Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My October herb garden

Every month I've tried to take photos of my herb garden and this month is no different.

Everything is looking really ragged now that October has arrived.

My volunteer tomatoes are ready to pick,

but the camomile never flowered.  I seem to have developed another pot of cilantro from the coriander seeds I threw in the pot last month.  It was enough for a wonderful three egg omelet.

I plan to remove my Mexican sage from the pot and plant it directly in the ground.  From what I have read, it will automatically die back after the first hard freeze, and pop up again next year, when it will flower in late summer or early autumn.  I just need to dig a hole for it.  The wind had taken its toll on it, anyway, so I need a more stable area for it to grow.

The basil is ready to harvest, because some of it has already gone to seed.  I'll remove the flower heads and save them to burn in my chiminea.  Basil smells so great when it's fresh, and also when it's burning in my chiminea.  Nothing goes to waste in this garden.

My blackberry vines are doing well and growing like a weed.  It's hard to remember how small that vine was when I first brought it home after Herb Day and

planted it in my spring garden.

Not everything was cut, but these were, and everything except much of the basil was used in my Mandala I shared on Monday.  How is your garden growing this time of year?

6 thoughtful remarks:

Marilyn J. Rock said...

I wish I could say I have a garden but I do not. Kudos to you for nurturing such a wonderful one. xxoo

Nan G said...

You have been tending quite a variety of herbs, Elizabeth. Gardening in FL is a lot of work so I do not have much of one. A few hardy flowering plants is all.

dawn said...

I love this post and was thinking of doing the same thing. Kinda sad when the garden is done isn't it. My yard looks empty now but soon the fall colors in the trees will make it a happy place again.
Your little pots and fence and garden spot is so cute, might have to try sketching and painting it one day.
Glad you got some herbs to use on your eggs too, never thought to do that myself.
Have a wonderful day! Oh and I was inspired by one of your recent posts/ art journal pages. Will be posting soon.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

The purple flowers on the Mexican sage reminded me of "bleeding hearts" when I first saw them. I think I just picked up some beading inspiration! :)

Krisha said...

Very interesting post Elizabeth. I LOVE fresh basil, and unfortunately mine have also gone to see, but I still take a few of the small leaves now and then.
Next year I hope to plant more herbs, you have been an inspiration with your garden and your monthly pictures. Thanks!

Dianne said...

my potted plants are looking bedraggled too...the mums are even looking spent. I suppose I should trim off the shabby flowers but gardening is just not my forte'. Love your sage!!