Wednesday, January 28, 2015

An interview with Craftymoose Debbie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth: As promised, I have started my interviewing process with my first interview this year coming in just under the January wire.  Debbie has given me permission to show some of her art on my blog, but PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL and DO NOT PIN these pictures/photos from my blog.  If you are interested in them, please visit Debbie at Craftymoose Crafts and get permission from her to pin her art.

Debbie: Thank you in advance for the opportunity of being interviewed on your blog.  These were very good and thoughtful questions!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth: How did you come up with the name Craftymoose?   What is the significance of the name?

Debbie: It is as simple as this....while brainstorming a name for my online presence, blog, shop, etc., I chose "crafty" because I am, and we came up with "moose" because my husband likes moose.  We wrote it as one word, Craftymoose, and our mascot became the 4 1/2 foot tall moose I made my husband for Christmas one year.  It is his photo that is on my avatar.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth: I know you have a daughter in graduate school, and that education is  important in your family. Do you have a degree, and if  so, in what?

Debbie: My first love was always art, but back in the mid 1970s when I graduated High School, I was gently convinced that it was not a good way to support myself. That said, I went with my second love of working in the medical world and have a degree in Medical Assisting. I worked for 15 years in a one person office for a Thoracic Surgeon before he retired

and I got married. 

Bleubeard and Elizabeth: I know you work with beads. Are they your main love? How did you get started making the lovely flowers and brooches you are so famous for?

Debbie: At some time in my life I have tried almost every art or craft, but yes, I would have to say beading is my passion. I got started back in the 1960s. Over summer vacations my mother used to take me to the local hobby shop and let me pick out anything I wanted. I picked out a kit to make a beaded flower arrangement, and armed with those instructions, taught myself the art of french beading flowers.

I have always loved color, and the fact that I could take tiny colorful beads
 and turn them into life-like flowers just fascinated me.  I have continued to make beaded flowers on and off since that time and have developed some original designs for flowers,

brooches and plant sticks. 

Bleubeard and Elizabeth: I see from the brooch above, you have combined beading with polymer clay.  When did you first get interested in polymer clay? Is it a hobby, or have you incorporated it into your sales?

Debbie: My interest in clay in general was also sparked in my childhood.  Since both of my parents worked, my mom looked for ways to keep me occupied over the summer vacations.  One year she enrolled me in an art camp where I worked with hand building and wheel throwing clay. Years later, we attended Ceramics classes together.  Although I did not pursue these techniques further, when I discovered polymer clay about 20 years ago,

I was thrilled that I could create in clay and "fire" it myself.  I have sold some of my pieces, but mostly create for our home.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth: You attend several craft shows a year. How do you keep things fresh and new?

Debbie: That is always a challenge!  There are always some things that fly off my table that surprise me and others that I think are awesome that just sit there. I try to keep a display of many different items, rather than selling only Christmas ornaments for example, and I think that helps.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth: I know you have just started making mixed media. Is it something you hope to pursue in the future, or just something to play around with to take your mind off, or supplement your other art?

Debbie: Mixed media appeals to me because I have always enjoyed constructing things.  I enjoy painting,

but there is something about the layers, textures, and the use of objects that brings it to the next level for me.

For that reason, assemblage also interests me.  They are a good diversion from beading because years of gripping and twisting wire begin to take their toll, so breaks are needed.

 Bleubeard and Elizabeth: What are you working on at the moment?

Debbie: At the moment, I am working on a custom order for 3 huge Hydrangea flowers. I am also sewing an appliance cover for my crock pot, working in an altered book, knitting a scarf, and planning out some other beaded flower projects. I'm sure there are a few unfinished projects around my art room, too.

I keep a lot of projects going so I am not always doing the same stressing hand motions, so I don't get bored, and because I am happiest when I am creating art. 

 Bleubeard and Elizabeth: Since we now know a bit about your art, please tell us a bit about  yourself.

Debbie: I also love to read, cook, and travel.  My husband, Dennis, and I have been married for 23 years and as you already know, have one beautiful daughter, Christie.

We are a close family and without their support and encouragement, I might never have put my art out there to be seen.  It gives me the greatest pleasure to think in how many homes my art is being enjoyed--all around the world.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth: Is there anything I haven't covered that you would like to add?

Debbie: E, I can't think of anything else at the moment other than to thank you again for the feature.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth:  Actually, it is I who thanks you.  I appreciate that you took the time to thoughtfully answer my questions, and share your art with us for this interview.  I hope you are safe, warm, and have electricity while this storm rages around you.

Here's where you can find Craftymoose and her gorgeous art: 

her blog:

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Craftymoose Crafts said...

Elizabeth, you did such a nice job of selecting just the right photos and putting together this post. You managed to present a cohesive look into my world of art.

Thank you again for your kindness and for this fantastic feature on your blog!

see you there! said...

What a great interview. I have long enjoyed the Craftymoose blog and it was fun to learn a bit about the artist behind the work.


~*~Patty S said...

What a lovely and colorful post.
It is really nice to get to know more about Debbie and see her creativity featured so beautifully.
Well done you two!

Nancy said...

Such a nice post. Beautiful work. I love those pendants.

Krisha said...

Great interview from BOTH of you. Love seeing the picture of her and hubby, and as always I am a BIG fan of her bead work!!

Divers and Sundry said...

I feel like I've had an actual visit :) Thanks for the enjoyable interview and photos.

TwinkleToes2day said...

What a wonderful interview Elizabeth. I am a fan of Debbie's art work, whatever it's form. What a clever lady she is. :o))

massofhair said...

Fantastic interview Elizabeth, great questions and answers. I recently ordered a dragonfly from Debbie, when it arrived i was blown away with how beautiful it is, my OH loves it and has named it Dulcie. So proud to own a piece of Debbie's beautiful beaded ArT :-) xxx

Lorraine said...

Great interview. What a nice way to feature her art. Nicely done!

Rita said...

What an interesting and thoughtful interview! I look forward to more of these. :)

Denise Price said...

Thanks for sharing this great interview. It's always nice to get to know a fellow T Day participant better. :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet interview. Always nice to meet the face behind the work. Amazing versatility. xox

Caterina Giglio said...

very colorful and interesting, well done, art reviewer, YOU! x

Carol said...

Lovely interview and the pictures are fantastic! I love all of the bead work immensely :) Very talented lady!!!!

pearshapedcrafting said...

A brilliant interview with Debbie - her work is certainly worth a second look! Chrisx

Halle said...

Wonderful interview and interviewee. I really enjoyed learning more about another "Jill of all trades" such as myself. :)