Friday, May 29, 2015

What I was doing when I should have been playing over the past week (part 2)

In case you missed yesterday's post and want to see my friend Kathy and me shopping, here is part 1 of the saga.

We didn't return to Kathy's until early evening, and the first thing I did was check my camera batteries.  Kathy had asked me in the restaurant if I had them in their proper positions, and I said yes without really checking.  As soon as I opened the case, I knew they were in wrong.  How silly of me.  I hate to admit how flustered I got over something that could have been fixed in no time at all.  So, of course, I had to take a picture of Kathy in her craft room even before I unpacked.
I combined some of my hand dyed fabrics with commercial fabrics.  I also used my eco-dyed fabrics and combined them with rusty fabric to make my scrappy journal covers.

Before going to bed, I sorted the fabric and trims in order to place front and inside covers together.

I even sewed a couple of fronts to insides until I finally got tired enough to sleep.  It's obvious I have trouble sleeping in someone else's bed.

The next morning, after showers and coffee for me and a smoothie for Kathy, she wanted to forget the fabric by pushing it aside, in order to work on my ATC I needed to make for my PIF partner.  It's obvious I have whited it out, since it hasn't arrived at its destination yet.  The irony of it is, Kathy and I ended up making four of them in order for me to get one that was presentable.  I'm sure there was an easier way, but this was the hardest ATC I've ever made for WOYWW's PIF, and it's probably one I like least.

Kathy spent nearly FIVE hours (yes, you read correctly)

making this cover.  To her credit, she hand sewed the lace to the front, then attached the embellishment by sewing it by hand.

Here you can see she's putting the finishing touches on the fastener.

By this time, it was late evening and Kathy was ready for a much needed break.

Here she's playing with her dog Watson, who seems to love her dearly.

Or maybe it's just ice cream that Watson wants!  Note I didn't have any ice cream because I had pigged out on salads all made the day before by Kathy.  Note also the embellishment Kathy was auditioning under the sewing thread.

But it was now time to get back to work, because we had tools, fabric, and embellishments on every available surface that had to be dealt with.

Remember the embellishment from above?  Here Kathy is putting diamond glaze on an image of Marie Antoinette she had cut to size for the piece.  She thought it would be perfect for the Paris themed cover she had worked so hard on.   She set it aside to dry overnight, and I promptly LOST IT when I unpacked.  I have no idea where it went, but it's not with the rest of the things we made while I was there.

This was the last piece she cut for me before we called it quits.  She wanted this one to be cut to size, not torn as I had done many.  Note also her cutter, which matches the many zebra stripes in her craft room.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what Kathy and I made during my three days at her house.  Final count was six completed covers and four that still needed to be sewn together.  All but one needed/needs to be embellished.

Thanks for your visit.  I wish I had taken more photos of Kathy's craft room.  You would have loved it, and what you see in the photos is just the tip of the iceberg.  She has storage units that run around two of the walls that are behind doors.  And to think she had just destashed two months before.

17 thoughtful remarks:

~*~Patty S said...

My goodness you two really know how to have fun fun fun!
You were very productive...
great that you got to spend some quality time together.
Nice craft area Kathy has there and what a cute doggie.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh Elizabeth…I have questions….definitely will write that letter!!! I love your fabric samples all set out, especially the one on the machine in the second photo!! Please thank Kathy for allowing us in her craft room - she does seem to have a lot, but also lots of lovely storage! I love her nails - I could never keep mine like that!! From what I see of the covers they look great - hope you will show them once completed! Ok! Dashing now - Scrabble night with our friends! Hugs, Chrisx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh gosh.. you both had much fun together.. looks as if you enjoyed it very much!
Thank you for sharing E.!

Halle said...

Looks like as great time!!!

Helen said...

glad you sorted your camera, what a shame you didn't check it when you were out! you both got loads done - hope you find your marie antoinette! I don't sleep well in strange beds either..

voodoo vixen said...

What a lovely room Kathy has (and what a fabby photo of her at the beginning of your post) and I adore her cute little Watson too! You guys had a lovely time making lovely things, it is completely obvious that you work so well together.

jinxxxygirl said...

I adored seeing Kathy and her craftroom! Thanks so much for that.. Hugs! deb

Julia Dunnit said...

Well how goodness, Kathy is a woman of patience and patience ...good for her. I imagine your ripped edges and furious sewing would make her grind her teeth.....funny how we have such good friends who do things so differently. important! Katy's room looks full to brim, how much rummaging could a gal do!!!

Anonymous said...

Great long weekend. What a wonderful time you had, that's what close friends are for, for us to just be. xox

TwinkleToes2day said...

What a fantastic work space Kathy has and what a pleasure it must be to have someone to craft with too. Your materials are lovely and I can't wait to see more of the creations. Kathy's nails are GORgeous!! Mine are rubbish, they just keep breaking so they're never decorated. Have a fab weekend :o))

Nancy said...

What could be more fun that digging into those wonderful fabrics, trims, and embellishments! Watson is mighty cute, good company for all the art that went down in Kathy's place.

Kristin said...

I LOVED reading both posts! You girls had a lot of fun! AND thank you for your sweet Summer of Color comment - YES, it will definitely be on the blog too ;) See you Monday! xoxo

Rita said...

Always the best times are crafting and creating with friends. I hope you found Marie! :)

Carol said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had by the 2 of you and Watson too. Hope the missing piece shows up soon ♥

Aiyana Kalyna said...

Thank you for sharing Kathy with us. Beautiful as always. I adore her room and her baby. I am so glad your camera is working. I do things like that all the time too and get so upset about it. I have the Zebra rotary cutter too.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I can see that you both really enjoyed your time together crafting. Everything on the table waiting to be used looked so organized--no wonder you got so much done. I would have loved to see more of Kathy's craft room--her walls of art are amazing!

Dianne said...

what a fun visit, and yes I would have enjoyed seeing more of Kathy's craft room...but the pictures of Kathy and her sweet doggy are so adorable! now, will your kitties be jealous when they sense you have spent time with a dog!? also, you are not the only one to lose something that you 'just had in your hand a minute ago!' (I usually find whatever it was on the floor! or maybe under something...) sounds like a wonderful visit, and spending the time crafting is the best way to go. but always nice to come home to your own bed...loved all the pictures!