Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Second on the 2nd: A quotes swap

My mind has been on the theme of Time recently, and it caused me to review several works of art where time was considered.  I finally chose this post, and will show another Time related post next month.  This one won out, though, as I decided to show my tip-ins* for a Quotes swap I was in back in February, 2011.  I hope you aren't tired of seeing at least one side that deals with time.

*For those of you who don't know what a tip-in is, the short answer is a tip-in is a page or set of pages created outside a book, to be attached at a future time.  Tip-ins have become the cost effective way to share a collaborative book without incurring the cost or possible loss instead of mailing entire books among artists.  When you are in a tip-in swap, the host usually requests the theme.  You design your spread around that theme.

Now it's time for me to share this tip-in for a Quote themed swap.  The original date was a very cold and blustery February 24, 2011.  Here is the post mostly in its entirety.  If I edited or added something, I show it in green. 

Quotes: a swap

 My friend Halle requested this swap, so here is my tip-in. Since the swap is now completed, I can show my "Quote" entries.

This is the front.  You can tell because I've left space on the left side of the page to add it to the book.

Here is how I made these. I began by experimenting with the backgrounds. I first laid down oil pastels, but they didn't spread, because they had melted together in their box. I was going for the resist factor they would have provided. Next, I scribbled purple and orange crayons (Crayola) over the pages. Some scribbles show up better than others. Next, I laid down Titan Buff fluid acrylic paint. When the Titan Buff was dry, I added two colors of green and one blue fluid acrylic. Sorry, I don't remember the exact names, but they are all Golden brand. I made all the backgrounds on 110 lb. watercolor paper I cut to 8.5 X 11 inches.

One of my favorite quotes is by Einstein. I always laugh when I see it. I printed the quotes and colored them using pigment ink direct-to-paper  (Some of you may remember I used one of the reject quotes in a Time themed AJJ entry last month).  The "clock" was made using a rusty can lid that I "burned" in my chiminea this summer. I sealed each rusty piece with spray sealer. I added real clock hands and a single hour number, along with one button for each timepiece. The quote was then sewn to the paper. As a final step, after everything else was finished and sewn together, I added the clock assembly using E-6000.

Although I normally copy and paste the original image, I noticed my old e-mail address that doesn't work properly was on this side of the tip-in.  I removed it and, even though I hand wrote my blog address on the original tip-in, I also added my watermark to this page.

For the back, I stole . . . ripped off. . . borrowed a quote I found on Dianne's blog. I loved the quote and the inspiration it provided for this side of my tip-in. It is a quote by Danny Kaye and reads "Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

I spent a lot of time trying to splatter gesso on the page, but the toothbrush I used didn't do the job I had hoped for. Since the gesso didn't provide the desired effect I wanted, and to try to live up to the quote, I dribbled some purple fluid acrylic down the top of each piece.

AH-HA!! Some of the oil pastel actually resisted, at least on the page above. Next I added circles of metallic copper and bronze fluid acrylic paint using jar lids, and allowed the pages to dry. Next, I sewed the saying, along with some yellow drywall tape to the page, as well as my information I hand wrote on labels I colored using Twinkling H20s. I blanked out my last name for this blog post. Finally, I folded the page and sewed on three sides. I didn't sew on the gutter edge in case some people wanted to bind them using a binding machine instead of tipping them into a book. I hope the recipients like them.

I've shown mine, now it's time for you to dig deep and share your Second look today.  The rules are simple.  Please add the words Second on the 2nd somewhere in your post, and please link back here so others can learn about this fun once monthly event.   Feel free to invite your friends and followers to participate, too.  The more who join us, the more we will grow.

You may show ANY post you choose.  There are no stipulations as to theme, or what you may post.  This could be a favorite post or one you created before anyone knew your blog existed.  It makes no difference, but you must link below so we can visit, too.  

12 thoughtful remarks:

froebelsternchen Susi said...

This pages are brilliant--- I love both and I am glad you showed it again!
Thank you for hosting second on the 2nd Elizabeth!
Happy Day!

My name is Erika. said...

What a clever clock made from those buttons. I love it.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love those quotes and the pages are brilliant - best of all- the little button clock! I used to make tip-ins a lot at one time! Pleased to be around on the 2nd this time - but we are off after lunch - caravan for a few days - there's a vintage festival on nearby at the weekend - always fun!! Hugs, Chrisx

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Glad I remembered this time...even if it is one of the shortest posts I've ever done!

I admire your tip-ins and the clock is amazing and so creative!

see you there! said...

Fun to see these pages. I really like the can lid turned into a clock. That is very clever.


Divers and Sundry said...

I appreciate you sharing how you make the backgrounds turn out the way they do. Thx! I think I need to try a clock. Yours always impress me :)

~*~Patty S said...

Your tip in looks great E!
Being a quote fancier both of those speak to me and the paints you used are really done so well.
Your clever clock makes a perfect accent piece.
I bet that was a fun swap.
Thanks for another creative look back.

Halle said...

I love my quotes AB!! I had great friends send me tip-ins such as yours! I'm glad I had time today to both stop by and post my own second look. :)

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Dry wall tape, one of my favorite ways to add texture! Admittedly, have not seen it in yellow. Both of these tip-ins are wonderfully created. I laughed when you said you used a rusty can lid you "burned" in your chiminea. This is what makes your pages so unique and creative.
I am joining in for the first time.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Elizabeth, when I went back this morning to my blog,I saw that half of my post was missing. It appears I neglected to add the link back to your page, when in truth it was somehow cut out with the rest of what I said about my painting. My apologies--I will double check next time.

Krisha said...

I Love the time quotes, as time really got away from me yesterday and I missed posting the 2nd time around. In fact I didn't even turn on my computer. I spent the day, all but a couple of hours to get to the gym before getting a back adjustment, organizing my dies, and then onto the rubber stamps. I am now in need of more sheet protectors, as I have figured out how to divide them for storage use. They also made great pockets for my dies........Bob's soldering tool came in real handy....*grin*

johanna said...

wonderful Review, elizabeth! i´m glad to see it. and tip-in swaps are a great Thing (i remember the altered book swaps years ago, when we sent the whole books, which was quite expensive esp when you have to send it over the big Pond!)

how COULD i Forget the 2nd on the 2nd this month? (too busy with other stuff obviously.) i know it is open longer than the 2nd, but i´m finicky with myself about this. hope to Play next month again.