Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mandala Monday: Lilies

I'm joining Dawn at Girl Unwinding for Mandala Monday today

with what I call my Surprise Lily Mandala.  

We all now know, thanks to Jo Murray and her search for what this chess board is composed of, that it is made of onyx.  I tried to use a candy dish as a lift for the lilies some call Naked Ladies.  Unfortunately, fresh flowers are not as easy to arrange as silk ones (grin). Note even more of these lovely lilies are peeking through in the background.  They bloom in August and appear overnight on single "naked" stalks.

Other ingredients include leaves from a Rose of Sharon under the lilies, and an unknown tree that has started growing in my flower bed.  The lilies are going into a book to be pressed after they are removed from the mandala.  No waste here, dear friends.

Thanks again go to Dawn for hosting this really fun event that has suddenly made Mondays enjoyable.

15 thoughtful remarks:

Dianne said...

your surprise lilies are so pretty, they make a beautiful mandala! my lilies are blooming too but I'm pretty much staying indoors since the mosquitoes around here are really ravenous... so haven't been out in the yard much! the blue onyx game board is lovely too...

Rebeca Trevino said...

lilies? they are naked ladies! aren't they amazing?
they produce this lush green foliage that will die down, and then one morning a beautiful dark stalk appears and the next day a fragile, wispy pink flower (lily) appears. it's like magic every august.

they make a beautiful mandala, by the way.

Kimberly Hogan said...

Very cool. What a great way to Mandala without using paper and pen.I am going to incorporate this into my daughters homeschooling Nature studies for the upcoming school year. What a fun way to represent various elements of nature, plus we can incorporate geometry. Can I just tell ya, your killing me.. how can you stand not opening your package?? I'm one of those moms that has a hard time not letting Christmas come early. I'm happy it got there. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I hope you love your goodies. I'll be computer side at 9:00 pm my time on Tuesday night waiting for Julia to post so I can see how you like your package. Hope you had a great weekend. (((HUGS)))

dawn said...

Happy Monday! How pretty your mandala is, those flowers are so awesome. What a great idea to press them afterwards, keep these beauties where you can enjoy them anytime.
My mandala is up and inspired by you! Hope you had a good weekend and nice weather.

Dawn said...

What stunning Lilies Elizabeth, you lucky thing. Perfect for your fab mandala, way to go sweetie.
Huge hugs x

~*~Patty S said...

ooo your Naked Ladies are beautiful and your onyx chess board makes a perfect background too!

Really Lovely Monday Mandala E!!!

Anonymous said...

We call them Resurrection Lilies here because the foliage comes up in Spring and dies away and leaves no trace of it being there and then in August like clockwork they rise from the ground on one single stock. Amazing and delicate and a beautiful shade of pink. I love them. We have some in our yard but a neighbor has and entire bed of them! it is awesome to see!
It is just a beautiful mandala, Elizabeth thank you for joining me and for spreading Monday love with your readers.
Happy Mandala Monday to you!!

Beverley Baird said...

What a beautiful mandala! Your lilies are gorgeous and the table just sets them off so well.
Thanks for your lovely comment!

PetraB said...

Happy Monday! This is so beautiful. Lilies are not my favourite flowers but I love the way you created this mandala and the colour is wonderful.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I really like your creative mandalas! These lilies look especially nice on your onyx game board.

Thank you for your response and advice on the mica powders...I hope to try it for my T Tuesday project tomorrow...oh, I lead such an exciting life, :)

see you there! said...

I am enjoying the mandalas made with bits of nature. Something seems appropriate about that to me.


see you there! said...

I am enjoying the mandalas made with bits of nature. Something seems appropriate about that to me.


Lisa Graham Art said...

Hi Elizabeth...I love the way the flowers look against the checks. Checks have such a charm, don't they?

Thanks for your recent comments. Did not know you had an engineering wonderful. My husband is an engineer.

Can you believe this? More rain! We were just talking this morning about how Wichita used to have flooding issues until they build the ditch back in 1959...or was it '69? Anyways...sooooo thankful for it.

Halle said...

Really lovely Elizabeth!

Caterina Giglio said...

love those naked ladies, and such great drama!!