Monday, April 6, 2015

T Stands for a bit late for Easter T

I originally planned to use this T post before Easter, but Easter came before the first T in April this year.  Even though that presents a problem for the tutorial's timeliness, it doesn't diminish the recycling effort or the fact the finished product can be used for other purposes.  So let's get started.

Just like with every tutorial, whether I show it for T Tuesday or not, I like to show my supplies.  From back left clockwise:
Empty plastic recyclable water bottles (2)
Distilled water (tap water will work equally well for this project) in a spritzer
Kitchen or heavy duty scissors/shears
Crafting scissors (not shown)
Water soluble pens, colors of your choice
Coffee filters (2 for each bottle)
White PVA glue of your choice (not shown)

Using the water soluble pens of your choice, scribble, scribble, scribble.

After scribbling all over the filters with the pens, I spritzed them with distilled water.  Now you can use regular water, but I had distilled in my spritzer, so I opted for that was in a hurry to complete this part of the project.

Not particularly satisfied with the colors I got,

I added some green handmade shimmering mist.  Then I walked away and allowed the coffee filters to thoroughly dry.

Once the coffee filters were dry, I cut a water bottle in half using heavy duty scissors.  If you don't own a disposable water bottle, ask a friend for one of theirs.  That's what I did!

Now get out your favorite white or PVA glue.  It can be cheap glue you probably wouldn't use for anything else.

Using paper scissors, cut scallops around the edges of the two coffee filters after you have folded the filters in quarters.

While your white glue is still wet, wrap the coffee filter around the outside and shape.  Try to cover the entire outside of the water bottle.

Add glue to the inside of the bottle and place the second coffee filter inside.  Be sure to 

work your way around the bottle until you are certain all the plastic is covered by the outside and inside filters.

Now if it had been Easter, I would add a few jelly bean eggs and place one completed basket at each person's place setting for Easter brunch or dinner (which I did).  However, if it is not Easter, you can add a few cut flowers from your garden to give to a friend for May day.  Color the filters pink for a Valentine's gift, red for "hiding" a Christmas gift, or brown for Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it).  The opportunities are endless.

For Day 7 I recycled a plastic water bottle. I also used two coffee filters, some glue and colored pens.

Now it's your turn.  How did you spend your day?  Were you making or viewing drink related art, or perhaps spent the day out and about.  Regardless, share your link below and Bleubeard, Squiggles, and all of us T Stands For Tuesday gang will be by to visit.

20 thoughtful remarks:

jinxxxygirl said...

what a great recycling craft Elizabeth! I'm so glad you shared it on TTuesday. Short and sweet today i'm afraid. Trying to type on a Notebook uuuughh... so not fun.. In a hotel after a day of on the road moving to Arkansas. I'm so glad i did manage to link up with you. Hugs! deb

Linda Kunsman said...

utterly genius and so creative Elizabeth! Love these sweet cups-I would have loved to receive one at your table. Thanks for sharing the step outs. Happy T day!

~*~Patty S said...

Perfectly sweet recycling...
everything about your little baskets are lovely! Lucky Easter guests at your house.
Happy T Day since it's Tuesday already somewhere I guess.

Beth said...

Thanks for the demonstration, I have lots of ideas spinning in my head that would utilize this tutorial.

Karla B said...

Gorgeous recycling my friend!

see you there! said...

Very clever! I can think of lots of uses for those containers. I wonder if you could rinse out used coffee filters since you are going to wet the paper anyhow.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Very clever and I'm sure your Easter guests were thrilled when they sat down!

Darla's comment made me think of making vintage-looking ones, too!

Nancy said...

I was intrigued from the first photo of coffee filters! That's a pretty, watercolor look. Might be fun to try with permanent markers and rubbing alcohol spritz? Will give it a try.

Halle said...

That is so cool and clever! I love the watercolor effect this technique gives.

Divers and Sundry said...

so pretty! :)

About your comment on my Albert King post: Memphis musicians and songs that mention Memphis are _everywhere_! I have Memphis music posts scheduled into the next year, with a huge bookmarks folder for after that lol

Carol said...

Cute little baskets. Wold make lovely little MAY DAY Baskets too ♥

Dianne said...

Clever and attractive project dear E! Haven't seen this before, and the green reminded me of cabbage leaves as you were gluing them on the shower favors! 'cause everyone knows you get babies from the cabbage patch, right? I hope you had a wonderful Easter, and looking forward to all your recycling posts this month.

Thanks for your faithful visits to my Fake Journal blog--I don't mind your questions at all. It is kind of confusing to try to "stay in character" for the project, and I wonder if I am being way too obtuse about the 'clues!'It's rather hard for me to avoid drawing things I would normally draw! But that's the good thing about the Fake Journal...gets me out of my comfort zone and makes me try different things. Happy T day my dear!

Carol said...

Just had a thought... for May Day Baskets you could fill them with "SEED BOMBS" Will have to do a post soon on "Seed Bombs" and how to make and use them.

Ariel said...

Wow! Great way of recycling plastic bottles.I guess we can use these cute containers for many things.
Happy T day and wish you a lovely week

johanna said...

clever Recycling at it´s best! These baskets really look so cool!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

This looks so lovely.. and I like the way you recycled all so clever!
Happy T-Day Elizabeth!
I am late today, I was shopping with my daughter the whole day in Vienna... gosh I am k.o.!Getting old!
xxx Susi

Rita said...

What a cute idea! And pretty simple to do, too.
Sorry--I am so shot. I posted late and THEN I forgot to add my post to your list--duh!! So I am later than usual. But I made it! :)

elle said...

Lovely touch for a festive table. Happy Easter, Elizabeth. I hope we all have a great spring and summer.

massofhair said...

Another great post Elizabeth, love the colours you used for your water bottle transformation :-) xxx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Amazing transformation and definitely one to try - can see these on girly party table for my GD!! Chrisx