Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dumpster Diving

Last Saturday I took my friend Sally to the airport, where she caught a plane to Costa Rica.  You can see how our airport is expanding, including getting a new name in the process.

Imagine my surprise as I was replacing my lens cap to see Sally standing posing and waiting for her photo to be taken.  She even told me she remembered she was supposed to smile every time I took a photo of her.
As I headed home, I thought about letting this information leak on my blog.  I'm not worried though, because  I'll be spending half my time at her place and half at mine.  Makes it hard, since I need to be here to make art and schedule my posts, but somehow it will all get done.

Many of you who are long time readers of my blog have heard me say I like to dumpster dive, or I raided my neighbor's dumpster.  I'm fairly certain some of you thought I was joking, but

the proof is in the pudding my driveway.  This is what I found sitting in my driveway when I got back from the airport.   Yes, all this was headed to the dump on Monday morning and is now out of my driveway.  I didn't even have to rummage, because

my sweet neighbor left these for me.  And I had just the way to use the large ones.

Of course, it took nearly a week for me to get to this project.  You can see I started with the tiles, some water, a wet rag, and E-6000, which I planned to stick two tiles to one another.

Unfortunately, I used way too much E-6000, and it did NOT stick two tiles together, since the backs were not flat.  What I should have used was a mastic or mortar.  Instead, I wasted way too much time and good glue over-thinking this project.

It was late afternoon by the time I came up with a plan.  It may not be a good plan, but it's a plan, anyway.  This photo was taken from my driveway.

This shows my "flower bed," where I split the walkway, as well as the little bird before I moved it.

You can see where I've extended the walkways to the edge of my enclosed flower area.  Too bad the only thing really thriving right now are the dandelions.

I moved my little bird to where the paths split, but I'm not sure I'll leave it there.  It's been all over the yard, so it may find a better place soon.  Of course, it was flapping in the breeze so hard earlier today, I had trouble getting a decent shot.

And then, if nothing more than to prove to myself, spring may hopefully be on its way.

Today was Day 11, and I recycled 20 ceramic tiles my neighbor would have taken to the dump if I hadn't found a use for them.

16 thoughtful remarks:

Karen Gist said...

It was very sweet of your neighbour to realise you would use those tiles and they do look nice in your garden! I love a good poke around in a skip (what we call a dumpster). Now I would have gone for that little cupboard and would have fun decorating it with allsorts :-D xxx

Craftymoose Crafts said...

You have a nice neighbor, and I like the walkway you put down. It looks like Spring really has arrived there; this week looks promising for us, too!

Jo Murray said...

The walkway looks great.....well done.

Divers and Sundry said...

dandelions are such unappreciated wildflowers! i like your walkway. very creative use of your find. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, firstly I have to say how CUTE Sally is posing for her picture! Cute!!
I hope she has a fabulous time.
Now, I love what you did with those tiles and what a great neighbor to "home deliver" them right to your doorstep! That makes it doubly better!
Have a terrific day~

Krisha said...

Looks great. I do hope those are porcelain tiles, it not the moisture will get to them rather quickly.

Sally looks happy to be jetting away, such a pretty smile she has.

Dianne said...

Excellent use of the tiles my dear! I admit it, I was eyeing the cabinet on the trailer in your driveway...seemed too good to go to the dump. would work in someone's studio! Sally's smile was terrific... maybe it was because she was on her way to much warmer weather! don't work too hard while 'house sitting!'

Rebeca Trevino said...

that is a great re-use of tiles.

and your idea to stick 2 together is a great one . . . to give them more strength. and yes i think mortar or tile adhesive would do the trick. a friend of mine gave me a few granite tiles, to create a pathway, but, they soon broke. next time i will try 2-together. . . thanks for the tip!

Nan G said...

Costa Rica, what a lucky gal! Love the tile stepping stones walkway. Very cool. And tulips soon to be blooming!! Yea! I have to agree with a comment above...I'd of taken the small cabinet too. ;) you're going to Costa Rica?

Carol said...

I would have rummage through that trailer anyhow :) Ya just never know what goodies you find under other items. Dandelions are my daughters favorite herbal flower. She and I actually deliberately planted them in our yard when she was younger. The neighbors thought we were nuts... WE ARE ♥♥♥♥♥

~*~Patty S said...

Those tiles make perfect stepping stones in your flowerBED :)
I can't go anywhere near E6000...that stuff makes me ill...seems I can smell it a mile keen sense of smell is a blessing AND a curse sometimes hah!
Everyone looks nicer with a smile and Sally is no exception...
you should be safe since we don't know Sally's last name much less her home worries
Have fun with the rest of those treasures waiting for you...
Your tulips sure are advanced...things are abit slow here in N VA...but the famous cherry blossoms are doing their thing and that is always a sure sign that Spring has sprung

dawn said...

What a great friend Sally is, love the way she lets you get her picture, it's a good one too! What a nice neighbor you have! Love what you did with the tiles, they look great. I see spring is coming to your yard too, YAY! I will be posting my spring pretties later today.
Happy Friday and weekend!

Marilyn J. Rock said...

I think we're all dumpster divers :) Love you walkway project! You're brilliant! xo

Elizabeth said...

A brilliant reuse of those tiles ... I like paths that wind through a garden. Not done a lot of dumpster-diving myself but I know it goes on in the cities, especially in London. I think it's a great idea - better to recycle than to dump. Hope you, Sally and Bleubeard, have a fun summer together. Elizabeth xx

Corrine at said...

Perfect and such a considerate neighbor to leave them. xox

Halle said...

Great reuse of those tiles! At least you were able to save a bit from the landfill.