much? You did a great job there. Have fun filling your calendar pages for October! Have a nice day, it's getting near to bed time here! Hugs, Valerie

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love your trash bags and bunnies! Your pages may not be as 'arty' as you wish but I enjoy seeing how you decorate your pages. I must say else would I find out how you fed your guests! !?? I enjoy looking back at my calendars and often grab one to find out when we did something! I hope that October is less strenuous for you -you did such a good job for Sally, but suspect that clearing the rest may still be quite a task! Hugs, Chrisx

Halle said...

You are certainly busy! I love the decorations you added this month. Very humorous and fitting. :)
I'm working tomorrow...would you mind linking up my second look post?

dawn said...

Hello Elizabeth! YAY for a new calendar! Those trash bags are so cute, good job on them! Looks like a busy month for you, I don't know how you do it.

Pretty October page too, love that stamp! I started on my October page too, using orange and black through the month and maybe a pop of purple.

Thank you so much for your comment on my grandma. She's the one I always helped on Tuesday's. Will be so weird now not going over there. She's in peace now, no more wondering why she can't remember things and people. We had a beautiful service for her, so much love from many. Taking it easy and have been writing out the memories I have of her while they keep coming to me.

The weather if finally COLD, last week was gorgeous!! Now the wind and rain are here, brrrr. I almost wanted to turn the heat on today but resisted. Hope your weather is good and cooled off too.

I hope to be by for Tuesday, I actually babysit that day so will try.
Take care. HUGS!!

Rita said...

It is so hard to believe that it is already October!! If I was making these kind of calendars for me I would have had endless cardboard boxes since May--LOL! But today was the last of them unloaded!! Awesome! Still have a little to put away but Dagan made me promise not to do anything till Leah comes over on Monday. He really helped a lot tonight!!

You have been so busy helping Sally--OMG!! And she still has more to go through, doesn't she? You'll be so glad when it is all done. Or are you finally finished? She really owes you! ;) ;) That was a huge amount of work. I'm so glad a lot of things got donated. I hope it is a quieter October for you. (And me, too--LOL!)

froebelsternchen Susi said...

What a busy month for your Elizabeth! Your calendas page shows up how much hard work you have done at Sally's.


Krisha said...

Boy, you did have a busy September!

If you enjoy doing these calendars why quit? They make a good journal of happenings in your life and who cares if they are "artsy", if your doing them for yourself?

I did have to giggle at the trash bags at the bottom.

Kelly Deal said...

I love it, including the trash bags!!! Yes, this time of the year is crazy, but I love October, so many fun things to do! Have a wonderful weekend Elizabeth!