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Kings and Queens update in my friend's altered book

In case you missed the first four installments of this altered book, which should be read in order, you can find the first post here, the second one here, the third one here, and the fourth one here.

Edward II was the next king.  His father was Edward I and he was also a member of the royal House of Plantagenet. 
He reigned from 1307 to 1327.  His marriage to Isabella, who was 12 when they wed, was not just one of convenience, but one that was supposed to assure power, money, and land.

I found two images of Isabella of France.  Kathy had written a note that she was the "She Wolf of France," and I found a couple of sites that also called her that.  According to Wikipedia,
Edward . . . (was the cause of) the Despenser War and a period of internal repression across England. Isabella could not tolerate Hugh Despenser and by 1325 her marriage to Edward was at a breaking point.

Travelling [sic] to France under the guise of a diplomatic mission, Isabella began an affair with Roger Mortimer, and the two agreed to depose Edward and oust the Despenser family. The Queen returned to England with a small mercenary army in 1326, moving rapidly across England. The King's forces deserted him. Isabella deposed Edward, becoming regent on behalf of her son, Edward III. Many have believed that Isabella then arranged the murder of Edward II. 

Edward III became king in 1327, and reigned until 1377.  He took the throne when he was 15.  He was responsible for starting the 100 years war with France, when he declared he was the rightful heir to both the British and French thrones.

While Isabella (his mother) and he were in France before he was king, he was betrothed to

Phillipa of Hainault, 12 at the time, who later because Queen and Consort after Edward II abdicated.

She was a popular queen because she often ran interference between others and her husband.

Kathy had several images of her, so I sought out more information about her after seeing the images.

The grandson of Edward III, Richard II became king when he was 10.  Less warlike than his  grandfather, he tried to bring an end to the Hundred Years' War that Edward III had started.  This may have led to his downfall, because Henry IV deposed him in 1399.  He died in captivity a year later, some believe from starvation.

Although some historians believed (until the 20th Century) that Richard II's actions were directly responsible for the War of the Roses, that seems not to be the case.

Richard II had two wives, the first was Anne of Bohemia.  He married her in 1382, when he was 15.  Although there was diplomatic significance, the marriage was unpopular in England.

Richard II's second wife was Isabella of Valois.  They were married in 1396.

When Henry IV deposed Richard II, the House of Lancaster was born.  This is the first of two branches of the House of Plantagenet.

Henry IV reigned from 1399 to 1413.  He was the cousin of Richard II, whom he deposed.  He spent much of his reign defending himself against plots, rebellions, and assassination attempts.

Joanna of Navarre was Henry's second wife.  They had no children together, but she brought four to the marriage and he had six by his first wife, Mary de Bohun. Unfortunately, I found no pictures of Mary.

The next king to rule was Henry V.   I added his picture and a small doily over a piece of handmade paper.

Henry reigned from 1413-1422.  He died unexpectedly at age 34, and was succeeded by an infant son, Henry VI. 

I probably shouldn't have added the tag, because the bulky yarn gets in the way, but I was tired of trying to find ways to add the dates and pertinent information I wanted to add.

I looked for information on Katherine of Valois and learned that Kathy had written the name wrong.  It appears it is Catherine of Valois, but it's too late to change it in the book.

Catherine of Valois (France) was married to Henry V to help put an end to the French-English 100 years war. 

That's all I have ready.  I'm working frantically, because these pages take SO long to create, and I have less than a month before Kathy's birthday.  As always, thank you for looking, following this AB, and leaving encouraging comments.

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Great going E! Your moving right along with Kathy's gift.

I think I am partial to all the queens. I find them the most interesting, and their pictures are more realistic....for that time period.

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Wow, such a great history lesson too. Fab imagry and so much indormation. xox

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You will get the book done on time if I know you :-) It is so interesting. The kings and queens often so young.


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