Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Christmas visit with my friend Kathy

Thankfully I had much of this post put together before I got sick.  And instead of feeling better, I'm feeling even worse than when I got home Sunday night.  As a result, I've cancelled my cookie making session with my friend Sally, my luncheon date with my dear friend Billie, and my Christmas plans.  I'm NOT going to allow anyone to get sick because of me.  Staying in a warm bed under the covers sounds like the best Christmas gift I could give myself.

But this post is not about me, but about my dear friend Kathy who visited last week when we exchanged Christmas gifts.

Here she's caught me off guard as she enters with a big box of goodies.

A few days before, she had hosted a party for a group of ladies at her house who were from her church , and she brought some of the goodies she made for the party, including this mint cup she made.  She admitted this was the easiest of all the things she made for this annual event.  Kathy has a tendency to go all out when she hosts something.

She attended a craft fair and picked me up a few things that honored my final alma mater.

If we ever get a new mascot, that wheat shock will be a thing of the past.

She even picked me up some gift tags, although I have no idea what I'll use them with.

After she had showered me with many small items, I gave her both her gifts, which were not terribly imaginative.  She's showing the gift card she would use that day at Mrs. O'Leary's and she's holding the gift certificate for the restaurant next door where we would eventually have lunch.

I was glad we went when we did, or I might have missed Joanie the owner of the store who was preparing to leave when we got there.  Speaking of Mrs. O'Leary's,

this is true sensory overload.  There's no way you can take all this in the first time you visit.  Be sure to keep your wallet/checkbook/credit card in your purse, though.  This is a very high end place to shop, just like many small businesses that offer one of a kind items.

While we were there, we saw two women who teach classes, kitting products.  One was teaching the scrapbook inspired Christmas book (similar to ones my friend Annette makes), very much like the one she taught last year, while the other was in a different room preparing beads and such for Santos dolls they will soon be making.  If you are unsure what a Santos doll is, it has a lovely serene regular head and body, but a caged bottom.  This site, going out of business on January 1, 2015, shows some of their collection from the past.  

Once Kathy had spent as much time as she wanted at Mrs. O'Leary's, we went to Public at the Brickyard.  Joanie's husband owns it, so we were sure we knew who decorated the place.

I found their menu on the internet, but most everything had been changed, including the sandwiches we ordered.  We started with an appetizer of sweet potato fries laced with garlic and rosemary, then Kathy had the grilled cheese.  There were four cheeses stuffed into thick sliced brioche.  Kathy's side was tomato bisque.  I had a delicious brie, with tomato marmalade, pesto, and sliced pears on grilled ciabatta.  It was out of this world.  I only wish I could force myself to eat like this every day.  My side was beans and rice.  The meal was 27.00 before tax and tip, but it was well worth it.  After all, I don't get to take Kathy to lunch very often, and certainly not at Christmas.  I admit, I got a little carried away with the photos, but after all, it's nearly Christmas.  In fact, it's Christmas eve eve.

So Kathy asked me if I wanted to go shopping elsewhere, but all I wanted to do was take photos of a few statues I saw on my way to Mrs. O'Leary's on Small Business Saturday.
After all, by now it was late afternoon and the sun was starting to set. I knew Kathy would have to fight it going home.  I wanted her to be safe.  We can shop somewhere else next year.

I leave you with a photo of all the things I bought.  The two pigment inks were $1.00 (US), the reindeer was reduced from $10.50 (US) to $5.25 (US), the entire bag of unknown stamps was $1.95 (US), and the pan pastels were $3.00 (US) each.  These were the only colors left, so I could see why they were reduced.  As an aside, I got six animals (Stampin' Up) for $1.99 (US) at the thrift store, so that reindeer is golden (or like gold) to me (grin).

I was tired of using my plastic palette knife, so invested in this one for $4.95 (US).  The fru frues will be used in my 7-Continent altered book or on my scrappy journal covers.  They were $0.50 (US) to $2.00 (US).

I hope you enjoyed my time out and about with my friend Kathy.  We had a wonderful time, and it really only happens once a year.  Thanks for the visit.  I greatly appreciate it.  And as soon as I get better, I'll be around to catch up on what I've missed.  But for now, my brain addled body is returning to bed.

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voodoo vixen said...

I am so sorry you are feeling worse instead of better... such a shame to be missing out on all your lovely friends and festive fun but if its the same bug my Mum and I had when she came over it is awful and so hard to get rid of...
Lovely photo of your Christmas lunch and day outwith Kathy, such lovely little gifts she found for you too! Hope Beubeard is looking after you, get well soon, hugs Annette

Nan G said...

Wow sensory overload at mrs o'leary's and I just looked at the pictures! Sending warm hugs and thera-flu to you via Internet. I hope Bleubeard is helping to keep you warm. Love the goodies Kathy gave you and the ones you bought. Take care, feel better soon. Furry hugs from the Girls to you. And nose kisses (sans mistletoe) to Bleubeard. Hugs from me to you both. Sending Christmas wishes for a speedy recovery, dear E.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Sorry you are feeling worse and had to cancel your plans. I'm sure Bleubeard will be happy to have you all to himself this Christmas.

Mrs. O'Leary's looks like a fun place to browse, but like you, I get more of a thrill out of a bargain be it clearance or thrift store find.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a speedy recovery.

Helen said...

So sorry you're worse, I hope by tomorrow you are starting to feel better though. Thanks for sharing the pics of O'Leary's it looks a lovely place to browse. Happy Christmas; Helen x

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm glad you got to do all this before you started feeling so bad. I wish your illness had passed you by or had picked another time of year to strike. :( I hope you're much better tomorrow!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Dear Elizabeth, I was popping over to wish you a Merry Christmas and I am sorry to see you are ill. Stay warm and cozy and get well soon!

The visit with Kathy looks like you had a great time!

Take care!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Ahh, poor Elizabeth, I am so sorry you are feeling worse then ever and had to cancel your plans. You are totally doing the right thing by being kind to yourself, staying warm & comfortable so you get better soon.
I enjoyed your visit and outing with Kathy; that store looks like a real treasure trove.
Sending get well vibes to you and wishes for as pleasant a Christmas day as you can manage ((hugs)) Mo

~*~Patty S said...

Sorry you are still under the weather...hopefully your bug will leave real soon!
Fun seeing your get together with Kathy in your super photos.
Your lunch with the cheese and pear sounded right up my alley too.
Nothing like a little retail therapy and friend time.
You take care and feel better soon dear Elizabeth.
Ho Ho Ho
p.s. thanks for the comment tip...the ROBOT addition threw me all off at first...whewww

JoZart said...

Please get well soon so you can enjoy Christmas. It was good to see your day with your friend and all the fun and goods you acquired at bargain prices from Mrs O'Leary... mind kind of place for sure.
Greetings for the season and may 2015 be a wonderful year for you.
Jo x

massofhair said...

Get Well Soon Elizabeth, hope you get to enjoy some of the Christmas holiday.

Fab post, some great pictures as always.

Merry Christmas to you and Bleubeard:-) xxx

Jo Murray said...

My wish for you is health and happiness. Not just at this time but throughout 2015.

elle said...

Peace and rest and health to you and Bleubeard, Elizabeth!!!

Rita said...

Sorry you are sick for Christmas. What wonderful memories of a great time with Kathy, though. That store looks amazing! I would love to take classes there. Stay warm and rest this quiet Christmas. :)

Janet said...

Yikers! What an amazing place to shop! Looks like a blast. As big of an area as we are in here, we have NOTHING that holds a candle to that! The big box stores are nice, but wow...all those little goodies are amazing!