Friday, May 25, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: Turquoise and Lime Dreamy Teapot

That's what happens when you read a post, work on the challenge, then leave for several days. The challenge gets changed and when you visit to link up, you learn you can't play in the challenge. So, even though the rules were changed, I decided to use this as an Inspiration Avenue Challenge because I even hand dyed some fabric so I could play this week.

I'm on a new kick. I'm making art flags. I know some people call them prayer flags, some affirmation flags, and others call them art flags. I prefer to use the term art flags because that's how I think of them. They are to be placed outside in the elements for the world (and the environment) to take over and change them. Here is one I made for my friend Sally. There will be a total of either three or five, depending upon how enthusiastic I get over these colors.

Here's what this one looks like hanging on my clothes line. Yes, I hand dyed the green fabric which was originally an old bed sheet. I used the same dye for the lace, too. The turquoise was originally a blouse I bought last year at the thrift store.

So regardless of the fact I got the wrong challenge information, when I went to post my entry, I learned the challenge had been changed to teapots.

I quickly went to my studio because I already had some hand dyed fabric I could use. I sketched a teapot and sewed it. I have no feed dogs, so following my sketch was a bit difficult. I had planned to have this read "Drink," but my brain froze and I wrote Dream instead. The D is loose and it didn't scan properly, but I think you can see what I was going for. So here is my dreamy teapot that I will use as another flag for someone else to enjoy. I hope Shel likes my choice, even though the link to her blog was wrong.


17 thoughtful remarks:

Yvonne said...

Your flags are fabulous, Elizabeth!

Dianne said...

you are a very creative problem solver! love these colors, and the term 'art flags' really appeals to me. we all need a little more public art...and art that responds to our surroundings....hope you are staying 'cool' this week!

Rita said...

That was a clever transformation! Turned out really nice. I like the art flag idea. :)

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...beautiful work Elizabeth and fortunatley you were able to still use your piece for the challenge, seems wrong to me to change a theme when people may have already started on their piece & as you say time and effort too...loVe what you have designed & gorgeous colours too...Mel :)

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Love your art flags! I saw an article in a magazine about these and thought what a great idea. I have the perfect painted fence in my backyard to hang some on.

Now you've given me an idea - I plan to go through my clothes this month and now I know what I could do with some of them. Thanks for the inspiration!!!


~*~Patty S said...

Love your "Dreamy" Teapot E!
and your art flag is super too...I have been toying with a similar idea

I have a shift dress that is about the same color and design as the turquoise piece of your art flag...:)

I don't often answer people's questions in comments on my blog but since I'm not sure your email is working and you asked a specific question, here is what I wrote to you:

Thank you all very much!
Elizabeth, I am really pleased with these pages too, thank you.
It was Marilyn Rock that introduced me to the Stabilo Woody "Pencils"
a great product

Not sure one ever gets used to the heat...sorry you are roasting too!

My art cave is upstairs and it IS a lot warmer up there, but still LOTS cooler than outdoors...I do like summer just not the brutal extreme heat...dressing light and barefoot :)
Stay Cool!

Corrine at said...

Oh I like your flags, challenge or not. Those colors are dreamy to me and speak of cool summertime tea and sitting under the stars dreaming. xox

Magpie said...

Hi Elizabeth, the turquoise and lime flag is beautiful, no matter what the challenge is. And the teapot one is charming too. You really showed some quick thinking to answer both challenges!

I sent you an email about your question on the washi tape. And then I noticed there was a "no reply" indication. So I'm not sure if you received it or not. Let me know if it did not reach you! And I'll figure another way to get it to you.


LiliansArt said...

Wow. Beautiful colors!

Deborah said...

What a cool idea! I love your art flags.

Diane ~ said...

you are so creative Elizabeth! and what a cool idea of art flags! now you've got me thinking about doing one :)

Diane ~ said...

you are so creative Elizabeth! and i love your idea of art flags! now you've got me thinking about doing one too! :D

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I thought it was turquoise & lime, too! By the time I realized it was changed, I had already made by piece that I could not morph into a teapot, so I sat this one out. You are very clever to stitch on a teapot!

IMGIRL said...

Okay my kindred spirit friend, I LOVE your art flags!! I have actually wanted to make them for a long time, but that is part of my problem, my list is so long. I adore yours! A friend who since moved away had one given to her made from fabrics that she got from a fabric exchange from all over the world. Each flag was different. Maybe we should do a flag exchange some day!
I am moving that up on my list to make for myself after seeing yours.
Fabulous entry!

Carol said...

Great flags and great recoup and recovery on the theme ! You can never go wrong with a teapot :)

Divers and Sundry said...

I love your color choices. And your ability to adapt and change. :)

Corrine at said...

Love that you know what you want and just go for it. Art flags it is. Nice dreams. xox