Thursday, December 18, 2014

A visit to Exploration Place, Part 4

There is much to see at Exploration Place, but these are the final areas I visited.  By the time I had seen the last exhibit, I had spent over four and a half hours here.  Since I arrived shortly after it opened at noon, I knew it was time to leave.  The museum is only open from noon to 5 pm on Sunday, and I wanted to leave before I got caught in the mass exodus from the parking lot.   Let's now return to that day back in November, when the sun was out and there was a warm autumn feel to the air.

Back outside the Kansas Miniature exhibit, I joined more kids in the hallway that originally led to the miniatures.

Among the wall of exhibits, it showed how Wichita Omnisphere and Science Center and the Wichita Children's Museum joined forces to become Exploration Place.  This area is known as Making a Landmark, and you saw part of it in Part 3.

From the hall that explained how Exploration Place was born, we now enter the large meeting hall called Big Mouth. In the background is the long hall known as Bridging Art and Science, where you saw the exhibit called Beauty and the Bugs I showed in Part 1.  This is aptly named because this is the linear bridge that connects the two parts of the museum.

This was the traveling exhibit I had wanted to see. 

Hosted by, of all people, Carrot Top, if you step up like I did, Carrot Top welcomes you as the "back soon" sign disappears.   According to the brochure I got when I first entered the exhibit, I could learn about the
relationship between parasites and humans as you get up close with creepy creatures including tapeworms, fleas, lice, mosquitoes and ticks.
Originally, I thought the Beauty and the Bugs exhibit was this one.  Boy was I fooled.

I thought Bleubeard might like to see an image

of a flea up close and personal.

You have to step onto a platform on the floor (in this case the star) for the exhibit to activate.

I got distracted and somehow spaced off all the displays on the right side of the exhibition, including whatever was in that caravan.

This is supposed to be a scalp you walk through, just as head lice are able to do (although I'll have to take their word for it).

The image in the mirror appeared and disappeared, but the background of people never stopped coming and going.

In the middle was a display of movie posters featuring parasites.

I was not about to reach into those holes and pull out the tapeworm, part of which can be seen above the canopy/tent.

You may have noticed, I skipped the area called Where Kids Rule.  I featured it when I accompanied my friend Sally as her caregiver.  This is where kids meet Knights in shiny armor and ride wooden horses.  Instead, we will end our journey in Keva, a place where you can build your mind.  Adults and kids alike love this area, where everyone can create different structures using 4 ½" (11.43 cm) wooden planks.

Some very smart and capable individuals have put these together to inspire everyone.

Aren't these just WONDERFUL?  I suspect you know how much I love wood.  Of course, that Christmas tree got me in the Christmas spirit.

One final look at the enclosed part of the river,

and it was time to head home.

I stood and watched a few minutes in amazement as people still continued to enter the building, even though there was not more than 20 minutes left to visit that day.

My friend Chris asked me how far I lived from Exploration Place.  I live less than 5 miles (less than 8.1 Km).  The general admission cost is $9.50 for adults.  It's more if you want any of the activities, such as the dome theater, mini golf, or other events.

This actually qualifies as a Stay-cation, where I travel less than 80 miles round trip and spend less than $15.00 (US).  I hope this was as much fun to visit as it was for me.  Thanks for joining me and thanks for your wonderful comments.  It makes all that time I spend uploading these seem worthwhile.

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Halle said...

The circus kind of weirds me out. I've never been to one in real life and I'm totally ok with that.
btw--your phone has been busy all afternoon just in case you weren't aware.

massofhair said...

Another fantastic adventure with you Elizabeth as our guide! The flea is amazing, he looks like a walrus and has eyes on stalks, can't imagine them looking like that so thank you for the images.

Truly wonderful place to visit, really enjoyed each post and thank you for sharing your part of the world with us :-) xxx

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I think I liked the first set of bugs better than this last set--at least they don't eat you!

We just watched an episode of "Aerial American" on TV and Kansas was featured. If you aren't familiar, they highlight the states from above. When they showed the Salt Mine Museum,I recognized it before they said what it was! You're a great tour guide!

Dianne said...

wow E. amazing visit! love the traveling exhibit's 'big top' theme...but eww is right! definitely a creepy topic-though we all need to be aware of parasites.

Thanks so much for the lovely mini hanging that you sent to me for Christmas!! love how the card turned out, and adore the dyed fabric of the hanging!...and I like your stitching too! hope you have a joyous holiday ♥ hugs!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh what a lovely trip this has been...although definitely a bit 'ewww'!! You are so lucky to live so near and it does seem good value-guessing it has an eating area! Keeping brief-on my phone-having a last few days before Christmas-and in car so I get a connection! Hugs, Chrisx