Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Small Business Saturday (part 1)

Although I had planned to join my friend Julia at What's On Your Workdesk, Wednesday (WOYWW), I realized I have far too many things to accomplish in the next few days, and can't be sitting at my computer with my slow internet, trying to visit everyone I want to see.  I'm also glad there are no Altered Playing cards to make this week.  Therefore, this is a scheduled post.

I recently read that many who live in Europe had never heard of Black Friday until this year.  It's obviously the most famous American shopping day of the year and starts the Christmas shopping frenzy.  To go along with that, in America, at least, we have what is called "Small Business Saturday," the day after Black Friday.  This is where you honor and shop at small businesses.

I certainly did my part this year.  First, after I finished photographing my eco-dyed fabric for Day 30 of AEDM, I headed to Mrs. O'Leary's, a famous (in America, at least) stamping, scrapbook, mixed media store in downtown Wichita, KS.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.  Later, I'll show the reason I was there.

When I went home to get my camera, I called my friend Sally and asked if she wanted to join me.  I was glad we went together, because it gave me the chance to buy her a couple of gifts that she could pick out herself and love.  She's very hard to buy for, so I was quite happy when she wanted to go to

the Delano District, famous for its

one of a kind, small business shops.

Sally wanted to go to Hat Man Jack's because she LOVES hats.  My friend Kathy and I were here in the spring, when the hats all looked like those worn at the Kentucky Derby.

It didn't take Sally long to find the exact hat she wanted.

She even wore it around while she looked for others that might fit the bill.

It was at that time I commented on the winter hats that were hanging on the wall and she admitted she loved the hat she had chosen, but it wasn't large enough for her head.

Although I don't show it, I found two more, one of which was the right size, but not the color she wanted.   So I talked to one of the nice sales people, who said, since the hat was too small, that was no problem.

I was allowed to join her as she sized Sally's hat.  First, she placed it on the wooden dummy head to measure it, then put some kind of a wooden expansion piece inside the hat.

Next, she quickly rotated the hat, while keeping the extension piece still.

You can see the wooden expansion piece she used as she was removing it from the hat.

Sally was quite happy with her hat, although she doesn't look too happy in this photo.  You probably can't tell, but Sally is way over dressed for the day.  Most people were not wearing coats, because the high was 73 F (~22 C) on Saturday.  Too bad, the weather turned bad on Sunday, and returned to sub-freezing temps.  In fact, our Sunday high was 22 F (~-5 C).

While Sally sat and rested, I took a photo of the yarn shop Kathy and I had visited in the spring.  We thought the prices were far too high, so didn't stay.  I was surprised to see they were closed for business, and would open soon under new management.  Let's hope that includes better prices, too.  I DID laugh at the "darn good yarn" sign in the window, though.

Next we went to Bungalow 26, a store I am in LOVE with.  This is where I wanted to come, so Sally obliged.  But that will have to wait for another day, because I went photo wild in there, at least until Sally got bored and wanted to leave about half way through the store.

To finish off our day, we visited a local restaurant that is not a chain, but that will also have to wait for another day.  Just remember Sally's hat and you'll see her wearing it throughout the next few posts on Small Business Saturday.

Thanks for joining me as I did my part to help small businesses in my hometown last Saturday.

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froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh .. what a fantastic hat shop -
my grand aunt was a modiste and run a hat shop in Vienna 1955 - 78 and this pictures remind me of her...

This cap noe fits perfect...

Wonderful shopping !
Great to see that Sally feels better meanwhile!
xxx Susi

johanna said...

i wish we had something like the day of small businesses here... what a good Invention! and you seem to have had a good day!

Divers and Sundry said...

Oh, those hats! I'd have trouble picking one. Hers looks great :)

Krisha said...

I think Sally got the perfect hat for her. I love hats too!

Not doing WOYWW either, for many of the same reasons as you this week. In face your my LAST stop, as my cup is now empty and it is time get moving through todays adventures. (sounds better than the lists of errands....LOL)
Hello to Bluebeard!

massofhair said...

We do have something similar where i live locally but it isn't close to Black Friday, it is earlier in November.

Sally's hat looks great and sounds like you had a fab day :-) xxx

Robyn said...

thanks for shopping and sharing Local.

Corrine at said...

Love shopping small business and local, that hat shop is a hoot. Want to see where you went photo wild. These small shops always warm my heart. xox

Carol said...

Love the hat shop!!! I know what you mean about having too much to do this month. I haven't been able to get around to blogs or even do post like I want. Things should be calming down soon :)

Janet said...

I stayed home this past weekend. I think I'm in denial that Christmas is so close! But looks like you had a fun day! Good for you!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

When I was younger I loved hats, although I doubt I ever had the collection that Sally must have. Now I hardly ever wear one! It was fun seeing that shop. Thanks for sharing Part 1.