Monday, October 13, 2014

Results of Safe Communities Event

 Several wanted to see how well our Safe Communities event went last week, so I thought I would share a few hundred (JOKE) photos with you.

Last Tuesday started with me mowing my front yard and making sun tea.  I used Lipton tea because I have an abundance of it.  Although I don't care for it, it seems other people do.

I remember Krisha from Krisha's Keepsakes saying she wished she (and the rest of the T group) could help with the party.  I was needing help because it had been so long since I'd used them, I was unable to extend the legs on these tables.

When my neighbor got home, he got them ready for whatever was to come.  Unfortunately, he had to take his son to soccer practice, so he didn't get the benefit of the party.

After the tables were set up, I was off to Starbucks for the comped coffee we had been promised.  Two disposable jugs that did NOT have to be returned were greatly appreciated, because this place was definitely not in my neighborhood. 

I had barely had time to shower and get dressed when the police officer not shown in this photo was asking for me.  Our beat officer, Officer Jerrell and I had been playing phone tag for three weeks, and I worried our event wouldn't get listed.  That meant no one would come by to visit.  That would be OK if there weren't going to be kids, but kids were already starting to arrive.

I encourage you to enlarge this mosaic.  The officer not on a horse is Officer Jerrell.  He set it up so that the horse patrol would visit and we would be the first party so he was sure they wouldn't run out of time.   Since there was another party at the end of my street, the horse patrol was able to visit them next, while they left their horse trailer at the cross street as shown in the large photo above.

The horse patrol had just barely left when the fire department showed up.  Note this is Engine 7.  Soon, another police car showed up to help answer questions and direct traffic.

Just as I was catching my breath, the police chopper flew overhead.  I kept hoping Officer Jerrell hadn't arranged for it to land in the clearing.  Note the horse patrol was on their way back, too.

Eventually, we waved good-bye to Engine 7 and were just about to finish our snacks and food when

Engine 1 arrived and asked for me specifically.  Apparently, I had requested a fire engine and we were on the list as shown by the fire chief above.

Kids and adults alike took turns getting their photos taken by friends, family, and doting parents.

Although that was all the photos I took (that are relevant), we had a wonderful time, and I learned I could request the fire truck that would hose the kids down with water.  As unseasonably warm as it was that day, it would have been welcome.

I've shared my T time this week, now it's time to share yours.  As Bleubeard would say, your photos don't have to be taken on Tuesday, but should, in some way, be able to relate to a drink, any drink.

18 thoughtful remarks:

Nancy said...

I think your community event looks absolutely wonderful :) a great success!
The photos are super, what a good turnout! With the police/horses and the fire department :) I'll bet the kids were in 7th heaven!
Happy T day--whichever day you're enjoying it on!

Kristin said...

That is SO SO amazing! What a great thing to do for and with your community! I love everything about it - including your generous spirit! xoxo

Rita said...

Wow! Looks like the event went over well and that maybe the kids enjoyed it the most! Happy T-Day! :)

Robyn said...

Looks like a splendid time was had by all! What a wonderful event to counter act all the meanness and distrust happening now!
bless you, and your sun tea too!

Linda Kunsman said...

What a perfectly orchestrated event-weather and community wise. Hooray for you and a successful event Elizabeth! SO good to catch up with you:)

Krisha said...

WOW! What a fun event this was, smiles on all the faces. Super great pictures.

Oh, yes, I have some of those same tables, buggers they are to extend the legs. I wonder how they figure you can hold in the button thingies on both sides and still manage to pull the legs out???????

Dianne said...

Wow. I am impressed that you had so many official visitors at your party! we just don't have horse mounted officer patrols around here. That is cool. although we did see quite a few mounted park rangers at Malabar Farm near Mansfield OH when I was there recently. But just not the same as police officers on horseback. :) Love the fire glad you had a good turnout! I won't be able to visit everyone until later in the week, so I apologize, but I will stop by eventually! Have a great tuesday everyone!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

You are such a wonderful woman to organize this for the neighborhood -
looks like it was a great prosperity -
amazing Elizabeth!
Happy T-Day for you and Bleubeard!

Bridget Larsen said...

I have no idea what this event is all about so I'll have to surf your blog to keep up with it. Sounds like a good day was had by all, preceeded by your stress in organising the event
Bridget #2

Bridget Larsen said...

I have no idea what this event is all about so I'll have to surf your blog to keep up with it. Sounds like a good day was had by all, preceeded by your stress in organising the event
Bridget #2

Divers and Sundry said...

Looks like great fun! And well-organized :)

~*~Patty S said...

What an exciting time you planned for that really fun community gathering in your neighborhood Elizabeth!
Great photos...
and fire engines OH MY
what fun!
Looks like you had a perfect time of it.
Well done!
You did a great job!!!
Happy T Day to you

Halle said...

Looks like your hard work paid off with a well attended event!! You are such a go-getter!! I want to be like you when I grow up. ;) You inspire goodness.

Cindy McMath said...

Wow Elizabeth, I'm so impressed! I have no awareness of what constitues a "safe communities" event (being in Canada), so I really didn't know what to expect. You really went out of your way to plan and host this event and it looks like it was well-attended AND you had lots of official visitors too. Well done!

Corrine at said...

The whole neighborhood would have moved in if you had that fire truck with a hose of water on the kids. What a great party. Great neighborhood event. xox

dawn said...

Hello and Happy T Day! I couldn't link up as planned but wanted to stop by.
WOW, how awesome and awesome is this party and these COLLAGES!! Great job getting so many pictures and creating these. What fun for all of you, especially the kids. I thought it was going to be adults sitting around talking about safety in the neighborhood.
Wish we lived on the same street, you are always having fun.
Hope your week has been good and the fall leaves start changing soon. It's been gorgeous here but also windy and you know what happens then. sigh.
Take care and I hope to post soon or just wait till next Tuesday. Take care and thanks so much for sharing these fun pictures. Oh and I would love some of that Lipton tea, my favorite.

Myriam Kozik said...

Holly cow ... that's quite a turn out! If we have cops around or hear helicopter flying over head, I need to check to make sure all my doors and windows are locked! What an event! Amazing. I bet the kids (old and young) loved it!
Happy T-Day!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I am sure you were breathing a sigh of relief and satisfaction at the end of the event. It looks like it was well organized and lots of fun!