Friday, April 11, 2014

Heart of my heart

It's been a busy day here, so I have very little accomplished.  Between dividing my time between two households of cats/kittens, and scooping more poop every day than I'm used to in a month, that may be TMI.  Obviously, it's starting to catch up with me.  To further complicate matters, my friend Kathy is coming today, because it's her birthday.  I'm taking her out to eat and we are going shopping, which of course, is something Kathy loves to do.

Of course, I spent part of the day cleaning house, so art time was even more of a premium.  And that hopefully explains why I haven't been by to see my dear friends and favorite blogs.  However, I will share what I have finished art wise. 

I started with some paper scraps that would probably be destined for the trash in any other home and
turned them into some heart embellishments.  So what took the most time?

Adding the dryer sheet that I had to attach from the back side because I turned the hearts over to freehand draw on the papers.  I plan to make a few more of these as time permits, but next time I will have a template so they are all the same size.

This is Day 12, and I made a few heart embellishments from scraps of paper and a used dryer sheet.  And as sometimes happens when I make art, I don't always have a specific use for the pieces I've made.  But at some point, they become just the thing I'm looking for.  Now I'm off to get ready for Kathy's birthday visit.

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Craftymoose Crafts said...

Hope you have a wonderful visit with Kathy. I'm sure the cats/kittens are happy with their "maid" service!

Have a good weekend!

see you there! said...

Have a great time with Kathy. I'm sure you will find just the right purpose for your hearts in the future.


Corrine at said...

Another great recycle. Those dryer sheets add so much texture. xox

Dianne said... find the coolest stuff to recycle. and here all this time I've been tossing those dryer sheets in the trash! great project...have fun with Kathy & tell her Happy Birthday!

~*~Patty S said...

You are on an April roll of extra creativity E!
Your friends are lucky to have you there for them...
Your hearts are extra nice in my view because they are not cookie cutter shapes...each one very individual kind of like "real" he♥rts are :)
I will be away from the computer as we are having a little family reunion out in California for Easter...I do plan to take the traveling tea cup along

Anonymous said...

I blundered across your blog just now as a result of an image of yours I pinned (decorative paper edge with buttons:). I think we might be kindred spirits (if I may be so bold:). I am thinking I will enjoy reading/subscribing to your blog. What a wonderful wealth of info you have available for AB makers!

:) Linda

dawn said...

These are wonderful Elizabeth!! I love hearts you know and these are pretty!! Great job using leftover dryer sheet and getting this many done on your busy day. Happy Birthday to Kathy! Hope it was a good lunch out.
We are having my dad and sisters over to celebrate his birthday today. The temps will be high 60's, YIPPEE!!! Hope it's warm for you too.

Anonymous said...

Love these!!!
what are dryer sheets made of??? they are like post-epocolyipic material or something.
Have a fab weekend

Halle said...

Fun sewn hearts. Great way to use up scraps.