Friday, November 29, 2013

We made it!! (AKA the final AEDM)

I actually put more into this piece than shows.  I originally planned to make a quiltlet, but after I had it sewn together, I decided to use it as the front of one of my scrappy journals.  My original intention was to highlight the fabric and cheesecloth, which I snow dyed earlier this year.  You can see the process here, and the results here.

But after I finished it, I decided it had too many flaws, and would look better as an insert on a scrappy journal cover.  I had to hurry through the process, which made it impossible to take time to measure and get everything precise, even though it took me forever to get this far.  My problem is, I still have one set of guests who are staying through the weekend, which has put a real damper on my computer and art time.

However, I still love the look of the piece and the hand dyed fabric definitely takes center stage.

BTW, my guests and I will be out all day (Nov. 30) because they want me to show them some of my favorite local businesses so they can honor Small Business Saturday.

Today is Day 30, the final day of
AEDM and I started sewing a scrappy journal cover using some of my snow dyed fabric.   

However, I'll be back tomorrow (actually in a few short hours, if blogger cooperates) with a wrap-up of the art I made every day in November.

11 thoughtful remarks:

Nan G said...

Beautiful piece! This will be a fab journal cover, Elizabeth. Congrats on completing AEDM!

Janet said...

Well, girl we did it. We ARTED every single day for a whole month! I'm proud of us! Now if I can just keep going - I think I can actually finish this album! Don't be a stranger! I've gotten to like our nightly "chats!"

Vicki Miller said...

I absolutely love this! Frayed edges are something I love using.
Congrats! We made it through a whole month!

Vicki Miller said...

I feel the same. I shall certainly be back to visit. By the way, I have no art training either, I just grew up in a family where everyone drew. I don't think it is actually necessary to be able to draw to be creative

linda said...

I love the colors and the fringy goodness of this piece. Congrats on finishing the month!
I'm off to scan and post one of the papers I made yesterday!

Marilyn J. Rock said...

This is so beautiful! Enjoy the small business tour! Kudos to you! xo

Halle said...

Love the color! Really great piece!!!
Have fun out and about today!

Carol said...

I TRULY LOVE THIS PIECE!!! It will make an amazing journal cover and someone will be very happy to receive it ♥ It's been a joy to share this adventure with you and I will be back on a regular bases to enjoy your creativity!!! The greatest thing about these challenges is the new friendships you build. I am proud to now call m=you my friend ♥

Maron said...

Very pretty, Elizabeth. What a nice finish to the month of creating!

Karla B said...

This is the end my friend. Let's stay in contact.I will be visiting your blog.Wonderful work as usual!

Judy Hartman said...

I was excited when I came to your blog and saw your beautiful fabric art, Elizabeth. I looked at your links to see your snow dyeing process and may give it a try this winter. Love the frayed edges, the stitching and the dispersed colors.
Now that AEDM is over, I hope we'll keep in touch, Elizabeth.
Take care.