Saturday, June 13, 2015

Journal 52, Week 24: (Feminine/Masculine) Silly Animals

Chelle, our host at Journal 52 must have taken a silly pill for Week 24, because her latest prompt is a silly animal zoo.  We are to use, per Chelle's words, our "imagination to create something wild."

So, dear friends, this week I give you what I call

"Hey there FOXY LADY"

Why is it the prompts I find the most difficult, are also the ones I like the least?  Please don't laugh at my futile attempt at creating the shirt (yes, it's supposed to be a shirt), belt and pants.  The "emblem" on the pocket denotes the J52 week number.  Speaking of the week number, I'll get back to that in a moment.

Actually the Foxy Lady and her admirer are from a nature magazine.  Their clothes were cut from paint chip samples, and her legs are from a plasticized tape measure.

The spread was created on a used file folder that I painted three colors of acrylic and craft paint.  You probably can't tell from the scan, but I threw some glitter in the mix.  I wrote the words using my white Gelly pen.

As for the week number I alluded to before, if you note, this was an even numbered week at J52, and as such, should have been on the back of the file folder.  In other words, the holes should have been on the right, rather than the left.  In my haste to start this entry prior to a previous commitment, I threw the paint on an unadorned file folder and left.

When I returned and created the rest of the entry, I realized as I was scanning it, that I had messed up.   There is no way to attach both of these (last week's and this week's entry) together, so I'm not sure if I'll simply file both last week's entry and this one in my book, or if I'll fill both backs in the two upcoming weeks.

And even though this is not one of my best spreads, I'm also sharing it with Art Journal Journey, where the theme is Feminine/Masculine, as I noted in the post title.

17 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

This is a fun page, and a great take on the challenge theme. Their clothes might not be perfect, but it's the imperfections that make them so charming and original! Thanks for joining us again at Art Journal Journey, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

This is such a fab page... those foxes in love are very charming and I love your clothing for them!
As Valerie wrote ..the charme lies in this perfect little imperfections..
Perfection is just kind of boring..isn't it?
Thank you so much .. and look.. you did a fabulous combining of the two challenges!
Bravo !
Great to have another E.entry in our collection this month!
You made me happy!
Wishing you a fabulous weekend Elizabeth!

I am quite sure you will find the perfect way to handle this little mishap with the file folders!

Jo Murray said...

That's so it!

Halle said...

HA!! I totally laughed out loud on that one!! Hey Foxy Lady! You are hysterical!! Nicely done!

dawn said...

Hello Elizabeth! How are you? So nice to visit here again, it's been too long. What fun things I got to catch up on and ENJOY!! Your Foxy Lady is the cutest, so creative and they look great!! Your index cards are all amazing, they don't even look like IC but little bits of art instead. I'm also doing the ICAD again, keeping mine super simple, crayons and makers only. So glad you shared your herbs/pots/garden, those always make me happy!!

I have been posting on my blog when I can, barely once a week. Time is just to busy and my computer is slower then ever and doing weird things. One day I hope to buy a pretty BRAND NEW ONE that runs the way it should. Kristin is home and doing well, Renee graduated, YAY! Summer break started a few weeks ago and going ok.

Oh, and I did see your SOC post below too. Elizabeth, it's so sweet. Love that you did birds, so perfect for you. I'm not going to be following SOC this year but glad to see you are. They are so fun, I might use those colors but won't be posting for it.

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer and your cats and not being cold. Take care and enjoy your weekend. xo

TwinkleToes2day said...

This is so much fun!! Bravo Elizabeth. You let your imagination run wild and it came up trumps :D

I love my gelatos, the colours are great and I'm very pleased with the green I mixed. As for the Wink of Stella, check them out here for info
They come in several colours, but clear is the only one I need because it goes on top of coloured items anyway.
Enjoy your Sunday and thank you for your lovely comments {{Hugs}}

Carol said...

Love it!!!!!! and it definitely fits the challenge :) Have a great week!!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable. She looks like a pretty serious kind of fox though. Not sure she will appreciate his comments. Xox

sally said...

Love your silly foxes!


~*~Patty S said...

Your fox couple is wonderful.
The words really are great and I can hear the lines from a song too!
Very inventive piece you created and you always incorporate such interesting bits to make it all happen E!

Nancy said...

You've dressed them up so foxy! Love the tape measure legs.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

A really fun and clever piece!

johanna said...

haha, i have already managed to make the back upside down, and not only with loose pages... it happens when you are so deep in your work, and that´s the Task, isn´t it.
love your foxes (so cute animals!) and you dressed them properly. and who wants to be perfect;)?

My name is Erika. said...

Ha-ha-this made me smile a lot on a rainy day! Nice journal pages.

linda badgley said...

I just love the whimsy of this page...gave me a big smile

Art @ Home said...

Now I know what the fox says! I love your page (it made me smile), and I enjoyed the prompt, too.

Linking from Journal52,
Ricki Jill

Artatag said...

Love your page! Those tape measure legs are hilarious!!