Saturday, August 17, 2013

Taking fabric in a different direction

I'd like to begin by saying I have mulled this project around in my head for several weeks, and now I've decided to actually start it.

However, I simply DREADED with a huge capital "D" working on my hated back patio,

even though the clothes line is close by.

Somewhere about the time I was talking myself out of starting this project because I didn't want to work on that ugly and open back patio, it hit me that all the supplies I needed for this project, with the exception of the old bed sheet, were in my main floor craft room, about 30 feet from my front porch.  Now I was revitalized, so I gathered my supplies. 

Oops!  I may have to find some tape or weights of some kind because the wind is rather strong.

Supplies from back to front:
Handmade shimmering mists, various colors
Old bed sheet
Scissors to make a small cut
Plastic bag to cover table
Not shown: purchased color mists from Ranger

So where is this table, you ask?

It sits on my front porch and is the perfect place to sit groceries and other bags when I need to open the door just to the left of the photo.  My craft room is on the other side of the porch behind a window that is exactly the same size and design as the one in the photo.

My friend Scott gave me this table (or maybe it was a desk in a previous life) and I've threatened to sand and paint or stain it, but he thought it should have character and stay the way it is.  

As I was taking these photos, my sweet next door neighbor drove into my driveway where he often parks, and mockingly posed for the camera without me even asking when he saw it in my hand.  His entire family is used to me taking pictures.  He's a wonderful, hardworking neighbor and a real ham.

Back to the fabric, I now tore it into long strips of manageable widths.

The first thing I had to deal with was a few color mists that were clogged.  This is always a pain when I have to unclog them.  But unclog I did.

I got a bit carried away with the mists.  Some I liked better than others, and some I knew were going to need lots of further work.

I wasn't at all fond of this pink monochromatic piece. For the fabric on the right, I tried to color a bit of yellow and blue/turquoise, but it turned out more green, even before I mixed it with yellow, which I tried to do often.

The "blue/turquoise" (on the left) had a funny spray pattern when I first started spraying it.  It sprayed in a "V" shape, which added some unexpected pattern to the fabric.  See below for the piece on the right.

The piece I showed throughout is on the left, and a mix is on the right.  I got tired trying to clean the butterscotch, a purchased color mist from a well known company.  After the second attempt, I gave up and moved on to green, specifically bottle and lettuce, along with my own green shimmer mist.

As I was spraying the bottle color, which is a straight color mist and not shimmery, I couldn't get it to spray properly.  I was about to take the container inside when it started to spray.  However, it didn't spray in spurts, but in long thin lines that reminded me of graffiti.

To say I was thrilled at this turn of events was an understatement.  I only wish I had devoted an entire panel to that graffiti looking design.  It helped me contemplate what my next move would be.  But first, these had to dry, so I will continue this tomorrow.  By the way, the yellow bucket holds pieces of rusty metal I use to make my rusted fabric.

11 thoughtful remarks:

Rebeca Trevino said...

i cannot wait to see what you to do with these fabrics. . .

i wanted to comment on the desk / table thing.
i have to say that i kind of agree with your friend scott. the desk has some history to it! from the little bit i can see, it has a beautiful patina. (i even enlarged it so i could see it better).

anyway, i'll be back to see what you do with the fabrics project.

Helen said...

the fabrics look great - especially that green one, that's my favourite... will check back for part 2!!

Halle said...

I was laying in bed this morning thinking that I hadn't done anything with fabric in a long time...I guess we're on the same wavelength.

Krisha said...

I think I like the graffiti one the best. I'll be back to see what you've done with it. LOVE the old desk, if it were mine it would have a glass top and be sitting in my craft room......LOL

Corrine at said...

You always have several things a going at the same time, always thinking ahead and marvelous results. A bucket with rusty metal for staining fabic, love it....xox

~*~Patty S said...

Great use of a bed sheet and your super color sprays E!
I marvel sometimes when I see things around me in a different and useful thinking to work on your porch = perfect!
I would be lost without our back porch and even use it in much cooler weather.
Know you'll create some wonderful things with your new fabric line

Monica said...

have to say I would have to funky paint that table/desk. Looking forward to the end result.

Dawn said...

Ooh what fun Elizabeth, I love the colours and can't wait to see what you do with them.
Huge hugs x

Nan G said...

Now I can't wait to see what you do with this sprayed fabric. Hugs p.s. cool old desk!

Christi Conley said...

Do you have a plan for the fabric? I love them!! And how do you unclog your clogged sprayers?? :)

Rita said...

I seem to always have troubles with spray paints/mists. Can hardly wait to see what you plan to do with these. :)
You neighbor made me smile. silly boy!