Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Altered Playing Cards, Week 25: Solvent ink and glossy paper

For Week 25, I'm joining Claudine at Claudine's Art Corner, who is hopefully feeling better from her fall last week.  As I began perusing the photos and reading the weekly challenge, the first thing I saw was I needed glossy paper.  I've never owned glossy paper because it's very expensive.  Reading further, I saw Archival brand reinkers and a name brand blending solution. And although I had NO idea what Archival reinkers were, I was NOT about to go out and buy a bunch of stuff I will never use again in order to alter two little playing cards.  Granted, panic took over at that point.

Then it hit me.  Amid all those name brands Claudine discussed, was a picture of a Staz-On reinker and the word "alcohol."  How could I have been so blind?  Panic, I guess.  Of course, if you live in the UK, you will probably have to use those or similar products Claudine used.  From what I understand, you can't get alcohol without a prescription there.

So here are my two cards for this week, and now I'll walk you through how I made them.

The irony of this is, the pink strip in the back of this photo was created using Staz-on reinkers and 91% Isopropyl alcohol.   And those of you who have been here for a long time, know I have lots of reinkers, and I sort them according to type: solvent based (Staz-on), distress, dye, and pigment.  Looks like for once, I have more of this particular product than Claudine.  Imagine the irony of that!

From back, clockwise: reinkers, freezer paper (the poor person's glossy card stock alternative), alcohol, and two playing cards that have been gessoed.

I want to begin by saying I have not now, nor have I ever been paid or given products in exchange for the use of this product.  In fact, it's about the ONLY product I name by name.  And isn't it incredible that you can actually read the labels?  So why, you ask (if you are new to my blog) do I have so many reinkers, when I'm not a stamper.  Because I use these reinkers to make backgrounds, and to color and dye fabric.

I began with this family of yellows and oranges, laying down one drop of each on my craft mat, something you SHOULD own if you want to create this technique.  Of course, if you don't have a craft mat, I suspect a piece of parchment paper would work equally well.  I laid the freezer paper shiny side DOWN, so it was ready to accept the inks.

After running the freezer paper through the inks a few times, I turned the freezer paper shiny side UP and appreciated what I had created.  

My next background was in the cool spectrum.

This time I spread the inks around, much like Claudine did.

Although the lighting was bad in my craft room, I was thrilled with what I had.  But, you ask, how do I get that solvent ink off my craft mat?

Using a few drops of alcohol and a book page for a mop-up wipe, of course.  Nothing goes to waste at my place.

I swear, I thought I took more step out photos, but I didn't.  Once the ink was dry, I adhered the freezer paper to the playing card.  I then stamped the card and added a strip of washi tape.  I added the words "Sit awhile," that I wrote by hand.

This background started out simply beautiful, but I messed it up when I adhered it to the playing card before it was completely dry.  Although it's not as pretty as it first was, I was not disappointed with the final outcome of the card I call "Love lives here."

I'm so thrilled I could participate this week and didn't have to buy a thing!  Sometimes we can find alternatives to products we don't have, and I'm all about that.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me this week, as we approach our penultimate week, hopefully next week.  Please get to feeling better, Claudine.

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froebelsternchen Susi said...

Love your APCs and what you did with alcohol and refillers looks great!great tip with the freezer paper, never heard this yet!

I take methylated spirit ( I get it cheap for grilling at the drugstore market ) because alcohol I just get at the pharmacy - we don't need a prescription but it's much more expensive than the other stuff..and the blending solution from Ranger I can just order online and it is very expensive too for us here .

I did delete it from AJJ InLinks tool Elizabeth.. don't mind..
there are so many challenges out there.. I mix them up too sometimes!


Nan G said...

Love your APCs Elizabeth! Thanks for showing us alternatives to use vs name brands. I've learned a lot from you over the years. Yes, years have I been stalking, errm, following you. ;) A special Hi on my blog today for the 'guys'. wink wink Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #53

johanna said...

both of your altered playing Cards turned out awesome! and i´m totally with you in substituting things we don´t have by other Things. that´s an important part of creativity, also, i think.

massofhair said...

You are a wonderful font of information Elizabeth, we can get Isopropyl here in the UK and it isn't too expensive if you shop around. So i actually do have some of this, yippee!

Freezer paper instead of glossy card stock that is something i must try as i have never heard or thought to try that!

Fab APC's this week, i am still only at week 19 and need to catch up :-) xxx

TwinkleToes2day said...

Two beautiful APCs once again Elizabeth, tho' I do admit I'm favouring the blue one. I enjoy reading your how-to's and seeing your pics. I hope you're having a fine week thus far {{hugs}} :o)

Rita said...

So pretty!
Glad to be back online again. I missed Tuesday, though.

Carol said...

Nice cards :) I really like the one with the birds on it ♥

dawn said...

Hello Elizabeth! These cards are awesome! You always take great pictures of the process, thank you for that.

We have warm temps this week, the snow is melting and I see grass. Finally got to walk Lucky out back in the yard, haven't done that in over a month. SO NICE!!

Went out on a date with my mom and sisters today and will share on T Time next week, YAY!!
I have a little post up now, yay.

Hope it's warm for you too this week. Take care and look for signs of spring, it's almost here.

pearshapedcrafting said...

I'm going to have to look for this freezer paper! I went to workshop where someone provided some deli paper - is it the same thing? Either way - I've yet to see it here! Your cards are beautiful and I love the words you have added! Hugs, Chrisx

Halle said...

Well done my friend! Really like the birds...

see you there! said...

You met this weeks challenge in a great way. Always interesting to follow your process.


Corrine at said...

Think I'll sit awhile and admire the birds. xox

Craftymoose Crafts said...

(slaps forehead!)Freezer paper! Of course!Had I visited here I might have had better results, but as I've said before, I try to get my brain to work to figure things out!

You did a fantastic job on your backgrounds and cards. I thought of you as I wiped up the remaining ink with a book page--because I learned that here, and thought you would be so proud of me!

For not buying anything, I didn't do too bad this week. Only two more to go!

~*~Patty S said...

You are not called the Queen of Free for nothing E!
Great little houses and there is something about birds on wire that always gets my attention!
Happy beginning of the weekend to ya

Claudine Criner said...

OMG, I love how your backgrounds came out wight he stays on ink. Nicely done

Kelly Deal said...

Great techniques you used Elizabeth! Your cards turned out great!

ionabunny said...

OH!! Lightbulb moment. These are great but you got me in stitches. Love your houses. You have explained so much!! To start with I am working on these at the moment but have come to a grinding halt because I can't find suitable stamps. I have my backgrounds but they were a bit of a do. Probably because I read reinkers and grabbed everyone I had. Dye, pigment, no solvent based!! That's probably why when I added the alcohol blending solution it didn't exactly react as expected. And when I later spritzed with a water based solution bwahahahahahahahahaahaahaaha. Oh, we can get alcohol in the UK without prescription. It's called Wodka ROFL. I think you have helped my mojo. Thanks and Hugz