Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk this 262nd Wednesday: the one where she gets more mail

PLEASE NOTE: Our beloved Julia is in the hospital while on holiday.  I just read it on Jan's blog (LLJ), so I know it's true.  Jan asks that you not e-mail Julia, but send any requests to Jan, who will pass them on when Julia is better.

I almost didn't join WOYWW and Julia, our wonderful host, because I had NOTHING to show.  I also worried because I tried to visit others, but with limited time and no linky till very late, I apologize because I simply didn't make it to many of my wonderful friends' doorsteps for week 261. However, something wonderful happened about 5 pm, when my attitude changed because my mail person showed up at my doorstep.

I knew WOYWWendy was good for something, and today it was to hold the rocking horse of the week.  It's still in its case.  But that's not the good news.  The good news is I got mail.  Real mail. Mail from afar.  Mail I didn't ask for.

Out of the large envelope came these gorgeous beauties from much younger sister Annie (Wipso, whose ATC and card are at the bottom) and Jo (Twiglet, whose decorated envie and stunning collage ATC are at the top) from the UK.  These gals are seamstresses, make felted art, and crochet, yet they put their skills to great use as paper AND fabric artists who sent hugs with their absolutely gorgeous ATCs.

Can you guess what rocked out of the smaller envie, also from the UK?  Jackie at Scrap, Bang, Wallop sent these two beauties.  I was simply overwhelmed, because she makes such gorgeous art.  Although you know I LOVE her stamping skills, I also LOVE that Christmas stamp that Jackie added to this wonderful ATC.

Thanks again, ladies, because I'm super impressed with all this art and your skills blow me away.

If coming from Julia's, and there just happens to be a linky this week, please leave the number you get, and I will be by to visit.  It may be later in the week, because I'm helping my neighbor clean her house that has pretty much turned into what could be an episode of "Hoarders."  Last week it was the office, which we cleaned enough for her to get into it, and this week it's the kitchen.  I found and cleaned the kitchen table three days ago, and it was buried again this morning when I was there!  Like I said, I'll get to your place as time permits this week.  I will make it a priority.

18 thoughtful remarks:

peggy apl said...

It's great to get such lovely mail, isn't it? Julia hasn't posted yet but I thought I'd drop by to check on what you've been up to. Happy WOYWW!
peggy aplSEEDS

Nikki C said...

Yah to happy mail it is the best kind sure beats bills anyway :) my space isn't anymore exciting this week either I was just doing a stamp tidy up but I did manage a shot of one of my baby squirrels they are tough to get a snap shot of them happy woyww hugs Nikki

Rebeca Trevino said...

you lucky girl!
i haven't gotten a hand addressed anything in the mail in years.

Ohhh Snap said...

You won the jack pot of rocking horses : ). It really is nice to see wendy out and about these days lol. Hoarding is a particularly difficult to treat form of OCD, don't get discouraged. It is awesome that you are helping out : ).

Helen said...

happy mail indeed, so glad you decided to join in anyhow! Waiting for my linky number... Helen

Krisha said...

Oh Happy Mail is so fun to receive, and look at he goodies packed inside! OOOO LA LA!

No linky yet, but you know where to find me.......grin

BJ said...

What a lucky bunny and a proper stamp too, how cool is that. I would have come from Julia's but no Julia's yet today and it is already 7.14am here in the UK. Thought I had the wrong day at first. BJ #??

Annie said...

So glad our little ATCs arrived safely. Thanks for my new title :-)
Annie x

Neet said...

No numbers as yet and I have to go shopping. Great atc's you got and you could get one more if you gave me your snail mail addie. Please.
My email is on the RH side of my blog
Love to you and Bleubeard as always
Hugs, Neet xx

Eliza said...

Elizabeth, you always have something to post about, where on heavens earth is the master Bluebeard at a minimum you should post a shot of him. Mind you today Yoda is still in bed, I posted yesterday because today was full. I always want to hear from you OK. Maybe all that cleaning of the hoarders is getting you down. Keep Smiling.

Loads of hugs Eliza & Yoda
(no number)

Claire said...

Real mail really is THE best - hence I was so sad to miss the WOYWW5 party a couple of weeks ago :(
Julia hasn't posted yet, so I'm just wandering around to see who has :)
Happy WOYWW x

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Love getting snail mail, especially when it is gifts of art. Love the ATC's you received. Diane @ afocusedjourney.blogspot.com

Robyn said...

No numbers yet,a nd i wanted to pop by.
I'm in love with the is World Wide Wonderfulness of swapping and RAKing.
this is what Peace looks like!
and a tidy desk to boot!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lovely happy mail. I've updated my blog to explain why ther is no WOYWW this week...you may wish to read it.
Hugs, LLJ. Xxx

see you there! said...

IS there a better surprise than getting some art in the mail? Great pieces to add to your collection.


Angela Radford said...

It always brightens the day when something nice comes through the post.
Got the message about Julia.
Happy crafting, Angela @Felix the Crafty Cat http://angelacuttingandcarving.blogspot.co.uk/

Caro said...

Gorgeous happy mail there! They are all so varied and beautiful. Happy WOYWW. Caro x

Twiglet said...

Glad you like your happy mail! Me and my much younger sister had great fun making them! x Jo