Saturday, June 20, 2015

Journal 52, Week 25: questions and answers

For Week 25, Chelle's prompt at Journal 52 was questions and answers.  Boy, do I have a lot of questions.

Five hundred seventeen questions, in fact!

Let me walk you through how I created this piece.

This was the first day it had not rained in quite a few.  There was also very little wind, so I wanted to be outside enjoying the day.  Any excuse to spend time on my back patio, and I took it!

The first thing I did was shake my handmade spray mists.  When I did, one of the bottles leaked all over the pages and words I had chosen to use.  I also got the spray on my white top, one that actually didn't have any paint or ink on it!  I wasn't starting off too well.

Add to that the fact I soon realized I had no way to mop up the excess spray mists that got all over the table and puddled on my used file folder.  I quickly lost interest since I had to play the waiting game.

Some time later, I was ready to cut and add my various magazine and used school book questions.  I also decided to use my stapler on part of the words and questions.

Do you have any questions?  What kinds of questions?  517 total questions.

Is there a demand (for these questions)?   Obviously Chelle (WHO? Our lovely host of course) thinks there's a demand for them, or she wouldn't have given us this prompt.

When?  Where?  All valid questions.

There is no question if you were alive in 1958, the Edsel was a bomb.  According to Wikipedia:
The Edsel was an automobile marque that was planned, developed, and manufactured by the Ford Motor Company during the 1958, 1959, and 1960 model years.   But contrary to Ford's internal plans and projections, the Edsel never gained popularity with contemporary American car buyers and sold poorly. The Ford Motor Company lost millions of dollars on the Edsel's development, manufacturing and marketing. The very word "Edsel" became a popular symbol for failure.
 Further quoting Wikipedia:
At the behest of Ernest Breech, who was chairing a board meeting in the absence of Henry Ford II, the car was finally called "Edsel" in honor of Edsel Ford, former company president and son of Henry Ford.

Why?  Another good question.

Do Opportunities? play a role in answering your questions, or do you have a Lack of Information?

One of my favorite questions many people ask is What would you like to be doing five years from now?  All you have to do is ASK!  Don't bother asking 25 times, just be aware this is the week number.

How?  That's a question many people want to know.

Have any or all your questions been answered?  None of mine have been, so I hope you have a better outcome this week.  All words and questions used on this page are in ITALICS.

After a rather dubious start, I ended up creating this silly, silly journal page from a used file folder, an economics book (found in a stack of books headed for the dump) published in 1962, two magazines, handmade shimmering mists, and staples.  Can you count all the staples I used?  I actually know the answer to that question!

Thanks for joining me this week and having a bit of fun as I asked all sorts of questions most of us can't answer!  Your comments are always appreciated.  Aren't you glad I wasn't interviewing you?

15 thoughtful remarks:

froebelsternchen Susi said...

really cool Elizabeth and super colors!
Happy weekend!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

So many questions in life...sometimes, so few answers! This latest file folder is a fun one!

Nan G said...

Love this page, E! I have lots of questions and fewer answers....that's life. ;) Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs from me and the Girls (who are sun bathing in the porch) :) :)

Linda Gibbons said...

What a great page, Elizabeth, from the background to all the questions!

Halle said...

What a fun page!! Love the cartoon and the overall vintage feel of the page.
BTW--did I dream it or did you ask me to call you in one of your comments on my blog because now I can't find it. HMMM...

Viktoria Berg said...

I hope you got the ink out of your shirt. The Edsel caught my attention, I had never heard of it before. I feel sorry for Edsel Ford, whose name was used for such a failure. Interesting also, that the Fords were opposed to that name being used. There is much in a name, perhaps it would have been better to call it "Utopian Turtletop"or "Pastelogram" as was some suggestions... lol

Denise said...

Hi! Thank You for dropping by. Isn't it a stress reliever and fun to make art journal pages. Your page here was fun and I enjoyed visiting with You.Denise

Carol said...

I've had many art projects start out in a similar fashion :) I used to get irritated and even angry...but I'm a much mellower person now and I just shrug and go on. To many really important things to get upset over in life. I like your finished project ♥

TwinkleToes2day said...

Such a fun fact filled file folder **GRIN** I enjoyed what you achieved and the factoids too.
What a shame about your white top, I hope the ink washed out. It's nice that the weather was warm enough to sit outside. We're unable to enjoy that and it being Summer solstice tomorrow I think perhaps we may not. We're still in layers and coats and Autumn is here already having bypassed Summer I'm sure, haha. Enjoy your Sunday Elizabeth :o))

johanna said...

what a great idea to make this Folder with all those questions... may i add mine?;) ... i´m afraid they are numerous, too!

Karla B said...

Gorgeous page, my friend. Love the details.

see you there! said...

This one made me laugh. Very clever job Elizabeth!


Art @ Home said...

I love it! Your page is much more clever than mine….I got hung up on childhood escapades! Linking from Journal52,

Ricki Jill

Corrine at said...

Quite clever and glad to see someone else's outdoor table has paint on it! xox

pearshapedcrafting said...

How is more like it - as in- How do you keep coming up with such fantastic ideas!!?? Hugs Chrisxx
ps you have amazed me so far - but now I must go to bed zzzzzz xx