Saturday, April 5, 2014

Eye Shadow as Color Mist

Yesterday some of you saw how I compared mica powders to eye shadow using Jo at JoZart's spray starch technique.

Today I'm using some eye shadow to make my own color mist.  Materials (from back left clockwise)
*Distilled water
**Empty spray bottle
***Good PVA glue
Various eye shadows, your choice
Small beads to help keep the eye shadow mixed

A note about the products I chose

*Distilled water is a MUST.  Tap water will mold in a very short period of time, so unless you are planning to use the entire bottle of mist in a given session, do not use tap water.
**The empty spray bottle was reused.  I picked several up at the Dollar Store where I removed the bath spray that originally came in the bottles.  This particular one had color mist in it originally, and I washed it after the original spray was gone.   But there are lots of cheap ones out there that are far less expensive than the ones a certain scrapbook company sells.              
***PVA glue (white glue) should be good quality and full strength.  Do not use glue marked "School Glue," because it is watered down.

Choose your eye shadow color.  It should have a bit of shimmer.

You may mix colors if you are adventurous.

Add a bead to the bottom of your empty spray container, then fill the container with about 2/3 distilled water.

Add white glue while counting to five.

Add eye shadow to the mix.  Don't spill it all over your table or craft mat like I did, though!

Shake like crazy, allowing the little bead to act as a mixer.
Check your project to see how well the eye shadow is combining with the other materials.

This is NOT looking promising.

Shake another five minutes or so, then give up, because no matter what you do, that eye shadow is NOT going to mix with the glue water.

Now I can truthfully say that eye shadow can NOT be used to replace mica powders in color or shimmering mists, no matter how much you want it to.

This is Day 6 of 22 of my recycled projects, and unfortunately, I have nothing to show other than a failed project because I am taking my neighbor to the airport for her trip to Costa Rica.   I also have to learn her new alarm system, and her new locking system, while coping with her two cats very active kittens.  It's going to be a busy two weeks!

14 thoughtful remarks:

Marilyn J. Rock said...

Thanks for sharing all of this! Gee; I have tons of eye shadows that I no longer use. I have used some as "chalks" in some projects. Love the idea of spray mists! Have a lovely day! xo

~*~Patty S said...

thank you for experimenting and trying new things and sharing your results with us both good and not so good E!

Happy Weekend to you

Caterina Giglio said...

you are an adorable mad scientist and you have ingenuity to show for your efforts, and we are all thankful for that! xo

Dawn Catmull said...

What a great idea, I too have lots of unused eyeshadows...think am now too old for lots of shimmer lol, might give this a try. Thanks for stopping by my desk.
Dawn #3

JoZart said...

Would it work with water and gum arabic shaken up with the eyeshadpw, I wonder?
Have fun with those kittens and I hope Bleubeard doesn't get jealous.
Jo x

Jo Murray said...

Worth a try!

Corrine at said...

Well it totally sounded as if it would work. Too bad it did not....I wonder is there alum in the eye shadow, would that make it not mix properly? Hmmm. Oh well, thanks for sharing, we learn so much from those mistakes...xox

pearshapedcrafting said...

Loving your experiments! Sorry today's didn't work.
Jealous of you getting 3 kitties to play with! Chrisx

Carol said...

You get an A+ FOR TRYING :) Good luck with the kitties They can be so much fun :)

dawn said...

Hello and happy Saturday! I'm sorry your mist didn't work. I really thought it would and couldn't wait to see it, sigh. Thanks so much for trying and sharing it anyhow. WOW, sounds like you will be having fun for two weeks, lol. I'm sure Bleubeard will love sharing you with the kittens. Good luck.
Can't wait to see what you share next.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, glad you enjoyed my PL pages. I am determined not to let it get behind again like this. Too hard and not fun to catch up.

I just posted some new fun art on my page if you get the chance to see. Will be linking up early to your T Time post this week too.

Take care!! HUGS!

Krisha said...

What a great heads-up this little experiment turned out to be......well for the rest of us. Thanks for sharing all your experiments. I love reading them.

Give Bluebeard a pat for me, handsome little devil.....LOL

Nan G said...

You are an adventurous chemist, E! I too was hoping it was going to work. Thanks for sharing your mixology adventures. Waving HI to his majesty. The Girls are sleeping but I know they send hugs. Ooo kitties! Have fun. Hugs from me too.

Halle said...

Ah and there we go...basically the same results as I got.

Rebeca Trevino said...

Live and learn . . . right?

i am loving this project of 22 days of recycled stuff. i am learning so much. thanks for taking me along.