Monday, August 17, 2015

T Stands For Kathy Time

Some of you may have read I got an unexpected visit from my friend Kathy last Wednesday.  She called Tuesday evening, and I was so happy because I hadn't seen her since April.  Although we correspond and talk on the phone, there's nothing like a visit from a friend to enrich the day.

In a different post I'll show the wonderful things she's made in the past three weeks and we'll visit a couple of wonderful stamping and mixed media stores, but for now, we are headed to lunch.

I thought this looked like a good place to eat, so I treated Kathy to lunch at the Brick Street Cafe and Tavern.  I don't know why I didn't notice the word "tavern" before we went in, but we were here, so we decided it couldn't be too bad.  Besides, we were near Mrs. O'Leary's, which is Kathy's favorite mixed media store.

Before we went in. we took in the ambiance of the street

The little boy playing in the fountains caught Kathy's eye.

Kathy and I both took a LONG time making up our minds what to order.

Kathy ended up getting the grilled salmon and I got shrimp spinach fettuccine.  We also split an order of sweet potato fries.

While we waited for our lunch,

I took a few photos.  Kathy wondered why I took a photo of the Garland sign.  I said it was because it signified the street I live on.

Then I took a few photos of

beer bottles and more beer bottles.  Note the brick on the bar face.  I just noticed it as I was typing.

Kathy was interested in the rooster,

since her kitchen is decorated in roosters.

As I was taking the photos off my camera, I couldn't believe I hadn't taken a photo of our meals.  I was certainly glad I had caught a photo of my water, which we both had, at least.

By the time we left, there was no one in the place, except us and the wait staff.  We had outlasted everyone who had stopped in for lunch.

I snapped more photos as we left, but Kathy was the one

who noticed the front tables had bricks embedded in them.

I really enjoyed my lunch, even though we spent nearly two hours, talking constantly, and eating a bit every now and then.  It was so good to catch up on both our lives, the sad news, the devastating news, and the good news.

Now it's your turn to get wordy.  Share whatever drink related post you choose, whether it's art (digital, hybrid, or traditional), sketches, photos of when you were out and about, or even when you stayed home and shared a favorite drink, or reviewed a movie or book.  Then link below and Bleubeard and I will be by to visit, as will the rest of the T gang.  Bleubeard also reminds you that your photos don't need to be taken on Tuesday, but can be taken anytime. 

22 thoughtful remarks:

Karla B said...

What precious moment you shared with Kathy!A friend is a treasure. Hope you have a lot of moments like that ahead!Love your photos!

Have a creative week!



Valerie-Jael said...

Looks like you had a great time with your friend. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. It's always good to meet up with friends and be together for a time. Have a great T Day, hugs, Valerie

jinxxxygirl said...

So nice you and Kathy could get together. Love the bricks! Happy Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

Bridget Larsen said...

Nothing like a good natter and catching up. Love the dishes on your menu

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Seems like you and Kathy had a great time together again!
Thanks a lot for sharing all the photos with us!
Happy T-Day Elizabeth!
Hugs to the boys!

TwinkleToes2day said...

How nice to have a good catch up with a good friend. The meal choices are quite varied and very interesting to me, with many I have never had.
The place itself looks nice and I like the brick fascia and table tops.
Happy T Day Elizabeth :D

Corrine at said...

Looks like a cute place. Not too busy though. Like all the old signage. Makes it cozier somehow. Xox

pearshapedcrafting said...

Lunch with a friend is always good but this looks like a really interesting menu and some nice features around it too! Love that you forgot to take a photo of the food…that's usually my trick! I won't be joining you this week as I know I won't be doing much visiting - we will be out and about with son and grandchildren - I will try to remember that my camera is in my bag, I think you will like one place we intend visiting!! Have a great week - I'll be back soon! Hugs, Chrisx ps watch out for the postman!

~*~Patty S said...

Happy that you and Kathy had a nice visit and lunch too.
I am always intrigued by resin table top surfaces but have never seen brick used = Cool! They had some great signage and fun about the Garland sign there too.
Happy T Day E.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Despite being a "tavern", that looked like a nice place to eat. The menu looked varied enough, too.
I liked seeing the vintage signs, although had to laugh at the one to the right of the TV in the rooster photo. Maybe not the best advertisement in a restaurant, LOL!

Divers and Sundry said...

Fun with friends, there's nothing better :)

I like the look of your tavern, though it has more natural light than I would think a tavern would have. Taverns aren't thick on the ground around here, but I think yours would be a good spot. I'd sit at one of those window tables and enjoy the view :) I love all the brick!

Krisha said...

What a fun afternoon that must have been for both of you. I have a couple of friends that, WHEN we do get together it happens the same way......always a good thing!

I like the looks of this place, nice and clean and not overly cluttered with décor, but the picture of the bricks embedded on the table threw me......I couldn't figure out why you took a picture of the floor and why there were table settings there....then I READ the WORDS.....LOL

Lisca Meijer said...

I left a comment early this morning but it hasn't appeared for some reason so here is another one:
It's great you had a lovely time with your best friend. There's nothing like personal contact and a good catch-up natter!
Nice place (the tavern), very modern. I like the unusual brick table. Were they real bricks or was it vinyl?
Have a great week,

Dianne said...

Kathy looks like she's really concentrating on that menu! A fun visit with the two of you. I usually like tavern decor and food, as long as they are not playing music too loud...that can kind of ruin it for me. Love that Rooster sign!! happy T Tuesday my dear...♥

Carol said...

So glad you had a good visit and catch up with your friend :) The place looks great and I really loved the street scene before you went in ♥

dawn said...

Hello Elizabeth! Happy T Day!! So happy you got to see your friend and spend time with her. WOW, what a nice place, love everything inside and outside. Never saw a brick table like that but I like it. So glad the food was good for you too, such a bummer those times it's not.

Thank you for your blog visits, enjoying my WITL so far. The kids did pretty good for pictures yesterday so I didn't push it today so far, lol. I even included that tea/deck photo for you, I've spent a lot of time this summer doing just that. Now that winter is so long and cold I am soaking up the sun when I can.
I'm so sorry you kept looking on Sunday for my post, I had to wait till after the day was done so I could blog it so it was after 9 when I did it. Thanks for not giving up!!
Today is my bday so I will be blogging about that, YAY!!
Take care and Happy T Day!

Rita said...

I don't know why but the past few weeks I do not get your post notification via feed burner anymore. I know you post on Tuesdays so I go find your blog so I can join up, but that's why I haven't seen your other posts lately. Google/Blogger--grrrr! Just thought I'd let you know. I have been missing people all along and every so often I lose another one. So frustrating. But I find you on Tuesdays and got to see your trip to the tavern with the brick tables. :):) Happy T-Day! :)

Sharon Fritchman said...

Hi Elizabeth! I loved reading about your lunch with your dear friend! What a wonderful time the 2 of you had! Your photos are amazing!

Ariel said...

It is always wonderful to meet with friends and spend some good time with them right? I did spent some lovely time with my school friends when I was in India.
Have a lovely week Elizabeth

Halle said...

Looks like you had a great time! We just got back from a little vacation "up north" as we say here in MN. :) Job interview today...wish me luck!

~*~Patty S said...

Golly gee I was gone most of yesterday and was hoping to catch up with the T posters today but I do not see the Mr Linky's...
guess that's what I get for being a day late :-(

~*~Patty S said...

Thank you for your explanation E.
I could have read the directions more carefully...
sorry about that.
All is well!