Saturday, March 29, 2014

My friend Sally's birthday

Yesterday was my friend Sally's birthday.  Since Sally loves basketball as much as I, I decided to give her the book I made over the NBA All-Star Weekend. 

It's painfully obvious I don't make cards, and this one was a bust from the very beginning.  I had no idea how to keep the twill tape from fraying, and I feared if I tried to wrap it around the back of the card front, it would cause an even bigger mess.  At least Sally won't notice because she doesn't notice those things.  And even if I explain how painfully BAD this card is, she won't remember in a few days.
You can see I finally added a title to the front, and one to the back of the book.  The book I'm proud of.  The card, not at all!

I'm also making Sally a holder for her badge, but I learned when I tried to get an idea of the size, each badge is different sized.  Can you imagine how many photos I had to take to get my OTT light to shine on her last name to obliterate it?  And yes, she travels all over the world to these conferences.  The next one begins in April and it's in Jamaica (sorry, that was two years ago, this year it's) Costa Rica.  Also, it's not with Crime Stoppers, but another group she belongs to.  I had to revise this after seeing Sally yesterday.

After borrowing one for the dimensions (I'm not much of a measure kind of gal), I took the size of the largest badge I could find, and turned it both directions, then marked the back of the fabric I hand painted last summer.  I kept hoping I would get a better idea of the badge size once she received her latest one in the mail, because my scheme was not working.
True to form, Sally forgot to bring the new badge, although she said she laid it next to her purse.  But it didn't matter, because we had a wonderful lunch that started with dessert.  BTW, she loved the fabric I chose to encase her badge.

Happy Birthday, dear friend.

10 thoughtful remarks:

Corrine at said...

I am sure Sally was thrilled with your gifts, you two are so close......nice to have a best friend to hang out with isn't it? You two do so much together on your adventures...xox

Karen Gist said...

Happy Birthday Sally!!! What a lovely idea to have dessert first :-D Now then Elizabeth...there is nothing wrong with that card at all!!! I would be very proud to have that my lovely. HUGS xxx

Marilyn J. Rock said...

A happy birthday to Sally! Looks like she really enjoyed her day with you! I'm happy you both had that time together! xo

~*~Patty S said...

Looks like Sally had a happy birthday celebration with you dear E (cute picture!)...
I thought your card was really lovely and like frayed edges...
There is a sewing product called Fray Check if fraying bothers you (it is kind of like a clear 'glue')
Cool wooden WOYWW card holder too
your book for her
Happy Weekend to you!

Halle said...

You are a good friend! How lucky you are to have each other so close. :)

Monica said...

A lovely thoughtful birthday present.

see you there! said...

Hope Sally had a great birthday. So cool that you gave her your own hand made presents. Gifts from a friend that's for sure.


Nan G said...

Looks like you two had a lovely time celebrating Sally's birthday. I love the card! Twill is s'pose to fray it's shabby chic. ;)

dawn said...

I'm glad she was the receiver for the wonderful journal you made. LOVE IT!! Cool idea for the badge. Happy Birthday Sally!!

Maybe Sally can take your picture on your birthday!!

Nancy said...

Aww, happy belated birthday to Sally :)
I love that you're busy with art, and I love the card you made--sometimes I make sure the edges are frayed :)