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October's ARC selection

Darcy's ARC, or Artful Readers Club, will soon be posted, and

Terry Taylor's Altered Art is up for review this month.
  • ISBN-13: 9781579905507
  • Publisher: Lark Books NC
  • Publication date: 9/1/2004
  • Pages: 144
  • Product dimensions: 8.84 (w) x 10.28 (h) x 0.69 (d)
Please note I posted this last week before I read that Darcy had pushed our October ARC reviews back a week.  Please be aware this in NOT part of AEDM, or Art Every Day Month.
I started this post in early September with a few photos I took with my old camera.

Eventually I went back and took a few shots I had forgotten,

like the ones in these opening pages.  I suggest you view them in the "lightbox," or where you click on the photos so they enlarge.

Ones like this spread, which discusses what jurors look for when judging what will be included in books or art shows, will NOT enlarge.

I should have retaken this photo so you could read what tools and supplies you would need to make altered objects.

Of course, you're unable to see what supplies you might want to use, too.

The first section was on altered books.  Each chapter is laid out the same way, with the basics shown first.

As many of you know (possibly from the title of my blog, or links to posts on my right sidebar), I have made my fair share of altered books.  

This particular chapter began with "personal myths," something the artist who wrote the altered book chapter focused on.  Thankfully, this is the last of the photos you can't enlarge.

Please do yourself a favor.  If you truly want to see what this book is all about, please enlarge the photos you will see from now on.

More "Personal Myths."

The final pages of each chapter contains examples of objects that others have designed and made specifically for the book.  These are all examples of altered books,

as are these.

It was at this time, I decided to show only relevant photos, including the basics of tins and boxes.

I spent a lot of time on this chapter, because I knew this is where my inspiration would come.

At first, I planned to alter a sardine tin.  I even bought a tin of sardines, and tried to feed it to Bleubeard, who promptly stuck his nose up and walked away from a full bowl of sardines!

But, I truly wanted to alter a cigar box,

like the ones shown in the Gallery section.

The next section focused on cards, tags, and games.

Many of these were truly inspiring, although there were some I'd never seen before.

I had to laugh at this section, because so many of my artist friends

make Timmy (Tim Holtz) tags that make this entire section outdated.

Several of my artist friends still make altered puzzles, so I read this section with great interest.

This reminded me of several checker boards and a "Life" game board I once altered.  Nothing new here, but fun to learn how the artist created the piece.

Many of my friends send mail art, so I read this section with great interest in hopes for some mail art tips.

Even without enlarging the photo, we all know Claudine Hellmuth made the poppets on the right page.  The images on the bottom left reminded me of

a postcard I made years ago.

The final chapter dealt with altered objects, a chapter I really enjoyed reading.  Again, the author started with the basics.

There were lots of examples, including these blockheads.

The Gallery section was filled with fun objects.

The altered objects came in all shapes and sizes, and were as clever and unique as the artists, themselves.

For my inspiration art, I started with this wooden cigar box my friend Anna Wood sent me all the way from Canada.  Unfortunately, Anna doesn't have a blog, or I would share it with you.  I began by trying to sand down the patina on this box.

Some of you were probably here on Monday when I created my Monday Mandala from a few of these shells.  And yes, that's my camera strap in the photo (grin).

I finished the assembly and took it to my main floor craft room, where the lighting was marginally better on this cold, drab day. 

Although I don't have any step-out photos, I will walk you through how I made this altered cigar box that took three days to finish.  I began by deciding to cover the top of the cigar box with sandpaper, because I couldn't get the patina off the box.  The image was printed on vellum.

Now I confess, I'm a bit of a minimalist, but the person I made this box for is not.  So, I tried to glam it up, at least a bit, by using various shells and a tiny container of sand on the box lid.

I used various shells on the inside after I attached the image using gel medium.  Somehow, I envisioned more shells when I started, but I ran out of small shells before I ran out of box.

The inside top of the box also got a shell and a computer generated saying I created on vellum.

I love how the Simon's Havana insignia stamp can be seen through the saying.

I admit that the person I've made this for would have added shells all over the outside, but I chose a bit more discretion.

After I started working on the box, I decided I didn't want to cover the original patina or the beautiful wood on the inside.  I hope I didn't bore you too much, either with photos or my inspiration art.

I give this book 4 of 5 stars.  I was obviously in love with the altered objects and the pieces that were selected, but this was one of those books where the only author was the one who got the book published.  I have a thing about that, although I know it's done all the time in the publishing industry, and art books are no different.  Just because the author spent time deciding what art would go in the book, it doesn't make him any more important than the other people who contributed their time, efforts, writings, and art to the book.

And to get you in the mood, next month I'll be reviewing: 

Please visit our host Darcy for links to other Artful Readers Club members.  I know they will appreciate your visit as much as I.

18 thoughtful remarks:

Craftymoose Crafts said...

That was a good review for a book that I think I would enjoy since I am relatively new to altered art. I like how you altered the cigar box (my offer always stands should you want more).

Dawn said...

Fab post Elizabeth, thank-you sweetie. I have this book and thoroughly enjoyed it too, some fab tips and hints scattered throughout along with some beautiful inspirational pieces. I totally agree with you about the 'credit' issue and think that 'compiled by' would have been a better idea!!!!!!!!
Ha ha ha ha re Bleubeard and the sardines bless him, I had a gorgeous Tabby/Abyssinian cross many years ago, called Billy, who did the exact same thing when presented with a tin of tuna!!!!!!!!
Huge hugs x x x x

Corrine at said...

Great review. I love your over the top box, it must have been hard for you to really glam it up....came out great. So many of these books cover the same stuff though, once you have seen one, you pretty much have seen the others....xox

dawn said...

How fun to read another book review by you. What a great job you do with these each month. I enjoyed seeing and reading about it.
How wonderful and fun your cigar box came out. I love the shells and the b/w pictures are wonderful! Whoever is getting this is one lucky lady and will enjoy it.

I am thinking of doing the art everyday with you next month. Can you please share what you will be doing, if it's a secret then I'll wait. Didn't know if you have a theme or something new each day? I have a couple ideas but also want to keep up with my PL and other type posts too.
It is a big commitment and should be fun, will be extra fun and inspiring knowing your doing this too.
Hope your weekend is a good one. Thanks for helping!!

see you there! said...

Enjoyed the review, it looks like a book I'd like to own and I rarely say that as I use the library all the time.

Good looking altered cigar box. Great use of your shells.


~*~Patty S said...

Very nice review E...
I am such a fan of altered anything/everything! I am thinking I may have that book...
I am so bad about actually reading these sorts of books...
I buy them and look at the photos always meaning to actually reading them...
life moves so fast!
Your seashell box turned out beautifully and leaving some of the special box showing seems just right to me too!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

dawn said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful comment and answer to my questions. I did look back and WOW, you did a lot of work and crafting and keeping busy. How sad about your computer, that happened to me one time and I couldn't link up either. It is frustrating when our computers don't work for us, I use to never like them or want on in the house. UUMMM guess who uses it the most now.... ME!! Funny how things turn out.
So far my ideas are...
to have theme days
to do art journal page everyday
to do a prayer/thankful page daily
to do any kind of art daily
to just show a picture for the day and what I'm thankful, have done this one in the past
to show collages

Yep, see all these ideas rolling around in my head, crazy isn't it!!

Oh and if that wasn't enough, I have to start making homemade decorations and Christmas cards so it's all done before December.
Have a great Sunday, hope to see you for Mandala Monday!

Krisha said...

I LOVE reading your book reviews. Your cigar box turned out great, but I know you didn't need the book for that.

Halle said...

I've checked that book out from our library several times over the years. It's great for inspiration.

Dianne said...

I have this book and still look at it from time to time for inspiration. Your cigar box turned out beautifully! I really love the inside with the vintage photo...

dawn said...

Saw your comment on Dawn's blog about being sick.

So sorry to hear that dear friend!! Stay warm and lots of rest and tea. Sending you a big bear hug and feel better soon wishes!

Lady Catford said...

Oh wow, the altered cigar box looks just great

abby j said...

I want to be on your gift list! What a fabulous end result from reading (and obviously absorbing) your book. So many great ideas is one book... Well done! What will you create next? :)

Mario Zeleny said...

Wow! I got a new book to add to my gotta have list. Great review! More thorough than Amazon! Thanks for visiting my site... I am joining yours.


DocAngi said...

Love the photos and the review. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing your process in making your altered art. I have seen the book before and love is at my local library. I think I may need to go back and check it out again. I have read your next selection...I love the Puzzle Lady series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Cheers, Doc Angi

Darcy UK said...

Great review. I am with you totally, if someone contributes to a book they should have their name, and small bio near their photos at the very least. Obv you can't have 20 odd people listed as authors on the covers, lol how funny would that be, though in fairness it might make for an interesting cover lol

I adore shells, I have lots. there is a shell shop about 40mins from me, whenever I go there I buy a new shell.

Janet said...

Enjoyed reading your fulsome review and scrutinizing the photographs! Your cigar box is a thing of beauty and I love your interpretation of the seaside theme.

Janet xx

Magaly Guerrero said...

I didn't think a cigar box could look this pretty!