Friday, July 31, 2015

ICADs For July 25 through July 31 (and the wrap-up)

I have a lot of scraps and pieces I simply can't get rid of, even though they are cluttering a large basket in my office, where I keep scraps I hope to use over time.  Because these didn't make much sense to me, I called this one "Random."

I got out my bingo dabbers and drew lines across the IC, then found an image I thought went well with it.  I couldn't find a good quote, so added a feather I found in my scraps stash.

I reached into my scraps box, determined to use a few of these, and put them together with a single staple.

It took two tries to get this image on the IC today.  I used shimmer mists first, then stamped.  Although I like this wood mounted stamp, I have trouble getting a good image.

I remember making several of these dresses one year, and here is the final one, once again found in my scrap basket.  I paired it with some white swirl vellum and green copier paper, also from my basket.  One staple held everything together nicely.

Four more scraps made up this IC when I stapled them together.  I wish I had more of that lovely bird paper, but that was all I found.

To wrap up the entire year summer, I created this mosaic.  However, 31 does NOT work with divide evenly in a mosaic, so I had to limit the ICADs to 60 days.

Many of you have seen June's mosaic,

and here are the first 30 days of July.

For my final day, I created this, which pretty much sums up this two month journey.  And I rethought glue several times as I was making these.  But, if you peruse them, you will see, I never used glue on any of them.

As a bonus,

as promised, if I found the IC I made on June 8, then lost, I would show it when I found it.  Well, I found it as I was cleaning my office.  I kept all my completed daily ICADs in a small box that needed to be scanned.  After scanning, I transferred them to a decorated box that I intend to keep them in as I have in years past.  June 8's entry apparently fell out of the small box before I could scan it (I only scanned these once a week which was early each Friday morning), and didn't think to look on the floor behind the scanner.  I found it yesterday as I was cleaning and purging in the office.  I was so happy I found it just in time for the wrap-up!

Of course, although I met the ICAD 2015 challenge, I did it my way, without prompts, without a way to link up these fun cards, without GLUE, and without using a single index card, instead cutting all my ICs from used manilla file folders.

Thanks to everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) who has followed me on this daily journey for the previous two months.  Your visits and comments have meant the world to me and kept me going as I completed this challenge.  BTW, these will soon be shown are now located on my Previous Collaborations page.

10 thoughtful remarks:

Jane said...

Fun to see all the cards together in the two mosaics! You should be very proud of yourself for completing this challenge - daily for 2 mos. is quite a commitment!

Halle said...

I love the final ICAD! You should celebrate your accomplishment. That is quite a body of work!

Divers and Sundry said...

I love that yellow dress! I'm thinking a little dress would work on an ATC ;)

Lorraine said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at your ICAD's. I think your own theme of "no glue" was quite challenging and you certainly rose to the occasion. And, I also love the collages. What a great way to wrap it all up!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

It is always such fun to see all your pieces together in mosaic form. Congrats on finishing yet another challenge. I've been rather lazy this summer :)

CERULEAN said...

Congratulations! You've won the giveaway. Can you contact me by email? Just look at my blog. - eric

TwinkleToes2day said...

A fabulous collection. Your mosaics are glorious to see. I am very impressed with your lack of glue usage. I really like the one-staple pieces.
Congrats on winning a giveaway, I see in a previous comment :)
Have a great weekend :D

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love seeing your cards, well done for making the pile of scraps smaller too! My favourite is the one with the feather! Best of all though is seeing your collages - they really do show your amazing talent at it's best - you really did make this challenge interesting by not using glue.! Hugs, Chrisx

dawn said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! What a great job you did on these, one staple is such a neat idea instead of glue!! Sadly, this is one project I quit in the middle of, hoping next summer will go better for me.

So cool to see them in the collages like this! YAY for finding the missing card!!

Linda Gibbons said...

Wonderful cards, Elizabeth! I had forgotten your self challenge not to use glue--amazing! I could never have done it. I love the one-staple cards, I have made a few, and they are difficult.
Bravo for a body of work well done!