Saturday, October 10, 2015

Journal 52, Week 41, Fairy Tales

This week at Journal 52 Chelle admitted she didn't have time to make art.  I don't feel so bad, because I am really in a crunch, too.  However, after looking at the Fairy Tales prompt for Week 41, I knew what I wanted to make, just didn't have the skill set to do so.  So for once I went to the internet and found an image.  Then I converted it to black and white because I have no color in my printer at the moment.  And for the first time in over five years, I used an image from the internet for my journal.

That's getting ahead of myself, though.  I keep telling my friend Sally (and others) that I seem to have a condition that makes me extremely sensitive to anything against my skin.  I realize I don't have fibromyalgia, which affects muscles and soft tissue.  What I DO have is sensitivity and it's one reason why I wear loose fitting dresses and clothes.  I can't sit at Sally's because she doesn't have a single chair that doesn't have something in it.  She tells me to push "stuff" aside, but I still can feel things I've failed to move. 

So why am I explaining all this, you ask?  Because I've often said I have the "Princess pea syndrome," which of course is not a real syndrome, but one I made up to explain how it feels to be in my skin.  However, it reminded me of the Fairy Tale I simply had to tell this week.

Practically all my time for Journal 52 this week was spent on the internet or my computer, finding a decent image and printing it directly on my used file folder.

The only things I wrote by hand were the name of the fairy tale

and the week number.

I turned the image into black and white in order to print it, but when I did, I turned the file folder the wrong direction and printed on what I consider the "back side," which is reserved for the even numbered week.  It doesn't make much difference, though, because I'll just add Week 42 on the back of this, which was one of my failed Gelli prints.

Although I was able to straighten the words in PS for this view, I created them in my word processing program, and ran the file folder through the printer a second time, getting it crooked in the process.

This is the original image I used which I got from Wikipedia, since it was free to use in the US.

One more look at this week's entry where my substrate was a used file folder and the image and words were practically all computer generated and printed.

I know this is wimpy, but Chelle, our host, didn't even have time to create art this week, so I don't feel so bad.  Like she said, this is turning into the really busy season.  Add to that, I will be at Sally's all next week, so you may or may not hear from me.  Having said that, I still appreciate your very generous visits and comments.

11 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Love what you have made, Princess Elisabeth! It is very unpleasant not to be able to just sit anywhere and enjoy it, so I hope you always find comfortable places. You found one of my fave fairy-tales for your journal page, and my great aunt often used to tell me I was like that princess because I complained when she dried me off with her hard and scratchy towels! Have a great day, take care of yourself, hugs, Valerie

Halle said...

I remember seeing that play when I was very young at a local field trip. That and Rumpelstiltskin. The latter scared the crap out of me!!
Thanks for the memories

Divers and Sundry said...

I love fairy tales, and I had that illustration in a book I had growing up. Sweet! :)

froebelsternchen Susi said...

I remember that I was really impressed about the princess as I heard this fairytale the very first time.. I don't know how old I was, but I remember exactly the feeling.
Oh .. you seem to be a princess - yes! O.k.!
But you are also the Queen of processing and my Altered file folder Queen!
Have fun at Sally's next week and best you take a chair with you to her!

Meggymay said...

Love how you have changed the colours to these vintage shades, its an awesome journal page.
Yvonne x

Rita said...

It sounds like you made up the perfect name for your sensitivity and that was THE perfect page, therefore, for your challenge. Please don't over do it! :)

johanna said...

aren´t we all "princess peas" in some way? sorry to hear you have a real touchy Problem... hope you feel comfortable at sally´s anyway!
i love this Picture and actually it gave me an idea for my working with fabric, must Keep it in my back brain...

Viktoria Berg said...

I recognize that illustration! Loved that fairy tale when I grew up. I am sensitive, too, being atopic (the three As: asthma, allergy, atopy, often go together). I wear silk underwear inside-out, to stop my skin from breaking out from the seams and tags, and all my clothes are large and loose. Sometimes I think sensitivity spreads outside-in or inside-out. One can choose to see it as a limitation, or a strength. :-) You seem like a very strong person to me!

Darla said...

I enjoyed your page since that is one of my favorite fairy tales. I'm always afraid to run thick paper like folders through my printer. Maybe I will give it a try as you seem to have success with it.

~*~Patty S said...

What a wonderful image and the black n white gives it a bit of mystery.
You were brave to put your file folder through not once BUT twice.
Since The Princess is easily thrown off balance the words being a bit askew fits right in.
Great piece for that theme E.
For a little different reason we kid here that I am also a bit like the Princess and the Pea (a fav fairy tale of mine!) ;-).
I can feel when there is even one hair down the back of my shirt which tickles me like crazy and MUST be fished out LOL.
Sensitive on many counts.
So my sister Princess I hear you.

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love this Elizabeth - reminds me of when I was teaching and made a model 4 poster bed so that we could make fancy eiderdowns using running stitch and some fabulous fabrics ! The kids loved it! Chrisx