Monday, August 4, 2014

T Stands For Happy Mail

Today I'm celebrating with my dear friend who Dunnit!  Now some of you already get the nom de plume.  That's because you frequent What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday or WOYWW for short, and know Julia is the gal who Does It!  That's why she's known to many as Julia Dunnit!

So what, you ask, has Julia done this time?  She sent me this lovely package of time goodies, as well as this gorgeous card. Now that's friendship for you!

I was super impressed with the details of this card and a bit shocked when I took the photos off my camera at how much the lighting changed the color of some of the candles behind the card, as well as the colors on the card itself. 

Talk about attention to detail.  Isn't this a gorgeous beauty with all the lovely cups hanging in a row?  And Julia's stamping is out of this world.  It would have taken me forever (at least half a day) to make this card, and I bet she made it in about 45 minutes. Can't say it enough how impressed I am with this card.  Thanks Julia.

The die cuts she sent are timeless!  Sorry!  Couldn't help myself.  Now I'm off to finish my coffee and prove that coffee makes everything, including friendship, a little better!  Thank you again beyond belief, dear Julia.

How are you celebrating today?  Show us your art, cup, mug, scrapbook page, garden art, beading, photography, garden, day in your life, or even a winter snow scene, if you live down under.  The photos don't need to be taken on Tuesday, but should pertain in some way to something you are drinking.  Then link below and share the day with like minded T friends.

And before I forget, Dawn asked me to link her from last week, because her computer has died.  Since I haven't heard from her, I suspect she has not gotten it fixed yet.  She didn't want to miss out on the fun, so I'm linking her right away and hope you'll visit her T post from last week.

24 thoughtful remarks:

Bridget Larsen said...

Wow that is a gorgeous card , lucky you getting those gorgeous goodies. Indeed friendship is an awesome thing
Bridget #1

TwinkleToes2day said...

The card is very beautiful indeed and your little pack of die cuts looks like they may have arived right on time (heh - as bad as you)
I must say that I adore your white teacup :D
Can anyone join in, at anyitme Elizabeth? (hug) Mo

Krisha said...

Well now looks like Julia out did herself again with that gorgeous card. Love the tea cups hanging in a row.

Always fun to get Happy Mail and extra treats too.

Have a great T-day

Eliza said...

Hi Elizabeth & Bluebeard,

What a wonderful kind gesture of Mrs Dunnitt to do, she is so kind and such a wonderful artist too. Those little tea cups are really cute. I found the time to actually participate this week, mind you I have been resting.

Hugs Eliza

froebelsternchen Susi said...

One of the best things in life is friendship for sure and the card and goodies from lovely Julia are awesome!
Happy T-Day dear Elizabeth!

Halle said...

That card is gorgeous! I'm not good with fussy stuff. I just don't have the patience...but I certainly admire those who do.

Halle said...

I forgot...the circle mosaic was made with Pixlr/express. I just moved the rounded corners slider until they became round.

see you there! said...

The card is indeed a treasure. How nice to have all the "cuts" to use in your own work too.


Divers and Sundry said...

What a pretty cup and saucer you're drinking from today! And those cut cups look like lace. A lovely gift :)

Hettie said...

We all love Happy Mail right? Yours is so cute too.
Don't be shocked when you see my cuppa today!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

What a thoughtful gift from Julia!I a sure those "timey" treasures will be inspiring some pages in your time altered book.

The card is just stunning and adorable. The die cut cups are fabulous and hanging on their own little hooks--she certainly did Dunnit!

~*~Patty S said...

There is nothing like happy "art" mail...what a lovely card and the time treasures will surely come in very handy.
Your photos look super to me E!
Happy T Day...

jinxxxygirl said...

Gosh that card is just lovely!!! And anytime you can get your hands on some die cuts is a GOOD day!!! Hugs! deb

Dianne said...

that is indeed a gorgeous card with the tea/coffee cups on it! and what a lovely close-up photo you've taken! I am actually drinking tea this morning, but it appears I am quite late to the party again...I am just not much of an early bird! always a pleasure to join you...have a great T day! ♥

Krisha said...

Thanks for the comment E. I never insert my SD card in ANY computer (and my camera holds two cards) My camera has a USB cable and I even pack it when we leave. Then the kids can down load pictures on THEIR computer. But thanks for the warning, nice of you to LMK, sorry it ruined your SD card......bummer!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Many thanks Elizabeth, for the update about T Stands For Tuesday.
Also for letting me know about the updates icon (altho' honestly I'm not entirely sure what you meant), but I'm delighted that you added it again. I do wonder now if other people have missed the two posts since I faffed about, I do hope not.
Thank you again Elizabeth :)

Mariane C said...

WOW.. what a gift and card, it is really awesome, and a nice cup of tea as well :) - Thank you so much for sharing this and I feel so excited to be here and at WOYWW - Thanks again. Elizabeth ;)
Kind regards

dawn said...

Hello Elizabeth, Happy T Day!!

Thanks so much for linking me up, appreciate it so much. I read all the comments and they made my day. So nice having this group of sweet ladies, thank you for hosting us each week.

My computer is still down, haven't even had a chance to take it in. Have been busy with kids and visiting my dad each time I can too. He's home and resting and getting stronger each day. Hard to believe it's been a week today since his surgery. He's tired of all the fuss over him so this week we are easing off watching him every second, he wants his alone time again, lol.

I have visited most of the blogs over my phone today, LOVE it all. Happy T Day to everyone please and thank you for your get well wishes for my dad. Sorry I can't comment on the blogs, right now I'm on the library computer for a few minutes while kids get a movie and books. Will try to post again later this week.

Hope you are doing well Elizabeth, summer is going by way to fast my friend.

Oh, almost forgot... your card is beautiful, those little die cut cups are the sweetest.

I am doing a fun mug a day picture prompt this month on instagram. So it's kinda like being at T time every day this month, YAY!!!

Have a great week, and thanks again so much for your help. Would love to see a mandala from you soon, PLEASE!!!

Rita said...

LOL! Sadly, I was in such a hurry with company coming that I forgot to cut and paste myself in the list! Duh! I'm usually one of the last anyways, but this is really late. Sorry.

Gorgeous card! I love that die cut for the cups and the details...well, and the saying, of course. ;)
Happy T-Day with a glitch.

Ohhh Snap said...

That is a STUNNING card! Julia Dunnit alright: D. It's so lovely to get unexpected treasures. I'm afraid I've been in a bit of slump since the urologist told me I have to give up tea! Something about the oxy something contributing to kidney stones (which I had for the first time a few months ago). This part of growing older really sucks lol (I think I'll make that into a stamp).

Carol said...

What a GREAT gift!!!! I really had intended to post yesterday for this, however my day got totally out of control. My MRI report came back and I do have disk damage to two disk and won't be returning to work for a few weeks. So this meant and official leave of absence had to be filed. Tons of paperwork completed and a gazillion phone calls to be made. Along with being slightly stressed over the news ( even if I was expecting it) The sheer volume of paper work is exhausting. Just to get short term disability pay and have my job held for me...The bright side is I will have lots more free time to do art ♥ So I'll be seeing you around.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Many thanks Elizabeth. I'm so happy we took the chance that it would be a fine place to stop. It even has a facebook page for reviews, so I obliged with a good one from all of us.
I hope to be able to join you for tea on a regular basis. After all, we all have to drink don't we :o))

pearshapedcrafting said...

How lovely - just love the hanging cups! May I e-mail Julia to get your address? I have some things that might fit into your craft room! Chrisx

Cindy McMath said...

My turn to play catch-up! This is a lovely card and I can't wait to see what you do with all those wonderful die cuts!