Thursday, July 31, 2014

ICADs for the week of July 25-31 (and a wrap-up)

It's here.  The final week of ICADs.  In a way, I'm glad because I don't like the pressure of doing this daily.  In another way, I'm sad because I like making these; just not every day.

Using as many leftovers as I can to finish the week, here is a "one staple wonder."

I call this one "The Lake House."

How times have changed.  But not the dates and days of the week!  Isn't it great when you run into an old calendar that has the same days and dates as the current year?  I might add I had four weeks vacation, two of which I always took around the 4th of July and two of which I took during the Christmas, New Year break.  It always extended my time away. 

The background picture was from a painting book, the quote from a book of quotes.  The yellow color came from a bingo dabber.

I was getting a bit weary of these and was in a hurry to finish them.  Consequently, this was NOT one of my better ICs, even though I learned a bit of history in the process.

Since I was nearly finished, I painted the background with acrylic paint and stapled the focal images together.  All images found in various magazines.  You don't have to tell me the plate and coffee cup/saucer don't match.  It was the closest I could find.

Because I have yet to find a program where I can show 31 photos at the same time, here are the previous 30 from July.

If you want to see all of them together,

here are the ones I made in June.

And for the final day, Bleubeard and I wanted to remind you that these 61 ICs were all created by us.  Handmade shimmering spray mist and a bingo dabber were used to add a bit of color and variety.  Bleubeard has a "thing" for bingo dabbers!

I hope you enjoyed this journey I was on to make 61 ICs during the months of June and July.  As always, I thank you for visiting, and really LOVE the continued support and comments you leave about these.

16 thoughtful remarks:

Helen said...

I'm impressed, there is no way I could keep up with a challenge like this! Great bunch of ICADs.

Jo Murray said...

That certainly is a commitment. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Great fun. Lake House is just fab. I like doing thongs like this but not every day too, and especially not this year. Maybe next. xox

~*~Patty S said...

Wow you did are so good at keeping commitments Elizabeth and doing this every day is a BIG one not to mention blogging about it too!
Your final ICAD with you and Bleubeard's 'signatures' is super!

Great samplers and your china looks like it matches to me in your other 364 day card...

the blue and yellow look so good on your sailing card...

a job really well done!

Linda Gibbons said...

Very nice body of work for this challenge! My current favorite is your final piece--it's such a statement of who you are!

Rebeca Trevino said...

these are great . . . my favorite is 'Alone, Alone' . . . nice job.
this is quite an accomplishment but, when do you sleep?

see you there! said...

Yay for you! Such a variety and I like them all.


froebelsternchen Susi said...

They all are stunning and creative and I love them. So well done Elizabeth ... a lot of praise to you for keeping up with the daily icad challenge!

Krisha said...

Well done, finishing the challenge. I LOVE the "other 364 days", but then it has food and drink on it.....LOL

I'm doing good just to keep up J52 and that is only once a week, I just couldn't keep up with 1CAD last year so I didn't even begin this year.

Lady Catford said...

I am using your ICADs as an attempt to do something every day. Rather like playing scales at the beginning of a music lesson. I really love your stuff.

Dianne said...

outstanding collages dear E! I know how you, but maybe not every day. shh, don't tell, but some days I had to do more than one, to catch up--or just because I was on a roll! wondering how you will store these? a little book? a little file box? congrats on finishing a great project!

Halle said...

These are all wonderful. You said you were sad to see them end...just keep going!! Why not?!?
FYI--back home from a fairly long road trip...details next Tuesday. :)

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love your overview! How times change indeed Elizabeth - in July 1997 I hadn't even met my lovely hubby and was just a busy mum with no e-mail or internet! I've loved your icads - btw what is a bingo dabber? Love to you, and please give Bleubeard an extra stroke from me, Chrisx

dawn said...

Hello Elizabeth, So sorry to be late getting here. My computer zapped out after a big storm we had, all I get is a red screen on the computer now. Hoping it's fixable.
I did have my T time post ready way early so I could link up. So frustrating not having it work when I need it.I am at the library computer.
I just posted a post and please read the T time post below it.
My dad is doing good, YAY!! He's got a long road to feeling better but know he can do it with our help.

Could you please do me a favor and post my blog in your next post so the T time ladies will know to come read it. I hate to have them miss it and I am reading their blogs thru my phone but can't comment from phone. Can you please let them know that.
Hope this makes sense and it's ok. Just want to share and hate missing out this week.

If my computer is broke for good, will try to posts without pictures when I can from the library. Won't be nearly as much fun but it's something.

I liked all the ICADs too, YAY for you finisihging and doing so well.

Hope you are doing good and have a nice weekend. Will chat to you soon. Thanks so much and hope you enjoy my posts.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

It is an accomplishment to have kept up with the ICAD project--they look really colorful together! I tried this a few years ago, but it was too much pressure and commitment for me.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Cindy McMath said...

Well my friend, we did it! 61 cards in 61 days. I feel a sense of accomplishment and I hope you do too! I like your final set of cards - especially the house! and the last one with the purple and green is a great wind-up for the challenge. I didn't notice the cup and saucer didn't match the plate - many of my dishes are mis-matched, so even if I noticed I wouldn't have though anything of it! I've enjoyed seeing all of your cards over the past two months and liked seeing them all together.