Saturday, November 30, 2013

Art Every Day Month: the final wrap-up

Some of you have visited every day, or nearly every day this month, so a final wrap-up is in order.

As you may recall, on Day 1, I showed both my completed October and blank November calendar pages.  In just a few hours, my November calendar will be completed and on my blog.

For Day 2, I showed a different kind of wrap-up.  I wrapped my Mexican sage into bundles so they could dry into smudge wands.

On Day 3, we in the US set our clocks back, as I did the one in my kitchen.

Days 4 and 11 were spent making nature inspired Mandalas for Mandala Monday.
I hosted four T Tuesdays, which were on Days 5, 12, 19, and 26.

On Day 6, I took you to Paris, via my 7 Continents Altered Book.

Many of you suffered along with me on my nearly daily journey of painting, inking, swiping, spritzing, masking, stenciling, cutting, and decorating file folders that were turned into Christmas gifts, which I did on Days 7, 10, 13, 14, 21, 22, and 25.

On Day 8, I joined Friday Smiles with several calendar pages I created for my desk for 2014.  Of course my model was the extremely handsome Bleubeard.

I spent Day 9 fighting wind and rain while cleaning my herb garden and preparing it for winter.  I later cleaned my "Flower Bed" over the Days 9 and 10 weekend, but only showed it as part of Day 11 Mandala Monday.

Days 1 through 14 have now been accounted for, so it's time to skip ahead.  On Day 15, I was tired of working on File Folders and did a bit of sewing scrapbook pages for a friend.

On Day 16 I started a collographic plate, which took two more days (Days 17 and 18) to present a completed project.

Day 20 arrived not too long before my dear friend Kathy did.  Since I had no time to make tangible art, I put my camera to the test and shot photos of others' art as we made our way to lunch.

After cleaning most of Day 23, I potted a pineapple top.

I followed that on Day 24 with a spread in my collage inspired altered book I called Flower Power.

Continuing my use of recycled materials, I covered some CDs on Day 27.

I celebrated Thanksgiving on Day 28, when I revisited my collage inspired altered book in order to Give Thanks.

During the month of November, I read a mystery called A Puzzle in a Pear Tree.  Per our Artful Readers Club (ARC), I reviewed the book, then made the above artwork on Day 29 as part of the review.  Note also, I used a print from my home made collographic plate as part of the art.

For my final day (Day 30), I created a small work I originally intended to be a quiltlet, but decided to turn into part of a scrappy journal cover, instead.  In case you missed it, I used some of my snow dyed fabric I created earlier this year.

Although AEDM 
is over for another year, it's never too late to make art every day, and to think about next November.

11 thoughtful remarks:

Craftymoose Crafts said...

It was really fun to see all you accomplished this month. Neither wind nor rain nor guests deterred you from cleaning up your garden and being creative.

linda said...

Wow!, when you look at it that way, it's a really good body of work! Nice job! I think my favorite is the last one with the buttons and snow dyed cloth.

I made my "fake " Gelli plate with a plastic page protector (we have thousands at our office)into which I tucked an old magazine to give it some cushioning. THen I used it just like a real gelli- squirting paint, brayering it around, stenciling, making marks with combs, credit cards and such, and using masks.

Anonymous said...

You got so much done!! kudos to you!

dawn said...

HAPPY HAPPY LAST DAY!! Why am I not surprised that this post is TOTALLLLLLY AWESOME AND PERFECT!! I love seeing these kinds of posts, you amaze me constantly dear friend! I loved reading back over all you did, truly enjoyed it! WOW, you did so much and made it seem so easy, except for the certain files but we won't talk about that (grin).
This last piece here and below is soooo adorable. I want one of those, it's PERFECT just like this!! How fun it turned out, can't wait to see the journal it will make.
I may have missed a few days visiting but got here as often as I could and did catch up when needed. So very proud of you and hope you are too. This was BIG and you pulled it off without breaking a sweat.
Happy that your computer worked for you this year too, YAY!!
Happy almost December, it will be our first one together, YAY! Looking forward to whatever you share with us.
Hope your weekend is good!

Janet said...

What a great idea to recap! Sure makes you feel good about all you've accomplished, huh? It was a good month!

Sandy said...

Oh love your review of everything you made this month. You got so much done. I love your fabric journal cover what a great colour. I found this was a great way to get lots of my unfinished pages done and got so much accomplished.. Will definitely do this again next year..
Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog..
Sandy :)

Halle said...

You certainly had a busy month! Good job keeping up with the AEDM!!

Vicki Miller said...

Wow, it all looks like so much when you put it together, congrats again!

Corrine at said...

You did get a lot done. Loved the cd redo and your folder books. You were crazed. I could never do one of those every day things. Too much still going on work wise. I lucky I can manage what I do and I am behind Sigh. Xox

Judy Hartman said...

What a wonderful wrap up, Elizabeth! I never thought to do that. I do like the idea of calendar pages, and yours are terrific. And yes, Bleubeard is, indeed, a handsome fellow! :)

~*~Patty S said...

This is quite an impressive post and wrap up E!
You always share so many great details on your creative journey but this one must have taken loads of time to put together = Brava!!!

Sorry if I worried you being absent for so long on my bbb ... my intention was to at least do one tea post from Colorado...
but it turned out we were so busy there just wasn't time and the laptop is nothing like my home computer and nice big screen so my plan never materialized!

Mr M is whisking me away for a long weekend and has a couple more December short trips I am imagining I won't be getting that much Christmas creating done, visits to blog friends and cards sent either = Yikes!

Back to playing catch up with the laundry...
(((hugs))) to you and Bleubeard
Happy December T Day...