Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Smiles 66: A day at the museum

I'm joining Annie (AKA Wipso) at A Stitch in Time  for the 66th Friday Smiles.  I want to bring a smile to her face, because she's had so much bad news lately.  Thankfully, she's staying positive while trying to sell their (her and hubby) bungalow, and still keeping the new bungalow they have invested (both emotionally and financially) in, which is contingent on the sale of theirs.  So, let's put a smile on Annie's face today and join her for some good times, good memories, and maybe a few laughs, too.

In case some of you missed the first museum post,

when I last saw you, we were upstairs looking out over the gardens of the museum, and headed toward the exhibit I thought Sally and all my British friends would appreciate.

I hope you can read this.  I know Sally and many of my British friends watch Downton Abby, although I never have.  That means I have no reference to the meaning of these paintings.  So I hope this exhibit, put together from Wichita Art Museum's (WAM's) permanent collection, will bring a smile to your face.

I apologize this is badly out of focus.

Sally enjoyed reading all the insets and looked at every photo.  It was the first time all day she didn't find a place to sit.  If you want to see every photo from this collection and the artist, go to this page on WAM's web site, then click on "on display," then "The Era of Downton Abby."  Although I tried several ways to find a direct link, there was none.

I hope some of you who watch the show, find ways to relate these photos to it.  Now let's join Annie and smile all the way through the weekend.

20 thoughtful remarks:

Annie said...

Downton Abbey is one series I never managed to watch Elizabeth but I do love the paintings so thank you for sharing them....what an amazing window too looking out on those gorgeous plants/flowers :-)
Annie x

dawn said...

Happy Friday! I'm sorry to hear about Annie, prayers that it will work out how she wants.

I've never watched Downtown Abbey but hear about it from others. Beautiful paintings. You did good job getting the pictures!! I read the post below too and wonder if only the two of you were there, how nice to get this many beautiful pictures without anybody in the way. YAY!! Gorgeous museum and art, I found several things I liked. I've never been to a museum as an adult, had no idea about the gift shop or that they have food there.
Thanks so much for sharing these!!

I posted our Easter pictures, such a lovely spring day it was. Have a great weekend!

Vicki Miller said...

Perhaps I think of Downton Abbey a bit differently, being from and english colony ie Australia, but the paintings don't connect for me. They are from the right period and are absolutely gorgeous, but that's just me I suppose. It looks like you had a great visit though.

Laura said...

Like Annie I have never watched Downton, we are most definitely in the minority though! Lovely paintings ans some of the frames are gorgeous too
Thanks for the smile

Vicki Miller said...

Thanks for dropping by. I am up to my fifth block, now, so I am getting into it! And as you say, I love leaves!

Halle said...

I love Downton Abbey! Although I am behind on this season. I do have them saved though so I can watch at a later time.
You know what made me smile the most was the flowering trees outside the museum. We aren't to that stage he as of yet. Trees are just starting to bud.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I'm another who has never seen DA, but my daughter is a fan so she would enjoy seeing these. Love the ?Gothic painting of the church.

MaggieC said...

I have watched Downton from start to finish and have the DVD's. What a great exhibition and a superb place that museum is. xx Maggie

Rebeca Trevino said...

i'm not a a fan, but your photographs are wonderful. your new camera is doing a great job.

BTW: do they allow photos taken inside the museum? that's great! (or did you sneek them?)

we're going to see the Georgia O'keefe exhibit in San Francisco tomorrow, cannot wait, but i'm pretty sure they won't let me take pictures :(

Rebeca Trevino said...

hi E
thanks for stopping by the blog. again i learned something new from you. i didn't know about traveling exhibits and permanent ones . . .

ps i would love it if you made some smalls . . . i'm glad you are inspired.
BTW: every bit of wood i used to make these came from the construction that is going on at my new studio location. there is a huge dumpster on site, and i go 'shopping' there everyday . . . another bonus to my new studio!

Caro said...

Love all the period paintings and Downton Abbey so this definitely brought a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#11)

Caro said...

Love all the period paintings and Downton Abbey so this definitely brought a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#11)

Sharmon Davidson said...

I love Downton Abbey, and find that whole lifestyle and era fascinating! this looks like a great exhibit!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

A "wunnerful" post Elizabeth enjoyed my stroll around your art gallery am like Sally and peer and red everything certainly did bring smile to my face :D Shaz in Oz.x PS thanks for your lovely words on my post, too

nightingalehoop said...

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Elizabeth said...

A great post Elizabeth - loved seeing all those photos. I think I watched almost every episode of Downton Abbey and thoroughly enjoyed it all. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

Kyla said...

oh its rotten when a fellow blogger is having a hard time, so lovely of your to think of her.

You are right, Downtown Abbey is HUGH over here....never watched it myself, but I can recommend Larkrise to Candleford if you get a chance...costume drama with a humourous twist!

Hettie said...

I HAVE watched Downton Abbey and enjoyed it greatly. I have even been to Highclere - the house where it is recorded with another two bloggers, one of whom is Canadian and is a HUGE fan!! She knew more about it than I did and could name scenes from each room we viewed!! I will link this post to her if you don't mind.
I agree with Kyla about Larkrise - a must see!
Thanks for raising a smile this Friday (Sunday).

Dianne said...

I admit it, I love Downton Abbey...the portrayal of the changing times is quite enthralling to me, the bits of history about the war, the fashions, women's changing roles. A bit of a soap opera really. Great topic for the museum to relate some of their collection with! I am sure it's a popular exhibit...those huge buildings and homes are amazing!

nightingalehoop said...

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