Thursday, February 13, 2014

Journal 52, week 6: the lost art of love letters

This week Chelle at Journal 52 asked us to (and I quote):
. . . take inspiration from a love letter. Use a love letter quote or try writing your own love letter to a friend or family member, your sweetheart, secret crush, or even to yourself.
So that is exactly what I did!

And I'm sure you can guess who my "beloved" is, too.

After I created the background (more on that later), I hand wrote my letter.  You might be able to tell where my hand started to cramp, which was about the time I wrote "guests'."  From then on, it was downhill and by the time I finished, I could barely move my fingers.  In fact, I had to use my non-dominate hand to straighten them.

For the background, I began by laying down various papers on my file folder substrate that were either math related, or had foreign language text.  I tried to cover part of the page with tissue paper, to which I swiped some black pigment ink over the top of the peaks.  But when it was time to glue the letter and the embellishments to the page, they didn't want to stick to the tissue.

I painted the hand cut heart and lacy embellishment I cut from a punch (MS) using cheap craft paint.  I added the "6" to signify it was our sixth prompt.  Only 46 more to go!

Learn more about this project at Journal 52, but remember, if you want others to see your page for the week, you must show it on Flickr or Facebook, neither of which I participate in, or am a member of.

11 thoughtful remarks:

Marilyn J. Rock said...

So much better than a text! :) Love this! xo

see you there! said...

Great prompt and I like how you answered it very much. Wonder why stuff didn't want to stick to the tissue paper.


pearshapedcrafting said...

Love to you both! What a fabulous page! Chrisx

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I'm sure Bleubeard is feeling the love you put into your note and page. I like the effect of paint on the hills of the paper and am wondering , too, why the embellies wouldn't stick.

Halle said...

Ah what a lucky kitty. We do love those little furballs a lot!! I like the background...all that text gives such texture.

Krisha said...

Great page Elizabeth!
I've yet to post mine, maybe later today.
I, too, really like your background, and such a sweet note for Bluebeard.

Dianne said...

L♥ve how this page turned out! gorgeous colors on what you painted, and great texture created by the text pages you used. You actually have very nice handwriting! though if it causes pain I understand why you don't do it often...such a sweet letter to bluebeard! :)

Corrine at said...

Aww love the furry one. Me too. xox

Vicki Miller said...

So lovely! I would send him a valentine, too. And thanks for the lovely comment on my painting, lol

BJ said...

What a lovely love letter to Bluebeard. I just got some presents and a couple of cards from my hubby. He didn't notice that the big card is an anniversary one (that's not for a fortnight!!) Got a film to watch though as I really don't want to go out in the rain today. BJ

Jo Murray said...

That's just gorgeous!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you both.

PS: If MY beloved went around sitting on people's laps, someone would call the police.