Friday, March 20, 2015

Journal 52, Week 12: Inspiration Board

I'm joining Chelle for Week 12 of Journal 52, where this week we are to create an inspiration board.

I took several hours out of my day from working on my Kings and Queens AB to create this Inspiration Board.  I didn't take any step out photos, because about all it would show was me going through a ton of images, cutting, pasting, and coloring.  However, I will show detail shots of what inspires me.

Inspiration is everywhere, from my love of cats, photography, music, and nature

to the fact I love to travel.  I also find inspiration in vintage, as well as coffee and tea.  An inspiration board wouldn't be complete without at least one basketball on it!  I didn't think until just this minute that I could have added an image of Wichita State Shockers.

Another basketball adds more inspiration, because I always create something during the NBA All-Stars Weekend in February.  Home inspires me, too, and this picture of a deserted flat land looks like home to me.  Granted, the cat isn't as cute as Bleubeard or Squiggles, but it was the best I could find.  Of course, I am driven by color, so I had to include it somewhere.

Somehow I left off the computer generated sentence "Inspiration is all around me."

I enjoy being patriotic, and try to observe many holidays and patriotic celebrations, including those from other countries.

Images of buttons are always inspirational, so what inspires you?

And I can't forget I'm a numbers person, which I show in the week number.  Numbers often get me excited (grin).

One more look at my inspiration board I created on a recycled file folder and I'm calling this one finished and ready to go in the 3-ring binder.

Thanks as always for looking.  I apologize if I haven't been around, but I am frantically working on my Kings and Queens altered book I'm making for my my friend Kathy.  I hope you understand, and won't think I'm ignoring you, my dear friends, readers, and followers.

9 thoughtful remarks:

froebelsternchen Susi said...

This is beautiful - love your inspiration board page .... great!
Good luck with the queens and kings furthermore!
Happy weekend my friend!

massofhair said...

Great looking inspiration board Elizabeth, lovely colours and patterns. I am afraid since the birth of Pinterest i have become a pinner of my inspiration as i can create many boards so i use Pinterest as well as my eyes and heart to inspire me:-) xxx

Corrine at said...

I've been in love woth pinks and reds this past year so this board just makes me so happy. Perfect mix of graphoc elements on your board. Really a pleasure to view. xox

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Wonderful inspiration board! It sounds like you enjoyed making it. I can also hear the "frantic" sound of your voice and hands as you scramble to finish Kathy's book in time for her birthday. Not to worry...we will catch up when you are done!Hope you get a lot of pages finished this weekend.

PS We "celebrated" the first day of Spring with at least 4 more inches of snow!

Krisha said...

Well done E! I have seen so much of your creativity that has come from the things you have on your inspiration board.

Not to worry about return visits we all know your working on Kathy's gift.

Rita said...

That's a great challenge to make an inspiration board right in your journal and yours is great! :)

Carol said...

I love inspiration boards and you did a great job! ! Love the colors ♡ Beautiful weather we're having isn't it?

Dianne said...

I adore this collage! great combination of images and meaningful bits...wondering where you found the Roman soldiers image, and love how you combined it with the US flag. :)

Shel C said...

This is a lovely inspiration board. This week I have been BLAH and have not done any of my pages (Bad bad Shel) So I am cruising all of the links to everyone else's :) Thanks for the inspiration!