Saturday, April 11, 2015

Journal 52, Week 15: Playing Cards

Today I'm visiting Chelle at Journal 52 where this week's prompt is Playing Cards.  If there's anything I don't want to do, it's alter a bunch of playing cards I can use at a future time in my journals.  Chelle showed us how she altered hers.   Here's what she wrote when they were complete:
These will be great to add in journal pages and to use when I need some inspiration! There are so many possibilities!
Granted, although Chelle's seemed like far more doable and fun than the 52 I had just finished, I simply was not ready to jump back into the fire with more cards I had to gesso, paint, make marks on, then add inspirational sayings to.   Call me lazy, call me unmotivated, but don't call me to alter any more playing cards until I have had time to get over the bad feeling (or taste in my mouth) I have for making more of these.

Instead, I did it interpreted the prompt my way:

I went through my stash and found a bunch of game cards that didn't belong to any sets.  I didn't want to limit them to any style or specific type.  In fact, I hoped to find some that were unique.

I have no idea where I got these "Old Maid" cards, but I simply adore the graphics.  Had I been thinking clearly when I was searching, I might have found one that had the actual week number.

How many of us have played Trivial Pursuit?  I used to LOVE that game.  My friends and I would play it all night long.  I had the Genus Edition (Original from 1981), Baby Boomer Edition (1983), Silver Screen Edition (also 1983), Genus II Edition (1984), and 25th Silver Anniversary Edition (2008).  In fact, I still have them.  These are extras I received as hostess gifts or in exchanges.  Then there's UNO and some kind of Flip Solitaire Game.

I admit I'm not terribly original in my sentiment, and I wish I had thought to look for something, anything card related that had the number 15 on it, which signifies the week number.

That aside, we can't forget the unique way some playing cards were able to set themselves apart from others, with their graphics, icons, or pictures (either on the front or the back).

And of course, in my haste to get this card in its proper spot, I got it upside down!  It's much easier to flip the image than it is to remove those heavy glue dots I used to hold these cards in place!

I hope you aren't too disappointed that I didn't alter these playing cards.  I like the graphic feel of this page, and much prefer this to anything I could have altered this week.  If you want to see altered playing cards I've created, you can go to my "Previous Collaborations" page (grin).

For Day 11 of 22, I repurposed old playing and game cards that were from partial decks, or had been gifted me.  Thanks as always for your continued support of my art and my recycling efforts.

14 thoughtful remarks:

Fran Hopkins said...

You may not have altered the LOOK of the cards but you have altered their USE so that counts, surely, and its the mix and coordination of the cards that makes the page. I like it.

Halle said...

That's quite a selection of cards! The Old Maid ones are very funny. I'm a fan of Trivial Pursuit as one will play with me though. That's the curse of being "the keeper of pointless knowledge" ;)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

This is a fun piece. Oh the hours I spent playing Uno with my DD! She loved playing Disney Trivia because she could always beat me--too many obscure questions from newer movies.

Divers and Sundry said...

I like your interpretation. Fun cards that bring back fun memories. :)

elle said...

I do like the whole 52 card concept and hadn't really thought about using kids cards. I'll be looking at the thrift shop! :O

Krisha said...

I am really happy you DIDN'T alter these beauties! They are fantastic graphics and putting them all on one page brings back memories of playing those games.

Monica said...

I remember playing Old maid and the cards, not quite like yours!
Ilfracombe is a seaside resort in England and that car has to be from the 50s. I am sure it is very different now. Great page you made Elizabeth.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

What cool graphic on this cards.. you are right to not alter them !
Happy Sunday Elizabeth!

Corrine at said...

I want to be Library Lily. Wonderful assortment. xox

Rita said...

I love it! The old maid cards are the bomb! I have never seen a deck like that before. What fun! :)

johanna said...

i love These old Cards, i also have a Thing for that. in fact i go rummaging through flew market booths, loving to find incomplete decks, as they are often extremely cheap. and we mixed media Artist just can Need everything, don´t we;)

see you there! said...

The cards have such great graphics it would be a shame to alter them, using them as is it a much better idea.


Kelly Deal said...

Great cards! Keep them as is!

massofhair said...

As i have been going through stash i found my Trivial Pursuit sets, i only have two, Baby boomer and original. Have just given away a Cluedo but have kept my original Monopoly!

Love the cards you found and i can imagine the relief when you didn't have to alter them lol :-) xxx