Saturday, March 28, 2015

Journal 52, Week 13: Spring cleaning

I'm joining Chelle at Journal 52 for Week 13 and a bit of spring cleaning.  Since I'm gearing up for my 22 days of April recycling culminating in bEARTHday, I knew I had to clean up this mess I've made working on my friend's Kings and Queens altered book.  I've become so obsessed with this altered book (AB), I actually dreamt about it last night. For those of you who visit me daily (or nearly daily), I hope to have my Kings and Queens AB far enough along today or tomorrow, that I can spend a bit of time on the computer visiting you.  I only wish there were about six more hours in each day, or I had a faster modem.

But I digress.  Instead, I'm here to show my Spring Clean(ing) journal page.

I've hand written more on this page than practically any other I've created.  And I've made several mistakes, too.

It was time to clean and sort.

Of course, I had a game plan, which included sorting my colored background papers and putting them away and cleaning my rubber stamps.

I also planned to sort my paints according to warm and cool colors.  Then it was time to deal with my punches.

I had a card from some buttons I had used in my altered book, so came up with an excuse to use it rather than pitching it.  As improbable as it may seem, my buttons are already sorted by color.  Of course, I DO plan to make more shimmer mists, because I go through these mists faster than you can say shimmer.

This is actually where I began this journal page when I added the first of my colored papers to my used file folder.  I couldn't believe the mess I made from this silver leafing pen.  I probably should have started over, but it was late last night and I really was in a hurry to get this prompt started.  It should read "sort my pens," but I got a big mess, instead.

The last thing I did was write the week number, and when I did, I noticed I had crossed my "L" instead of my "T."  Did I not mention it was late when I did that part of the collage?  It should read "catalogue," rather than "calatogue."

One more look at this week's prompt and I'm calling this one finished.  BTW, I spent more time on this than I originally planned.

Thanks to all who have faithfully stopped by and left a generous comment.  I promise to be by sometime in the next two days.  Even if this AB isn't finished, I really MUST stop by and see what you, my dear friends, followers, and readers are up to.  It's pretty obvious you have been keeping up with what I'm doing, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

14 thoughtful remarks:

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Phew! I almost thought you meant Spring Cleaning as in....dusting, vacuuming, windows and all that nasty stuff! :) Hope the niche is going well in the AB.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

What a fab prompt and love as always to read and see with what you came up !
This is the best sort of spring cleaning for me.... lol!

much better than cleaning the house!

Nan G said...

Aaahhhh my type of cleaning! An oops here or there is nothing, E. We all do it and prob would not have noticed hours. I can't blog :( Blog Press is still not playing nice and I can not use the ol laptop anymore. My hands just will not do the flat keyboard of a laptop. I use an iPad on a stand. Did I tell you that already? An old age moment.;) hugs from all to all

Dianne said...

in my world, I just cut out another piece of paper and glue it over the mis-spelled word. and pretend it's supposed to be another collage element. yeah. sometimes I have to rewrite the word several times...or you could pretend it's a new word. my hubby calls 'butterscotch' ~ 'scutterbotch.' it's a thing apparently. or he's just weird. anyway, enjoyed your collage and ambitious plans for spring cleaning! good luck! ♥

Halle said...

That is quite a "to-do" list!! I've got Little J cleaning and organizing her room today. She does a good job once she gets going...
Nice work with the journal page.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Gosh I think Debs - Craftymoose - should stand in the corner for a while for speaking the H word out loud!
I always admire your perseverance. I like this prompt and what you did with it. I like the wee boy image, it looks like he's pretending to be aged 13, lol. Not sure he would really convince anybody tho ;-)
Have a smashing Sunday Elizabeth :o))

dawn said...

Hello Elizabeth! So nice to see and visit you again. I love this theme for you journal page! It came out great, just right with all the fun on it. My space could use some cleaning up too, lol. Not my kitchen table though, I've done well at keeping it cleared off now. Hoping it stays that way.

I don't think you saw my post but Summer and Rich got sick the other week and took my time taking care of them and the healthy other two kids. Thankfully, I didn't get it but I had a yucky cold this week. I almost got to attend a scrap retreat but stayed home to take care of Rich who really got it bad and lasted 5/6 days. He is finally back to normal and has energy and ready to eat everything in sight.

I posted my Tuesday post just now since I had the time. Hoping no surprise illness will sneak in this week.

The weather hasn't been to spring here, cold and frost some mornings still. Hoping we will see spring in April at least. Hope you are enjoying spring in your area.
Take care and see you Tuesday!

massofhair said...

Take your time Elizabeth, we are still here! You are making a one off AB for your dear friend and that definitely requires concentration and dedication!

Don't try to catch up, i try every time i'm not well to catch up and it takes me a couple of days sometimes, the guilt of not commenting is bad but i am sure people understand that life happens.

Great pages, enjoyed the post very much:-) xxx

Krisha said...

That is quite a list of spring cleaning. It is the time of year most of us start thinking about far that is all I have done "think about it".

I've also been MIA this week due to more demands on my time, some good, some not so good. So I'm falling behind on J52 a bit, but hopefully I can get caught up sometime this week. Have G-ma duty Monday and Tuesday, so we'll see how that goes......LOL

I'll be back for T for sure!!

johanna said...

hehe, i sometimes have These cleaning / sorting plans, too... but seldom do i get them fulfilled. life is in between...

Shel C said...

That looks like a great and sorted plan :) I would make a plan and then get lost in one aspect of sorting paints. They need to be tested...probably a lot! :) Great page!

pearshapedcrafting said...

A brilliant plan - hope it works!! Love that bright orange making that bold statement - you're not going to forget it in a hurry! At the moment my poor craft room is recovering from two trips away and stuff just dumped each time - I don't mean to make a mess but I miss my craft table and want to get back to it!! Chrisx

Monica said...

And I thought spring cleaning a historical even. now find some folks re-enact it!!!!

Sally said...

Great take on the old spring clean! I plan to do many of those things you have on your list, but never quite seem to get there! I end up playing instead!