Friday, April 3, 2015

Photo heavy (even for me) trip out of town that doesn't include recycling

This last Tuesday I took my friend Sally to another town nearby.  I felt so guilty, because I had forgotten her birthday which was the previous Saturday (March 28).  I had reminded her about this artist, Phil Epp, whose art is all around the town we were about to visit.  See more of his art here, here, here, here, and his web site here.  His work has been described as having low horizons in which his famous stylized clouds and sky are often the dominant feature.  We had found some of his work in El Dorado, KS when we visited one year during Smithsonian Day.

The first stop was at a hospital.  This is the rotunda surrounding many offices.

Of course I had to put my camera to work, because the last time I was here, I had a lousy camera.

I got a bit carried away

making sure I had captured all the images.

The art goes from spring to summer to autumn to winter.

Stylized art yes, but with a touch of realism for anyone who lives in this area.

I held Sally's purse while she took a few photos.

She seemed to enjoy the experience,

even though it didn't take long to get

many photos.  I've really liked Epp's work from the first time I saw his art.

Then it was off to lunch. 

Sally had never been here, but she found their web site prior to our visit,

and was excited to try their food.

We looked through their lunch menu and chose the regular combo, which included your choice of two,

soup, salad, or sandwich, with unlimited returns to the soup and/or salad bar. 

Sally chose a sandwich and salad,

while I chose soup and salad.  The cost for each was $9.89 (USD) plus tax.  I was happy to pay because it was, after all, Sally's birthday celebration!

Then, during the heat of the day (yep, it was one of those really hot, sunny Kansas days)

we headed north of town to the Blue Sky Sculpture.  I remembered telling Sally once we saw the water tower, we would know we were close. 

Although Sally didn't want to walk to the sculpture, I didn't mind since I had been all over it before.  However, I never saw Epp's name until I saw it through my viewfinder this time around.

If you want to see the first trip I took and the back side of the sculpture,

please go here.   The photos are surprisingly better than I remember them being.  And there's even more information about Epp than I managed to provide here.  So, please see my previous visit if you are new to my blog.

What a blessing my new camera is.  I was able to zoom in close enough to not just see the water tower, 

but also to take in the beauty of the clouds Epp painted for it.

I took a few more shots of the sculpture

until Sally got bored

and was ready to

return home.

Thanks for your visit, and I hope you enjoy this "off the beaten path" journey Sally and I took on Tuesday.  Thanks, too for your continued support of my art and photography.  More recycled, reused, or repurposed projects will appear tomorrow.

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froebelsternchen Susi said...

Interesting place - wow! Thank you for sharing (again) and the food looks great in the breadbasket restaurant!
Happy Day Elizabeth!

Rita said...

Beautiful paintings/murals and sculpture. The restaurant looks like it was a good place at reasonable prices with good food. Can't beat that! Her birthday is the same as mine!! :)

Carol said...

Love the art!!! The restaurant looks great. I LOVE eating at Mom & Pop places like that :)

Divers and Sundry said...

That sculpture piece is striking! Loved the photos. Thanks for sharing these :)

Aiyana Kalyna said...

Since I have started leaving comments at your blog I keep writing what my favorite things are you post about. When you post about artwork in Wichita I get so homesick. :) I spent my childhood in Wichita. I am adding another favorite that I love is the art you share from town. All the small towns you go too I spent time in too. Happy Birthday Sally! The breadbasket buffet looked soooo good.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

A picture perfect (both ways) day! Your "new" camera takes great photos.

Hope you both enjoyed the lunch--looked very fresh and yummy!

Nancy said...

Interesting post and lots of good photos. The art is wonderful. Lunch looks good.

massofhair said...

Looks like you both had a fabulous day out and your new camera takes wonderful images :-) xxx

Halle said...

I'm really taken by his art...simple beauty. What a wonderful collection.
Happy B-day to Sally...belatedly.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow! Phil Epp's work looks amazing - I do love sky pictures! Must say your lunch looks right up my street(or rather i wish it was!!!) A great day out for sure!! Hugs, Chrisx