Sunday, June 8, 2014

More ICADs for the first week of play

Once again I'm joining Tammy at Daisy Yellow for her ICAD project.  I'm trying to stick to the weekly prompts, which this week was found poetry, words, etc.  I'm really glad this week is over and we can move on to collage, where I can fussy cut, glue, and paste to my heart's content.  Without further ado,

I found these words in my junk mail, and tried to draw a pot.  Those who know me, know I can't draw ANYTHING.  What makes matters worse, my new gold pen that I bought not too long ago, didn't last through this IC.  In fact, when I tried to "reload" it, the nib, which is fiber, pushed so far inside the pen, I had to cut it out in order to get enough paint to finish this.  So much for cheap EXPENSIVE pens (not an oxymoron, just my take on these pens I paid a fortune for, even with a coupon).

What can I say?  I love my coffee.

I realize this one is a bit silly, but I had some leftover scrapbook paper, and you know I can't waste anything.  I even colored the heart purple (which originally matched the yellow house) to coordinate with the "tree."

My first four ICADs for the first week can be found here.  Not sure when Tammy plans to post the "Linky Love," but I'm ready when she does.

11 thoughtful remarks:

dawn said...

Hi Elizabeth! So nice to see your icads again, YAY! Like them all but that last one is my favorite since it has a tree/heart/house all things I love.
I agree the collage week is just the perfect prompt for you.

I think Tammy said she's not doing a link or she's doing it once a week?? There is a flickr group you might be able to use?
As long as you keep posting them here for me to see I'm happy!!

Hoping to post my T time early tomorrow before kids are up.
Can't wait for SOC tomorrow, YIPPEE!!

Have a great day my friend!

Linda Gibbons said...

Happy Sunday, Elizabeth! I like your ICADs, especially your found poetry. Looking forward to the next ones.

Anonymous said...

Great Word work on your cards this week.
I am not doing collage or much paint (just a little slapped on here and there). We are planning 2 trips to the beach so I have to make mine user-friendly so pen and ink it is. It is giving me a great opportunity to practice Mehndi design work and some awesome flowers and of course mandalas.
Happy ICAD making!!

Nan G said...

Cool Icads. Yep those 'cheap' will do that to you. Darn things. Hugs from the girls in FL.

Corrine at said...

Of course as I sit here drinking some french roast with cream and sugar I love the coffee themed one. LOL xox

Cindy McMath said...

Hi Elizabeth - Your cards are great. I would probably take that pen back if you still have your receipt! I am always saving small bits of paper too - and these types of project are perfect for them.

I want to live in a confetti house with a heart tree in the front yard - what fun!

I saw your note the otehr day that you are playing in SOC too - I'm excited! I have not been in it yet but it looks like a lot of fun.

Off to finish my ICAD - I did a nice background but now have no idea what to do with it. :)

Carol said...

Of course the coffee one is my favorite :) but the house and tree are a close runner up. Have a great and I know you will keep yourself busy ♥

Vicki Miller said...

Your pot looks just like a pot and I love the little scraps inside the house. Little bits of love, I think!

dawn said...

Hi again!! Did you see those SOC colors, LOVE THEM!! Don't want to spoil it in case you haven't peeked yet. Someone beat you to the first link up there, sigh. Was realllllly hoping to see you there. Hope you can share soon and no computer issues going on for you.
I did my T time post this morning and will link tomorrow, YAY!
Have a great day!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your coffee ICAD reminded me that T time is coming up and I am determined not to miss it despite the fact that I am head deep, yes head!, in home improvement projects!

There are so many inspiring blogs with prompts, I wish I could try them all!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Just love these! Love the coffee one especially! Chrisx