Friday, February 13, 2015

Altered Playing Cards, Week 22; Glue?

I'm once again joining Claudine at Claudine's Art Corner for Week 22 of the APC challenge.  I'd like to begin by telling you my tale of woe.  I had a mouse problem and NOT the kind one of my fur babes could handle.  This one was far worse.  My mouse quit working about the time I scheduled my Wednesday post, which was Tuesday afternoon, when I realized my APCs were not going to be dry in time to post them on Wednesday. So yesterday, I bought a new mouse, got it home and it was supposed to be one that would just plug in and work.  But, the bluetooth device wouldn't load.  I called the store and they gave me as much help as they could, but were baffled, too.  They told me to return it.

Before I could return it, I called my friend Scott, who came by about two hours ago.  He got the mouse to work, but in the process, my wireless keyboard would no longer function.   The two did NOT play nice together, that's for sure. After much fidgeting, Scott, with help from Squiggles, finally got the mouse and keyboard to play nice and accept each other.  That is, until I turn the computer off.  Then I have to go through the set-up again.  Such a hassle.

I had taken a few step out photos of my APCs, but decided to scan the two cards, first.  Now, I can't get my scanner to work!  Not sure what I'll do about that, but I'll cross that bridge hopefully later today when I need to scan my J 52 entry.

But, I'm sure you're ready for less words and a few photos, so here are this week's GLUE inspired APCs.

I started with the two stencils I knew I had (yes, Debbie, that's large punchinella, aka sequin waste).

When I added the glue, I think it had frozen in my craft room.  Some of you may remember  I said how cold it was in there a few days ago.  The glue had separated and was now gritty, "curdled," and thick. 

It definitely didn't want to spread like normal glue.  I thought it would be perfect for this technique, though.

For my second card, I began by laying down a partial page from a dictionary, then used my alphabet stencil

to make the letter "A."

I originally intended to place the "A" to the left, then realized it would interfere with the ribbon I had chosen to sew on the APC.   Then I waited for the glue to dry.  After TWO DAYS, I got out my heat gun and blasted the glue.  

When I did, I made a mess.  The heat gun turned the glue into craters and crevices.  I didn't feel too bad, though, because even Claudine had trouble with this technique.  Of course, her glue dried faster and it hadn't frozen, either.

A really bad photo of both cards showed I sewed the ribbon over the A words and found areas that didn't have mountainous craters to place the word "Fly."  A few flying Tim Coffey stickers and these were finished.

Of course, I was fairly certain the bumps would not scan well, so I decided to take a photo of the dimension I got from the glue and the heat gun.  Please ignore the container of baby wipes in the background.

When I realized I wasn't going to be able to scan these, I did the next best thing, and, since they were already in my office, I photographed them under one of my OTT lights.  It's very obvious, both my red pigment ink and my black pigment ink are on their last legs, because I got a really good stamping.  I went around the apple and the "A" with a red Zig pen.

And even though I couldn't scan them, I feel I got a decent photo of what I made this week.

Thanks for visiting and leaving such wonderful comments on my texture paste "tutorial" and for visiting today, too.  Now that my new mouse is working, I'll be by to visit.  Of course, that means I've got to find time to sleep first, because this has been a trying nearly three days.

17 thoughtful remarks:

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Wonderful APC's Elizabeth.. I should start such a APC project too, but not enough time... crazy!
Hope everything will work now with this new mouse... hope you will bring your scanner to work too..

Happy Friday the 13th..
hopefully it will become a lucky day and the scanner will work as well for you- finger crossed!
my dear friend...
would I have a jetplane I would send my hubby... he brings all the stuff to work...
he supervised the whole region here ... and he loves to help.. but you are quite to far away.... I am sorry

massofhair said...

Issues with technology can be the most annoying things Elizabeth am so glad your friend could come and help and finally managed to get you up and running!

Hope you are feeling much better today also...

Two wonderful APC's, i am still behind with being poorly and will try to catch up next week.

Mo :-) xxx

Nancy said...

Thank goodness for people like Scott who actually know what to do when there are mouse and keyboard issues. Love technology when it works. But then, boom, for no apparent reason it behaves badly. ugh. Anyway, you persevered again and got your projects completed. Glue- I sometimes wonder if just lack of use causes problems. I have some FabriTak that is so thick and sluggish I won't be able to get it out of the bottle. It's been stored, tightly sealed, for a few months. Guess I need to buy small containers more often.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

These came out great! It was clever of you to use the stencil as a guide rather than filling it all the way. I had to smile at you heat blasting them--I thought of that, too, but then said, no, I've got to learn to be more patient. Which is why I did not get mine finished and up until today.I got dimples in my glue even with waiting.

Have a great, restful weekend!

Divers and Sundry said...

I plug my toaster in and it works reliably each & every time. I want my computer to be like my other appliances. I'm glad you got it straightened out :)

Halle said...

Glad you are up and running as usual again. Thanks for working on the article. :)

Claudine Criner said...

These turned out great, love that you tried this for yourself. I wonder if you peel those dots off if they will take the paint too and leave little dots. Hmmm. Give me an idea haha.

Krisha said...

I admire your "stick to it" ( pun intended....grin) in keeping up with the APC challenge. Especially since you haven't been feeling well.

I would have blasted the glue too, just not THAT patient, two days is about 40 hours too long...LOL But the dips, craters and wrinkles add character and dimension to the APC. I think they are really great. I really like the "FLY" one.

Good for Scot,t and for you, in getting back into the internet community. I know you can F-6 and F-10 and so on, so you don't need a mouse, but that little rascal is just so much easier.

Hope your taking time to get lots of rest and will be back to normal real soon.

TwinkleToes2day said...

I think your APCs are fabulous Elizabeth. I really like the texture of the glue, I think it adds a much more interesting dimension.
I hope you aren't 'over doing it' and letting yourself get plenty of rest so you can get well 100%. {{Hugs}}

Thank you for your very lovely comment on my Anti Journal post, your words made my heart swell with gratitude. {{Hugs}} :o))

Corrine at said...

You always just jump in and try the most amazing things. Everything is freezing here today that's for sure. Love the lumps and bumps and squiggly letter. xox

Nan G said...

Oh my E, you have some difficulties dint you?! Hugs
And such perseverance're my idol! Love the APCs and the photos turned out great! Hugs to all

Carol said...

I hate when technical issues pop up as I am absolutely useless in resolving them. :( I always have to call in help and take a dose of herbal anxiety tincture or maybe a double dose:)

Carol said...

Did you get the info on soap making supplies? Is your email fixed yet?

Rita said...

I hate when I have computer issues! I hope things work well for you now. That glue took forever to dry, but it turned out well. :)

Eliza said...

Aah this is a road I traveled last year when my keyboard started to die, then the mouse wouldn't work and you know the rest, you have been there too. I do hope everything else works for you, it always goes in 3's you know. Gee z it must be really cold to have your stuff freeze like that, how horrible. Stay warm and play some more while you can.

Hugs Eliza

ionabunny said...

These are great. I haven't done these yet and quite honestly I'm wondering if it's worth covering everything in glue. It seems a challenging item. I don't even know if the one I have will work. Ah, you gotta try these things. I like the A and the dictonary page. Very cool idea. Hugz

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh Dear! It seems as though the gremlins were out to get you you! Thank Goodness Scott arrived!! Love the effect of the heating on the glue - although I can't say i like the thought of the glue freezing!!!! Hope it's warming up now! Hugs, Chrisx