Wednesday, September 9, 2015

On to Rio de Janerio in my 7 Continents altered book

Before we begin this imaginary trip to our next country in South America in my 7 Continents AB, I want to say how proud I am of my friend Sally (who I'm helping clean her garage and home), because some of you may have read yesterday I spent my Labor Day helping her clean her main bath.  I helped her find homes for (or get rid of) massive amounts of cosmetics, old make-up, beauty products, old and some never used skin care products, never used toothbrushes, and such.  Although opened cosmetics, beauty products, and old containers of OTC medicines had to go to the trash, there were new products that others could get use from.  I knew there is no way a place like Goodwill (a US thrift store) would take these products, even though they have never been opened and were still in their sealed packages.  Instead of Sally keeping and never using them (mainly out of sentiment and guilt), I suggested we find where to drop off items for women of abuse.  Oftentimes, these women leave home without so much as their toothbrush in order to get away from a life threatening situation.

While in undergrad school, I got interested in women who had been abused.   I continued to learn more about this problem at the graduate level, even though it was not my area of study.  No woman should ever feel she "deserves" to be beaten.  No woman should ever feel "it was her fault."  No woman should have to believe her abuser owns her because of some marriage document.  No woman should ever believe the lies that the abuser promises never to hurt her again.  No woman should ever think a few "forgiveness" trinkets will make up for the black eyes, swollen lips, and broken arms or ribs.  No woman should ever have to accept rape or forcible sex from her husband.

Until just recently, if a women would not sign a warrant for the abuser's arrest, the abuser could not be held.  That has changed in the last few years, though.  Now abusers are jailed, whether it's due to abuse of a woman, a wife, an elderly person, or an infant. 

Gosh, I apologize.  I was just saying how happy I was that Sally and I spent the past two days cleaning out her main bath, and I digressed badly.  BTW, I found a place where we can take these items and the charity helping battered women is very, very grateful.   I'm off my soapbox, now, but I hope if YOU ever see anyone abusing another person, whether it's verbal bullying or physical contact, please get that person help immediately.

Dramatically changing subjects, now it's time to travel to Brazil.  Our first stop along the way is Carnival (Carnaval).

Our first stop is actually Sambadrome, the exhibition area for the famous Samba schools in Rio.

Should you want to visit Carnaval in Rio, here are the dates for the next two years.

I found this photo in a travel magazine and it was taken at Sambadrome.

I enjoyed learning a bit about the history of Carnaval that I found on the above web site.

One of the things I had forgotten was how much I like tape.  Before washi tape came along, I occasionally used colored masking tapes to hold my photos and other information in place.  I sewed the info onto some of my handmade shimmering misted card stock, then grabbed my green masking tape to finish off the entry.  Of course, I painted the background in three colors: white, red, and burgundy acrylics.

Now let's visit the beaches of Rio.  Contrary to popular belief, beach goers do not go nude on these beaches.  The most famous ones are

Ipanema Beach

and Copacabana Beach.

For this side, I first painted the used file folder burgundy, red, and yellow.  I added a partial dictionary page (found in my scrap basket) to the mix.  The postcard is old and the description of the picture is written in Portuguese, the official language of Brazil.  All other images are from various travel magazines.

Now it's time to visit Ipanema up close and personal. The colorful beach

is where this beautiful girl is visiting.
This spread started with the girl as the background, to which I added more of the beach scene.  All elements were sewn to the magazine image of the girl, which was then sewn to the substrate.

I found this Chinese fortune that seemed to apply.  In case you can't read it:
The mysterious side of your nature makes you most alluring.
Now that we've cooled off at the beach, lets visit

the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Rio.  For this side, I sewed a sheet of hand painted paper, a strip of my handmade misted paper, the image from a travel magazine, and a paint chip to the used file folder substrate.

I hope this trip to Carnival (Carnaval), the stunning Botanical Gardens, and the two most famous beaches in Rio piqued your interest in Brazil, the next South American country I'm visiting in my 7 Continents AB.  As always, I appreciate your visit and reading through my earlier rant!

11 thoughtful remarks:

Sami said...

Lovely of you to help your friend with a clean-up and to donate the articles to a shelter for abused women. I agree that no woman should suffer under the hands of an abuser!
I like your Rio booklet.

Corrine at said...

We have some nice women and children's shelters around here who really do a great job of getting women in harms way out of danger. Bravo to them. Rio is so lovely, too bad it's full of crime and only getting worse. Might have been on a travel wish list once, but not today, too dangerous. But your photos and info are great. Thanks for the tour. xox

Valerie-Jael said...

You have packed a lot of information about Brazil into your colourful pages, and there are so many details in your work to enjoy. Glad you got Sally sorted out, and people who are abused, in whatever form, suffer from it all their lives, and it is good to make people aware of this. Have a good day, hugs, Valerie

pearshapedcrafting said...

You have helped Sally so much and now you have helped the abused women - Sally's heart must be so much lighter - clearing clutter from years ago is always good! Your words on abused women show true support for them - sadly many women blame themselves and still tolerate the apalling treatment they get from partners, the more places there are to go the more chances there are to change their lives! Your Brazil pages are wonderful and again I have learned a lot. Off again for a few days -hoping to catch a part of th cycle tour of Britain while at the caravan, Hugs, Chrisx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Wonderful Rio pages are this Elizabeth!
I am glad to hear you and Sally got all done and that it is for such a good use as well!


My name is Erika. said...

Wahoo! Carnival it is. I am ready. And good for you to help your friend and find a place for all those items. Sounds like you have had a big heart for a very long time. :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Great start to pages on Brazil! I agree 100% with your feeling on abuse, and I am glad you found a place that would accept the excess items Sally didn't need or want anymore.

Karla B said...

So now you are in Rio!Welcome to my city.The girl from Ipanema, the one who inspired the song is over 70 and violence is on the increase because our laws are light so people aren't punished as they deserve.Lovely pages, my friend. I think I am the only one Brazilian who doesn't care much about Carnival.

Rita said...

Perfect place to donate those things! I totally agree with you about abuse.
Thanks for the trip to Brazil. :):)

voodoo vixen said...

So glad you are helping Sally to have a good clear out... it really lightens the load once it is gone and to give toiletries and suchlike to abused women is wonderful, everyone wins!
Rio is looking good and I am actually going to do some crafting! I know, amazing huh? I have booked to go along with some old crafting buddies to an all day crop and card class next week... maybe that will be the impetus I need to make some time for craftiness in this retirement regime!!

~*~Patty S said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderfully colorful and informative pages E!
Good job helping Sally and the shelter at the same time.
Donating items to charity is so satisfying thinking that others will find use for them. Our actual trash is quite small because we do recycle so much.