Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mandala Monday: In the garden of dark and light

Once again, I am joining Dawn at Girl Unwinding for Mandala Monday.

I realize this is a bit wimpy, but my flower garden is a bit wimpy now that summer's heat and humidity have taken over.  Most of the garden has been taken over by vinca vines.and I'm sure you're tired of me showing you those! 

Some of you may remember the butcher my neighbor to my north cut down a perfectly beautiful and huge shade tree last autumn.  My entire front garden was built around shade loving plants.  Much to my surprise, most of those shade loving plants are now facing the north side of the garden, much like sunflowers chase sunlight.  I wanted to show the difference between the cone flowers (echinacea) that bloom on the sunny side of my garden and those that bloom on the shady side.  Note the difference in size and color.  And no, I didn't run this photo through PhotoShop. The green plants are hostas, also shade loving.  I found one hosta hiding under several larger plants that were in the sunny side of the garden.

I'm not sure how many more flowers I will find in my really puny flower garden as the heat, rain, and humidity continue to take its toll on it.   I may need to find another way to make my madalas.  But, if you are like me, and drawn to this art form, please join Dawn for Mandala Monday.

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Dandelion and Daisy said...

It's pretty hard on plants when their environment suffers such a drastic change. Are you going to dig them up and move them? Or just hope for the survival of the fittest? I'd go with the survivalists, if it were me.

Julia Dunnit said...

ah this is so pretty! amazing the difference between flowers from shade and sun. I had the opposite neighbour threw up a huge fence that puts half my teeny garden in permanent shade...part boggy at the back. thoughtless.

dawn said...

Hello and happy Monday! What a difference in the flowers, too bad they don't have their shade. I still think they are pretty, nice contrast between the two. Our neighbor put in some Pine trees and in a few years they will block my view of the south side of my yard. Good thing I didn't plant anything over there.
Glad you joined in with Dawn this week, I'm sure you will still make beautiful mandalas. Looking forward to seeing them and will see you tomorrow for T.
Have a good day.
p.s. Could you please explain how you leave the link for Dawn's blog using only her name? I can only do it showing the actual blog link, would like to do it this way if possible. Thanks so much!

Dawn said...

Soooooooo pretty Elizabeth, this mandala monday is such fun and I'm really enjoying your take on the challenge.
Lol flowers are survivors too then hey!! Great adaptation from yours so far. I remember the tree post, that was soooooo horrid to see!!
Huge hugs x

Anonymous said...

Well, if we are telling tales, your Purple cone flowers, whether grown in the sun or the shade, are still in peak form. Mine have hit their high point and are fast becoming yellow finch food! I had to cut a bunch back yesterday to hopefully make way for a few more late stragglers. There is still plenty left for the birds to sit and feast upon, though.
Your mandala is a textural wonder! I love the poky centers of the cones. They are wonderful!!
You will meet the challenge of a changing garden well as you continue to make these wonderful offerings of nature.
Happy Mandala Monday to you Elizabeth and thank you for joining me!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I've enjoyed seeing your flower mandalas and I have no doubt you will come up with a creative solution when your garden finishes blooming.

~*~Patty S said...

Nature adapts (or at least we hope it does!) and your Cone flowers are all looking beautiful shining on the white plate (background has so much to do with mandala making and sometimes I find myself wishing I had done a different background when its all said and done)...
my Echinacea are completely finished just making seedheads for the birds now.

Your comment about my mandala this morning made me laugh out naughty thing you!

Happy Monday to ya E!

dawn said...

Thanks so much for the help with linking names on my blog. I will try it tomorrow when I link up yours and if not will have my hubby help me later, he usually is better at these then me. I for some reason keep messing up when I need to right/left click and lose things when tryint to paste them, haha.
Thanks soooo much for the sweet comment. I'm blessed to have this chance with my little cousins and doing things with them that I didn't think to do with my kids. During her brothers nap we pull out the art stuff and this girl is an artist already, love how she inspires me to find my inner child when creating. You will see more of her on my blog and in my Project Life posts.
Have a great day dear friend. hugs!

Dianne said...

I have purple cone flowers too...I love their color! such a beautiful mandala, and its simplicity is lovely. so...the faded, smaller ones are from the 'sunny' area? The hosta leaves set it off perfectly...

Nan G said...

Well it's still a pretty mandala! And a very good example of how the sun can stunt a plant if its prefers the shade. I know only too well. My bush that attracts butterflies has lost most its flowers. Check out tomorrow's post. :) Hugs

Halle said...

Beautiful. That's a really big difference in color and size. We have a spot in the full sun that has turned to weeds...the grass was used to full shade but our butcher neighbor took out their tree as well.

Sarah Leonard said...

I have never heard of mandalas before but I am intrigued. Anything that involves flowers is good by me :)

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity