Friday, May 8, 2015

Gifts, gifts, gifts!

I had planned to save this day for my Journal 52 entry, then at the last minute this morning, I didn't want to wait any longer to thank some truly wonderful people for incredible gifts I have received, several of which were because of my birthday.  I was blown away by all these wonderful and practical gifts I have received over the past two weeks.  I would have shown them sooner, but it took me awhile to get everything documented and in one spot.

First is a beautiful tag and a practical gift from my friend Patty at Magpie's Nest.

She sent me some eco-friendly dryer sheets.  She also pointed out once used, they make wonderful backgrounds.  And look at those cool elephants, too.  Thank you Patty for this very practical gift and the ever so lovely tag.

Next was a gift from Nan of Froggy Designs.  Her "girls" have a love interest in my "boys," and I swear that T looks a lot like Bleubeard.  Nan recently shared that Baby has a thing for Squiggles.  He admits he likes slightly older women (grin).

Joking aside, she sent me a lovely simply stunning handmade birthday card, an ATC from T and Baby, and some spoons and popsicle sticks that will make it easier to get my mica powders into the small bottles when I make my shimmering mists.  Thanks Nan for the gorgeous card, ATC, and other thoughtful gifts.  They are greatly appreciated. And of course, Bleubeard and Squiggles appreciate the lovely ATC.

Up next was an incredible gift from Nancy at Quilting Potpourri.  Her note started with "from my stash to your stash," and what a lot of stash it was, too.  Nancy sent me ribbons galore.  I was overwhelmed when I saw it all.  But that was not all.  Although I failed to get a photo of it, she sent one her scrappy journals that puts mine to shame!  Loads of pages, all hand sewn and gorgeous.  Thank you beyond words, Nancy.  The journal is out of this world.

The final gift came from Corrine at Sparkle Days Studio.  I mentioned in a comment I had stencil envy, and what did she do?  She sent me

more stencils than you can possibly imagine.  I've never had more than three stencils and two came from Dollar Tree, and one from Patty.  These are really great ones.  Corrine also sent me two lovely cards, one of which included tips for using the stencils.  I could not believe my good fortune when I opened the package.  I was simply stunned.  I see my art reaching an entirely new height now.  Corrine, I cannot begin to thank you enough for these.  I'm still in shock, just seeing them in photos!

Once again, I want to thank Patty, Nan, Nancy, and Corrine for these unbelievable gifts.  Practical and oh so useful, all.

I also want to thank all my readers and followers.  These gifts and your support have truly made my bEARTHday special.

10 thoughtful remarks:

Jo Murray said...

How wonderful that your birthday sponsored these treasures. It obviously was a VERY happy day.

Halle said...

Fabulous birthday gifts indeed. You and everyone else are really setting the bar quite high. ;)
Have fun with your new treasures!

Anonymous said...

Love your gifts. Patty always has great ideas. Eco dryer sheets as backgrouns, love it. And who wouldn't love a fellow kitty mom's gifts. Glad you like the stencils xox

Nan G said...

Wow! Lots of gorgeous goodies for your bEARTHday! Have fun putting it all to use. Hugs from all us Girls.

voodoo vixen said...

What lovely gifts you got! I am sadly behind getting anything in the post for you yet... but I will! I think it is time for us to swap a thing to made... get me back into playing now the house is coming altogether nicely!!

massofhair said...

Fantastic gifts Elizabeth, so glad you got some stencils! Your sew book looks fab. Enjoy your weekend:-) xxx

Nancy said...

Isn't the mail just wonderful when it contains all this!!

Caterina Giglio said...

Sorry to have missed your day! Happy Happy! though belated... I am ... whew! back from Europe, three weeks is a long time, and missed your posts dear E! Hope you are still celebrating!

pearshapedcrafting said...

What lovely cards and gifts! Have fun!!! Chrisx

~*~Patty S said...

Just now catching with you dear E!
You are too nice to take the time to get all those gifts together and say thank you with a nice blog post.
I had to giggle when I was thinking what little something could I send to the recycling birthday girl...kinda like sending coal to Newcastle (my dad used to use that expression). So I took a chance that you may not be familiar with the Seventh Generation dryer sheets. I actually use mine several times before taking them to my art cave.
You got some great and thoughtful gifts!