Monday, February 2, 2015

Second on the 2nd: A look back

Not only is this the second look back on a post created before anyone knew about my blog, but it's also the second time I've had to create this post.  I accidentally deleted it and the one from last month.

Before we get into my post, you may have noticed the Second on the 2nd button on my right sidebar. I want to thank my dear friend Halle of Halle's Hobbies for this.
She's such an angel, and did both the coding AND the lettering on the button.  Please be sure to thank her, because I can't thank her enough for all the help she has given me.

Now it's time for my Second on the 2nd.  It goes back to September 22, 2007. 

Flower Girl
This page was created in my friend Kathy's Vintage RR (round robin) altered book.  I began by dry brushing gesso and pink paint over the page, allowing some of the text to remain. I then added tissue paper that had been painted with pink and gold. I thought the paint on the tissue looked like a lattice, which the flowers were climbing. I added some pressed sweet pea flowers and a catalog image. Most of the flowers, with the exception of the ones at the top right, are individually placed. I thought the piece looked a bit plain, so I added some "confetti."

To make the flower girl, I first positioned the leaves on the image. When dry, I adhered the assembly and held it in place with a clamp until it was dry, then finished it off with the flower petal.

Now it's your turn to head to the past.  You have two weeks to share your post.  

11 thoughtful remarks:

johanna said...

it looks so special, yet fragile... and you can´t look it up again as it left your house... i´m sure Kathy will treasure it and it has got more than a second look meanwhile... many looks, as this is worth it!
have a great week ahead, elizabeth! i enjoyed digging in my past creations yesterday! thanks for that!

Krisha said...

So soft and pretty E!
I see you have a new linky tool, asks for more info now.

see you there! said...

Such a pretty page. Nice that it was for a friend. I linked up although there is a little icon under my name. Looks like a trash can. I think this will be a fun blog party. Thanks for hosting it.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

This is going to be such fun! Your page is really wonderful. I especially like the background and the stunning pressed flowers.

~*~Patty S said...

Your page is so lovely and shimmery...Sweet Peas are such beautiful flowers and plants.
Thank you for the fun look back I really like the idea and have a post to share too.

Divers and Sundry said...

so sweet :) It must be rewarding to be able to look back at such beautiful work from so long ago.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Amazing---soft and beautiful!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Greetings my local blogging artsy friend! Love coming here to see what you have been up to, which is always a lot! Your collage here is fantastic. So much to discover in it!

Wasn't the weather last week just a dream? I hope you have a great week Elizabeth! Happy blog growing!

Halle said...

Very lovely piece Elizabeth.
I almost didn't make it for Second on the 2nd. I'm feeling a bit under the weather...

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love your second look - it really is beautiful! Sorry I haven't got anything sorted yet! hugs, chrisx

CatieAn said...

Love the fragility and the sweetness of this page very nice